Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

To all of my christian friends out there, wishing you a merry christmas & a happy new year...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Where are my 2 engines at?

”It is a serious matter. To my knowledge, it is two engines, and what makes matters worse is that the loss was discovered about a year later. I need a full investigation. I think the public deserves to know,” he said. Read here

..aha! Or else the public will speculate & make improper analysis like what the clever minister said, is it not? We so thick we'll jump into stupid conclusion, right? Wrong!

”I have directed my people to conduct a complete check, the entire movement of the two engines, and I want to know where the engines are now. ”This is not a simple matter. It is a concerted effort by a group of people,” he noted.

Now for all those not-so-dim-witted people up there looking for the engines, look no further...

For all that you know, the damn engines could be here...

...or maybe here

but not here I hope... coz it kinda make the whole deal not worth it, don't you think so?

It's not where the engines at, it's the paper trail (or what's left of it), it's the acknowledgment of guilt from so many sacked... & it is definitely there, where the buck stops!

*all pics courtesy of google images & Harry S Truman

Disclaimer: This neither an analysis nor it is a speculation. It's just me, rambling away.... Gudnite people!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You don't steal something if you can't get away with it..

..yeah, I think that's the basic of it all, thievery 101. Even those lowly, scum of the earth snatch thieves, they will always think of an escape plan. They'll be on bikes, speeding away for example. That's a plan. Now when you mentioned something big such as an elephant or under maintenance optimus prime or even, let say, a fighter jet engine; to steal such a thing must mean you either stupid or clever as hell. No one reasonable enough would want to venture into something dangerously illegal, highly risky dirty business venture unless they think they can get away with it or, or they have already gotten away with it previously.

I wonder how many elephants, under repair primes, fighter jet engines were actually.... prior to all these ...hmmm ...hey, what about other humongous animals, or other big autobots? What about other combat apparatus? Still there meh? We may actually have many, many David Copperfields in our midst, ladies & gentlemen... David Blaine, you better watch out...

Then again, what the heck... we can always pretend that there is no elephant in the room or that no elephant is or will be missing from the room... like we always do...

Or we can always warn people to shut up ...hush now people...

“However, I do not want bloggers to try to distort any facts with all sorts of speculation and analysis on the matter. The Prime Minister and I will constantly monitor the investigation findings,” he said.
Read more here

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mahkamah sudah...

"The supremacy of Bahasa Malaysia or the Malay language in our courts cannot be denied. Article 152 of the Federal Constitution, read together with section 8 of the National Language Act provide that all proceedings, other than the giving of evidence by a witness, in the Federal Court, Court of Appeal, High Court and subordinate court shall be in the national language.

Baca lagi di sini.

..., sekolah anak-anak kita bila lagi?

p/s: Jangan ada pula yang nak politikkan keputusan mahkamah ini cukuplah... banyak sangat tengok orang main politik, naik biru mata saya yang hitam ni tengok perangai-perangai tok wakil, pembesar negeri dan pak menteri main politik semenjak dua menjak ni.. macam dah tak ada kerja lain..