Friday, October 31, 2008

Social Contract is a sham?

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 31 — If at all there was a social contract between the Malays and non-Malays before independence, it was the guarantee of equality and the promise of the rule of law, said former de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

Offering his take on an issue that has been at the core of a roiling debate in the country, he said that the more racialist social contract — which places more emphasis on Malay primacy — was a product of Umno ideologues in the 1980s

.....This social contract was unilaterally restructured in the 1980s by "a certain segment of the BN leadership that allowed for developments that have resulted in our current state of affairs,'' said Zaid.

Read more Zaid says racialist social contract a 1980s Umno creation

The social contract is a sham contract! It's the creation from the big-hair, glam rock days of the 80s. Not done by those 80s rock bands, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Ratt or Poison of course but by UMNO of the 80s. Who was it helming UMNO during that era, huh? Who were those from the 80s UMNO, please raise your hand! Let us see who were the conspirators. My God! Most of the MKTs are from UMNO of the 80s. What? UMNO baru or UMNO lama you say? Now Zaid which was it, siapa punya kerja ni, Lama or Baru?

Many thanks to the ex-de facto Law Minister, social contract has now joined the rank of the Roswell aliens, who killed JFK, Area 51 & the likes. It's all part of a BIG conspiracy. Oooooo...


Rather than reading the constitutional blasphemy by the sacrilegiously speaking ex-de facto Law Minister, hop over to The Scribe for an insightful and better perspective on the matter, romantically written here.

Re-updated 7.30pm

Going off tangeant here, the UMNO AGM will still be held in March as scheduled. On a good note, petrol price is going down again effectively midnight tonight by 15 cents.

"What judicial reform?" They will say!

"What Judicial reform?" We will hear more of that phrase in the days to come from Anwar, LKS & Co. They will be singing to the tune louder than before. What more now that Razak Baginda has been acquited, coupled with other very recent developments from the legal realm e.g. Munawar’s sodomy conviction stays, the resignation of Ian Chin J. & prior to all that Tan Sri Zaki's elevation as the Chief Justice.

All the above shall now be valuable bullets for the opposing side. They will spin, twist & turn with all that to conjure up even jucier tales. The mudslinging will never stop. As far as the opposition is concerned, there goes paklah's 'last minute agenda' on judicial reform. Paklah could go and on in the twilight of his days in office trying to leave his mark, his legacy by insisting that Judicial Reform (is still) At Forefront Of Govt Agenda, but I don't think Anwar, LKS & Co. will buy (or pretend to buy) that anymore. I think it's high time he leaves the cleaning up job to next in line. Any reasonable man can see that with all these developments there is no way paklah could do anymore good by staying on a minute longer. Let your UMNO has it's PAU-wow come 16th December 2008. It's time to pass the baton paklah.

Updated (6 hrs later -4.27pm)

It already started.
  • "Of course on a personal level, I wish Razak well, but the issue here revolves around the court procedure and the investigations," he told reporters when met at the Jalan Duta court complex.
  • "There is a general and growing perception that the investigation was not done professionally, that there is clear motive to cover up. A lot of evidence was not adduced," said Anwar.

Read Anwar wishes Razak well, but alleges cover-up

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogger Sakmongkol is now Dato' Sakmongkol!

Congrats to both blogging Dato' & Datin, bro Sak & sis Mamasita respectively.

Reproduced herewith a comment from Dato Shamsuddin Nawawi aka D S N (of Small Talk fame) in Dato' Sak's latest posting here.

Bila dapat surat pengurniaan darjah dan bintang Pahang, embargo nya sehingga 24hb Okt sahaja. Selepas 24hb Okt, darjah & bintang itu boleh digunakan walaupun belum ada istiadat pergurniaan oleh KDYMM Sultan.
Tahniah Dato' & Datin

Ikhlas dari
Dato' Shamsuddin Haji Nawawi

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Information Ministry latest innovations: Wayang Pacak & Weekly Lawak?

Is this the most brilliant solution that Information Ministry could come up with for those living in rural areas? The minister said the followings about his ministry latest grand design for information dissemination:-
  • "a medium to forge closer ties with the people and to effectively disseminate government policies.
  • "It is also very handy in obtaining feedback from the grassroots on government policies."
  • "We will screen the latest local movies to help encourage the local creative industry and development of documentaries to promote patriotism among the people."
  • "We will bring in popular comedians as well," he said.

Read more More "Layar Bestari" If Kapit Pilot Project Successful, Says Ahmad Shabery

Is the government going bankrupt of ideas on how to tackle the issue of losing out to the alternative media that they are seriously considering the return of open air cinema as a tool for countermeasure? How desperate can you be?

By the way, don't they, those living in isolated villages & longhouses, also deserved more advance range of information mediums, say something from the 21st century perhaps?

If you can afford eurocopters, what is there to prop up a bit the readily available media infras for the rural folks? Just like their cousins from the cities, they too deserved to embrace, without qualification, the 21st century media revolution be it from the MSM or the alternatives. Or is the government scared that the good folks may catch up with the "destructive" blog craze, is that it? Therefore no internet and the likes for you, wayang pacak & weekly lawak (no offense to our comedians) will do.

At this rate of ingeniousness shown by the government's official info mill, no wonder BN lost 5 states in the last GE. No surprise then if they fare even worse in the next.

(Pic: Cartoon from Rossem)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tak jadi teruskan urusniaga Eurocopter? (2)

Updated 29th October 2008-12.22am

Urusniaga ditangguhkan bersyarat, tidak dibatalkan, sehingga keadaan ekonomi negara mengizinkan. Secara tidak langsung kerajaan akui negara kita tidak terkecuali daripada tempias himpitan kredit ("credit crunch") yang melanda dunia masa kini. Eloklah jika pembesar-pembesar negara mula berpada-pada di dalam membelanjakan wang rakyat.

Penjelasan-penjelasan lain berkenaan beberapa fakta yang meragukan mengenai urusniaga tersebut juga telah dijelaskan secara ringkas oleh paklah (lagi cantik kalau paklah terangkan lebih jelas kenapa terdapat perbezaan harga lebih kurang RM51 juta sebuah daripada yang dikatakan sebelum ini (RM 193 juta sebuah) dengan harga sebenar yang dijelaskan (lebih kurang RM 142 juta sebuah) oleh paklah sebentar tadi). Bukankah baik kalau sentiasa begini, bila ada yang musykil, segera ianya dijelaskan, bila ada yang boleh memudaratkan, pantas tindakan susulan untuk menanganinya.

KUALA LUMPUR: The purchase of the Cougar EC 725 helicopters from Eurocopter to replace the ageing RMAF Nuri helicopters has been deferred until the country’s economy improves, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

The Prime Minister, who is also the Defence Minister, clarified that the cost of the purchase was RM1.7bil. He said the allocation would instead be channelled to other public programmes which provided high trickle-down benefits to the people.

“For the time being, it’s more important to save because we are facing an economic situation connected to the global financial crisis,” he added

Baca selanjutnya laporan The Star Online: Eurocopter deal deferred (updated)

Lebih elok lagi, sekiranya kajian lebih mendalam dilakukan mengenainya, supaya negara mendapat satu jalan penyelesaian yang terbaik dan menguntungkan di dalam mencari pengganti helikopter nuri ini. Walaupun kelak ekonomi negara menjadi baik, ianya bukan bermakna kerajaan boleh sewenang-wenangnya membelanjakan wang rakyat. Sentiasa berikan yang terbaik untuk majikan anda, rakyat negara ini.


Bernama melaporkan hari ini sebagai respon kepada berita yang disiarkan The Malaysian Insider:-

Govt Yet To Discuss Helicopter Purchase

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 26 (Bernama) -- In the wake of the global economic crisis, the government will have to discuss further whether to go ahead and purchase new helicopters to replace the ageing Nuris in the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

According to a government source, the discussion on it will need the involvement of the Defence Ministry and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The source said the procurement of the new helicopters was only at the letter of intent stage (LOI) and no letter of award (LOA) had been made to any party.

A posting in the the Malaysian Insider news portal Sunday that Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had cancelled the purchase of new helicopters for RMAF was not true at all, the source said, adding that a purchase of this nature involved many stages, more so because it involved international tenders.


Previous Post

Dengar khabar urusniaga Eurocopter akan dibatalkan. Ini sejajar dengan usaha negara untuk menghadapi dan menangani krisis ekonomi global. Harap-harap tidak ada klausa penalti atau sebagainya dengan pihak Eurocopter yang boleh akibat kerugian lain pula kepada negara jika ini benar-benar berlaku. Apapun syabas kepada pembesar negara kerana peka dengan keadaan sekeliling sekiranya benar-benar urusniaga ini akan dibatalkan atas alasan yang dinyatakan tersebut.

Tidak perlulah kita berlagak seolah-olah kita kebal daripada krisis yang sedang melanda dunia sekarang ini.

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 26 - Malaysia will ditch the RM2.3 billion Eurocopter defence deal as it battens down to face the global economic storm, sources said today.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Datuk Seri NajibAbdul Razak decided to cut out the EC725 military helicopter contract over the weekend when the government reviewed its expenses in light of falling revenues from crude oil and palm oil and slowing economic growth for the next few years.

"The Eurocopter deal is off due to the bleak economic times ahead," a source told The Malaysian Insider.Opposition leaders and critics had savaged the purchase of the dozen EC725 helicopters, saying its RM193 million price tag per aircraft was more than double of Brazil's contract for 50 EC725 helicopters, which came tom RM84 million per aircraft. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said it will investigate the deal.

Baca selanjutnya laporan The Malaysian Insider Malaysia ditches Eurocopters on gloomy economic outlook

Deepavali Greetings

To all my Hindu friends here & everywhere, may I wish you all a Happy Deepavali.

To others, enjoy the holidays!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tak jadi teruskan urusniaga Eurocopter?

Dengar khabar urusniaga Eurocopter akan dibatalkan. Ini sejajar dengan usaha negara untuk menghadapi dan menangani krisis ekonomi global. Harap-harap tidak ada klausa penalti atau sebagainya dengan pihak Eurocopter yang boleh akibat kerugian lain pula kepada negara jika ini benar-benar berlaku. Apapun syabas kepada pembesar negara kerana peka dengan keadaan sekeliling sekiranya benar-benar urusniaga ini akan dibatalkan atas alasan yang dinyatakan tersebut.

Tidak perlulah kita berlagak seolah-olah kita kebal daripada krisis yang sedang melanda dunia sekarang ini.

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 26 - Malaysia will ditch the RM2.3 billion Eurocopter defence deal as it battens down to face the global economic storm, sources said today.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Datuk Seri NajibAbdul Razak decided to cut out the EC725 military helicopter contract over the weekend when the government reviewed its expenses in light of falling revenues from crude oil and palm oil and slowing economic growth for the next few years.

"The Eurocopter deal is off due to the bleak economic times ahead," a source told The Malaysian Insider.Opposition leaders and critics had savaged the purchase of the dozen EC725 helicopters, saying its RM193 million price tag per aircraft was more than double of Brazil's contract for 50 EC725 helicopters, which came tom RM84 million per aircraft. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said it will investigate the deal.

Baca selanjutnya laporan The Malaysian Insider Malaysia ditches Eurocopters on gloomy economic outlook

All in the name of esprit de corps

When was the last time we have taken so much interest on who is going to be the next Ketua Pemuda of UMNO? Why are we being busy-body this time around? Some of us, yours truly included, are not even UMNO members! And yet we can't help but to be concerned with the outcome of the contest. Maybe we had enough of Paklah? And because of that we just can't bear to see any of his merry men make it through this time around? That should be it. But, wait! Is it because of another reason? Maybe due to the scar we had when we were duped in 2004? Yes, 2004, when most of us first realised that KJ, though a prodigy to some, should not be there (lingering & making his marks in the corridors of power) in the first place. That 2004 scar, due to wound inflicted when he won the Vice Ketua post without any contest. Is that it? If memory serves me right, before the nomination & the Persidangan Agong UMNO (PAU) 2004 began, quite a number of our buddies in UMNO Youth were riled up to go against the wonder boy (as he was then), either as aspiring candidates for the No. 2 post or as supporters to those fighting for the spot. These reps were adamant to make KJ's ambition of becoming the Youth wing's no. 2 perished right before father-in-law's watchful eyes. Or so I'm told. What happened instead? As they say, the rest was history. Those, at first, eager to go against the latest sensation of Malaya (that time) withdrew from the race and let SIL won the seat uncontested.

The night before the PAU, I received a call from a buddy of mine, a pemuda rep for his bahagian, telling me that a large segment of the Pemuda reps intended to give KJ a taste of the new uprising (as it was then), " We will boo him", he said. "We will not give him face", he added. He & the gang were pretty elated of the prospect in giving KJ a taste of what their brand of real politics are. Fine, initially some of them jeered & taunted the young man. Sadly, that was as good as it gets. What transpired next? They gave him a standing ovation instead! His animated feigning speech on Malay rights, the NEP & so forth has successfully brought the house down!

Soon after PAU, I met this buddy of mine & asked him why the sudden change of heart from the Pemuda? Where did the determination and spirit (to rebel) went? Why didn't you and the gang stand up for what has been planned, I asked the fellow. He nonchalantly replied,

"Habis semua orang bangun, semua orang tepuk, aku nak buat apa lagi?

Now, that's scary! Just because most of them jumped the cliff, the rest followed. This is not about money politics per se. It's about principle and the ability to stand for what you believe in. Having the guts to fight. Why giving up so easy? Peer group pressure? Come on! Aren't you guys supposed to be Malaysia's next echelon of political leaders? The pemuda with undying believes & steadfast principles that shall withstand whatever thrown at them.

Will history repeats itself when March 2009 PAU begins? The chances are there. It depends on the reps attending the PAU. They (the pemuda reps-the Ketuas, Timbalans & the G-2s) can now say that they are ready to move forward and make that change, but do take that at face value only. It depends largely on their performance on matchday, next March 2009, not now.

Furthermore, from now to March next year is a long time. Aspiring candidate's stance on certain issues can be perfected if not renewed completely. A lot of mental posturing & changes will done according to planet UMNO's climate. Ideas that blend well with the current political landscape will be highlighted, despite having "I am merely paying lip service here!" written all over them. There is ample time for the staging of UMNO's political bangsawan & the player will ensure that he will be playing to the gallery, in each play. We shall be witnessing subtle severance of "unhealthy" political ties. You maybe my father-in-law but in current politics, I am now my own brand, especially post-March 2009!

Yes, within these four months, many visits & shady meetings can still be organized to and from Putrajaya, all that in the name of ESPRIT DE CORPS!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Defend Islam & you'll be dancing to the tune of UMNO?

Zulkifli dancing to Umno tune, say PR colleagues

By Shannon Teoh

The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 — PKR’s partners in Pakatan Rakyat say that Zulkifli Nordin is dancing to Umno’s tune after the MP’s outburst on insults against Islam in Parliament yesterday.

“He has fallen into their trap and is dancing to their tune,” Selangor Pas deputy commisioner Khalid Samad told The Malaysian Insider.

“It hurts our credibility. He seems to think he is the only defender of Islam,” said the Shah Alam MP, adding that if Muslims insist that everything is taboo, it would be difficult for non-Muslims to respect and be attracted to the faith.

Aha, now this is new. Before this it was widely considered as the sacred duty of PAS. PAS and only PAS. They even claimed that anything UMNO is un-Islamic. Now that PAS needed to dance to the tune of Pakatan Rakyat, Zulkifli Nordin again has been labeled as the black sheep of the family. Isn't it a duty of all good muslims to defend Islam?

YB Blogger reminders to bloggers

Bloggers Reminded To Exercise Caution

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 (Bernama) -- Bloggers were today reminded to exercise caution when posting articles as cyberspace was not a licence to write as they wished.

Member of Parliament for Jelutong Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun, a blogger himself, said bloggers must respect the laws of the country so as not to get into trouble.

"New bloggers especially must take note and not get carried away as there is no "absolute freedom" in cyberspace," he told Bernama when met at a forum on blogging organised by the Bar Council here tonight.

"More so in a plural society like Malaysia, care must be taken not to offend the sensitivities of the people. In the borderless world of the Internet, mistakes can be costly," he said, adding that particular care neeeded to be given to sedition laws and those on defamation.


Only the juniors? YB Jeff, why don't you tell that, straight up, to some of those extremely over-enthusiast seasoned bloggers of MT (and the likes) and it's clan of doctrinaire and dogmatist commentators.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look ma, no hands!

Everywhere else in the world, people cringe over fear of economic backlash due to the global financial crisis, but not this blessed nation of ours. Our leader’s assurance after assurance with regard to the future of nation economically is pretty assuasive to the ears. Tonight while having my dinner I overheard the calming voice of Finance Minister 2 in Buletin Utama. Listening to him saying, "we have no reason to worry, our fundamentals are strong and no recession is going to hit us not this year or next year," makes me want to laugh and, at the same time, cry. When facing a crisis, to keep the people calm is obviously the way to go. It will work if the people are oblivious of what is happening elsewhere in the world. While pretending everything is okay, the act of reaching for the "forbidden" cookie jar in the middle of the night, insinuate other things. By the way, to which counters will these cookies be handed to? Will they come with milk & lullaby too?

Talking about current economic trends due to the global crisis, we actually do not have to go that macro. What's happening around us currently should send shivers down the spine of any right-minded business person, especially those small ones that do not have the privileges of EPF money coming to their rescue, but instead must keep contributing to EPF on behalf of their employees without fail. If you are in the service line the trend currently is leaning towards bad more than good. For instance, there are more bad paymasters than the good ones currently. Money is not coming into businesses as projected and as what is shown on paper, on the invoices. Nowadays, from what I gather, most business owners are more prone to dig into their reserves at the end of the month just to make ends meet for the same. When your business can't afford to pay itself at the end of the month, there's your red alert. This you can't afford to ignore. To make matters worse, your staffs will still be relentlessly asking for that yearly pay raise and year end bonuses. You can't help but to oblige given the circumstances currently.

It's also no secret that most institutional and governmental clients are planning to drastically cut costs and expenses next year, meaning a lot less money for your business. Clients are also becoming overly conscious when it comes to discounts, to a certain extend merciless. They'll be doing their window shopping to several of your business competitors before choosing yours. You can't always depend on loyalty anymore. Well, who can blame them? Everyone is looking for the best bargain due to increasing costs in everything (Well not everyone apparently, not when it comes to buying helicopters). And sadly due to all this, especially in the service sector, incessant under-cutting will be fair game. That maybe good for the clients but not for the business owners. Incomes steadily shrink while the overheads climbing up the ceiling. That's the harsh reality of most small businesses today. Mind you, this is now, the time the oracles of the MOF are saying that "the economy is in good shape, the economic fundamentals are strong ...yada, yada, yada".

Looking at those increasingly unhealthy trends, albeit from simpler point of view, I can't help to wonder are we really, as a nation, economically unassailable as proudly proclaimed over and over again by the these MOF soothsayer?

“The finance portfolio has been handed over to me by the Prime Minister at a time when the country’s economy is in good shape. The economic management is stable and our fundamentals are strong so Malaysia is not in a crisis. God willing, we are not heading towards a recession next year,” he said in his speech at the ministry’s appreciation ceremony for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi here yesterday.

I don't know why but when I read the news or listening to them, I just can't shake off these particular images from my head. An image of a kid riding a bicycle while letting go both of his hands off the handles, unmindful of a car coming straight at him, yelling proudly at the terrified onlooking mother, "Look ma, no hands!".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Che Det, hentikan perbuatan sia-sia itu!

Che Det, hentikanlah perbuatan sia-sia itu. Hentikan memberikan saranan dan pandangan. UMNO tidak boleh dinasihati dan pantang sekali ditegur. Kalau pemimpin nombor wahidnya sudah lantang bersuara demikian, kenapa perlu Che Det teruskan bersuara. Baik sahaja Che Det senyap terus. Mereka itu bijak-bijak belaka, tidak perlu pandangan sesiapa. Lagipun Che Det perlu sedar dan cerminkan diri Che Det sendiri. Siapa Che Det? Che Det bukan ahli pun kepada parti politik unggul dan terhebat tersebut.

Sudah-sudahlah Che Det. Dia ada banyak kerja tertunggak selama 4, 5 tahun yang hendak disiapkan di dalam masa 4, 5 bulan ini. Perbuatan Che Det nanti boleh mengganggu konsentrasinya. Dia seorang lelaki yang ada misi penting. Tiada orang lain boleh selesaikan kerja-kerja tertangguh tersebut. Jika Che Det bersuara maka terganggulah misi tersebut.

Che Det, sudah-sudahlah. Dengar kata imam wahid UMNO itu, baca PM bidas Mahathir. Ini untuk kebaikan bekas parti pimpinan Che Det juga. Mereka akan "berkelahi" kalau Che Det masih terus melontarkan pandangan. Mereka mudah terkeliru kalau terlampau banyak sangat suara dan bunyi yang masuk ke dalam telinga mereka.

Walaupun dahulu ada di antara mereka yang katakan dia dan rakan-rakannya ada "telinga yang amat besar", sudi mendengar nasihat dan pandangan, kini mungkin telinga tersebut telah menguncup dan saiz lubangnya sudah jadi terlalu kecil untuk melakukan perkara yang sama. Sudah sendat lubang telinga gamaknya, tiada lagi ruang untuk sebarang bunyi untuk masuk.

Oleh itu, jika ada di antara kita, terutamanya yang di luar UMNO, yang masih mahu memberikan pandangan dan nasihat, kita perlu sedar diri kita siapa dahulu. Cerminkan diri dan siapa kita. Kita bukannya pemegang kad keahlian keramat mereka. Apa hak yang kita ada untuk bersuara. Nanti mereka kata "hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong-sorong" pula.

Mungkin mulai dari saat ini, lagi afdal jika kita berikan pandangan kepada parti-parti politik lain, yang kini berada di dalam Pakatan Rakyat pula. Mungkin, mereka lebih bersedia untuk mendengar.

Dikemaskini 11.25pm

Digambarkan sebagai di bawah telunjuk ("arahan") Che Det (Pengarah Pilihanraya" UMNO yang baru), Muhyiddin dan rakan-rakan sudah mula dilabelkan sebagai "UMNO Ultra", kumpulan yang tidak mahukan islah ("reforms") daripada berlaku, baca komentar ("spin") terbaru The Malaysian Insider Umno ultras race to keep power, reverse reforms .

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 19 - Apart from showing Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi a quick exit, Umno ultras want early party polls to keep their grip on power in party and government while reversing possible reforms in the judiciary and investigative services.

Leading the charge is deputy presidential frontrunner Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who feels a drawn-out election campaign can sap his momentum and give an advantage to Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam in what could be a wildly unpredictable race to be the party number 2.Siapa kata paklah dan pengikut-pengikut setianya akan menyerah dengan mudah? Siapa sebenarnya yang menganjurkan kewujudan unsur berpuak-puak di dalam UMNO?

Tetapi siapalah saya hendak bersuara, ahli UMNO pun bukan. Semoga ahli-ahli UMNO bijak membuat penilaian dan melakukan yang terbaik dalam menjadi wakil suara rakyat Malaysia yang di luar di dalam memilih barisan kepimpinan negara yang akan datang. Itu amanah rakyat ke atas anda semua bila masih memberikan UMNO tampuk kekuasaan di dalam pilihanraya yang lepas. Jangan sia-siakan amanah tersebut!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

He wants more!

MCA started the ball rolling. Now even PPP President Kayveas wants piece of the action. In fact he wants more.

He wants an internal election in BN to select the top posts. He also wants a non-Malay Deputy Prime Minister. He also urged UMNO to change the perception that they are a bully to other component parties in the coalition.

It was reported by The Star Online today, inter-alia;
  • Barisan Nasional should have an internal election to pick the top office bearers, proposed PPP president Datuk M. Kayveas. He said it would be good to have a chance to pick the coalition’s leadership, especially the top four posts - chairman, deputy chairman, secretary-general and treasurer.
  • He also said it was not fair to just allocate the second deputy chairman spot to MCA, as other parties should also have a chance to hold the post.
  • Kayveas said it was also time to have a Deputy Prime Minister who is a non-Malay, saying that Umno cannot run the country and form the Government on its own.
  • On Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s statement that Umno does not bully other Barisan component parties, he said there was a need to change the perception that Umno is a bully.
Read more here

Now, what say you UMNO? Are you the bully or you are the one now being bullied?

This is what Paklah has to say on the "bully" issue;

“People say Umno is a party that likes to bully (the other Barisan component parties). I don’t know how to bully, actually. There is no such thing as ‘bully’. We are all friends,” said Abdullah.

The Malaysian Insider however says the otherwise, read Umno not a bully? Yeah. Right


Read also Hantu Laut's Return To Past Glory: Will UMNO Be In The Death Throes ? and the article linked in that post and APANAMA's latest EAST, Another WEST or Just REST?

Updated: 4.31pm

Friday, October 17, 2008

Putar belit politik: Sekali Syair-lah!

Bila peringatan yang dikeluarkan oleh Raja-raja Melayu berkaitan dengan kontrak sosial, banyak komen-komen mula tersebar luas dari cakap-cakap mulut hinggalah ke arena media utama dan alam siber.

Yang peliknya, satu peringatan mudah telah ditunggang-terbalikkan oleh berbagai pihak demi memuaskan nafsu dan agenda politik masing-masing.

Mudah saja saranan Raja-Raja Melayu kita ini,

"Kontrak Sosial ini tidak wajar dipertikai dan dipersoalkan lebih-lebih lagi disemak semula atau diubah kerana ia adalah merupakan asas utama pembentukan negara Malaysia. Untuk itu Raja-raja Melayu wajar memperingatkan supaya isu berkaitan Kontrak Sosial tidak sekali-kali cuba diuji dan dicabar".

Ayat-ayat di atas sangat mudah difahami tambahan lagi bila ianya dikaitkan dengan "Kedaulatan Perlembagaan" seperti dibawah (Petikan dari kenyataan akhbar sebenar):-

Lihat yang di bawah ini;

Kenyataan Akhbar Yang Dikeluarkan Oleh Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja Mengenai Peranan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong dan Duli-duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-raja Melayu berhubung dengan hak-hak keistimewaan, kedudukan, kemuliaan atau kebesaran Raja-raja Melayu, agama Islam, Bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan, kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu dan kepentingan sah kaum-kaum lain mengikut Perlembagan Persekutuan.

serta yang ini;

“Kaum bukan Melayu tidak perlu merasa khuatir dan bimbang tentang hak-hak sah mereka kerana hak-hak tersebut telah dijamin mengikut Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan peruntukan-peruntukan yang terkandung dalam Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri-negeri di Malaysia yang termaktub dalam Perkara 153 Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Boleh dirujuk sepenuhnya di sini.

Yang saya hairan kenapa yang perlu diputar-belitkan sehinggakan ada yang katakan hanya UMNO yang diberikan amaran oleh Raja-raja Melayu dan sebagainya. Ini tiada kena-mengena dengan UMNO. Ianya mengenai hak kita semua, rakyat Malaysia. Bukan amaran kepada yang tertentu tetapi ianya peringatan kepada semua.

Tidak mungkin mereka yang cuba memutar-belit ini sama masalahnya dengan si Sudin, Aziz & Ramlee bila mereka 'coba' membaca sepucuk surat suatu ketika dahulu. Tidak mungkin.

"Sekali Syair-lah!", kata aziz. Sudin pula "dia tulis Aa'rrrabbb daa!"

Kita tidak buta huruf, bukan?

Kalau tidak buta huruf tetapi masih tidak faham juga, saya syorkan ikutlah kata Ramlee, "kita suruh kak ani baca, apa macam".

Boleh begitu?

(dikemaskini 12.39am-18/10/2008)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The New CJ

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 16 – Tan Sri Zaki Azmi will be elevated to the post of Chief Justice of the Federal Court in what will certainly be a controversial appointment because of his former ties with Umno.

Zaki was for many years the legal counsel for Umno and had also served on the party's Disciplinary Committee.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the Rulers Conference meeting in Kuala Terengganu has consented to the appointment.

Zaki replaces Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamed who retires tomorrow. His elevation comes just one year after his controversial appointment as a Federal Court judge.

Read more here and here (Sources: Malaysiakini & The Malaysian Insider). I have said my piece here. Anyway, congrats & good luck to the new CJ, and to all of us.

A request from the outgoing CJ to his successor & those within the judiciary,

Abdul Hamid said his final request would be that his successor, other judges and bodies within the judiciary “take good care” of the judiciary.

“It is the last bastion of Malaysian civil society,” he said Friday in his farewell speech at a Hari Raya open house at the Palace of Justice here

read it here.

(Updated: 12.55am-18/10/2008)

18th October 2008: Another date with destiny for Malaysia

Come 17th October, the present Head of the Judiciary's tenure comes to its end. There is much concern both inside & outside the legal fraternity on whom will be the next to take office as the Chief Justice of Malaysia.

It is very important that the Judiciary remains to be seen as an independent branch of the government. Judiciary which is perceived to be under the influence of the executives will only invites unnecessary scandals and crises. It is therefore imperative that the judiciary must be seen free from direct alliance with any political parties.

Factors in determining the appointment must be those within the acceptable norms. Take example the seniority factor. True that seniority in terms of position currently held is one criterion but seniority in terms of years on the bench must also be taken into account together with competence, ability, judicial temperament and such.

The 18th October appointment will be another litmus test for the government and will act as an indicator whether we are in fact heading towards reforms.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Volunti Non Fit Injuria

Tajuk posting kali ini adalah satu maxim latin berkaitan asas perundangan tort yang bermaksud "Seorang yang dengan sukarela meletakkan dirinya di dalam posisi di mana bencana boleh berlaku, dan dia mengetahui bahawa bencana boleh berlaku ekoran tindakannya itu, orang tersebut tidak boleh membuat tuntutan jika bencana itu benar-benar belaku kelak (dengan izin, " if someone willingly places themselves in a position where harm might result, knowing that some degree of harm might result, they cannot then sue if harm does in fact happen").

Maxim di atas adalah sejenis pembelaan yang sering digunapakai di dalam kes-kes Tort dan diterima sebagai satu Pembelaan Lengkap (Complete Defence). Jika defendan di dalam kes terhadapnya dapat buktikan kewujudan fakta dan keterangan yang membolehkan maxim ini digunapakai, plaintif akan hilang haknya untuk menuntut dan kes plaintf akan ditolak.

Contoh mudah yang boleh diberikan adalah seperti berikut; jika anda dengan sengaja duduk di tengah jalanraya yang sememangnya ada kenderaan lalu-lalang di atasnya, anda akan hilang hak untuk membuat tuntutan seandainya kemalangan benar-benar berlaku ke atas anda akibat daripada dirempuh oleh kenderaan yang lalu lalang di situ. Atau lebih mudah lagi, bak kata orang kampung saya "hang sendiri cari pasai, hang toksah nak komplen-lah lepaih ni pulak!"

Bagaimana pula halnya dengan senario berikut?

Sebagai contoh, anda merupakan penjawat awam antara pejabat tertinggi hierarkinya di dalam sebuah negara. Anda telah dikaitkan dengan tohmahan salahguna kuasa. Ada transkrip SMS yang sengaja dihebahkan yang menunjukkan anda dengan peguam anda telahpun bertukar-tukar pesanan ringkas yang mana ada mesej-mesej spesifik di dalamnya yang menimbulkan keraguan berkenaan faktor penyalahgunaan kuasa oleh anda sendiri.

Walaupun secara munasabahnya anda mengetahui natijah sekiranya anda berdiam diri atau tidak menerangkan sepenuhnya kepada umum apa yang sebenarnya berlaku, anda tetap tidak menafikan komunikasi sms-sms berkenaan dan sebaliknya cukup sekadar mengatakan ianya adalah peribadi, seraya membuat penafian kosong dan hambar ("bare denial") dengan mengatakan tidak wujud penyalahgunaan kuasa. Anda juga dengan suka dan relanya mengatakan adalah memadai pandangan seorang lagi penjawat awam yang lebih senior (tetapi sudah tidak dihormati langsung oleh umum) mengenai isu ini, tidak perlu ianya ditokok tambah lagi oleh anda sendiri.

"It doesn't really matter. The important thing is there is no abuse of power," he said.

"No need, no need, it is private. Whatever it is, the prime minister has said enough," he continued in the same tone.

"Why should it be of major concern? The important thing is if there is abuse of power and, if you read it carefully, there is no abuse of power, period,"

Seterusnya sepertimana yang telah dijangkakan, akibat daripada bentuk jawapan anda di atas, bencana di dalam bentuk tohmahan dan tuduhan ini kemudiannya bertambah menjadi-jadi dan semakin menggila. Musibah langsung lain juga turut bertimpa-timpa akibat tindak-tanduk anda bilamana umum, yang sebelumnya bersikap berkecuali, mula memandang serong terhadap anda, berbagai persepsi dan stigma negatif terus melekat kepada anda.

Soalan saya, sama atau tidak tindakan anda di atas dengan orang yang sengaja duduk di tengah jalanraya yang sibuk dengan kenderaan lalu-lalang di atasnya, padahal anda tahu musibah dan bencana yang bakal menimpa anda akibat tindakan berkenaan? Seterusnya, wajar atau tidak jika saya katakan bahawa anda sendiri dengan tindakan anda tersebut telah memberikan satu pembelaan sempurna ("complete defence") kepada mereka yang akan terus membuat tohmahan, memandang serong serta menaruh persepsi negatif terhadap anda?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Isu Mahathirisma: Lagu lama didendangkan semula

Bila kita mula mendengar dan membaca laungan dan sindiran bahawa unsur-unsur Mahathirisma akan kembali mempelopori lanskap politik negara, kita perlu lihat daripada mana punca laungan berkenaan untuk memahaminya. Bila diteliti, bunyi-bunyian ini adalah datangnya dari pucuk pimpinan Pakatan Rakyat, dari situ dapat kita fahami mengapa ianya ditimbulkan, dikitar-semula.

Setelah senjata utama yakni isu "penukaran kerajaan" yang dijaja memakan diri sendiri, kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat mula sedar mereka mengalami krisis persepsi yang amat meruncing di mata golongan majoriti senyap dalam negara ini. Isu-isu hak asasi dan kebebasan (secara total dan tanpa memperdulikan sensitiviti golongan yang lain) juga telah mula menjadi basi dan lapuk. Bagaimana tidak menjadi basi dan lapuk apabila yang diperjuangkan adalah hak asasi dan kebebasan individu tertentu sahaja yang berada di hierarki atas kumpulan mereka dan bukannya golongan marhaen yang berada di bawah. Laungan anti-politik mengikut ras mereka juga telah memakan diri. Mereka kini pula sebaliknya menjadi golongan yang cuba menidakkan hak dan kepentingan golongan yang sedia termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan. Keghairahan melampau golongan yang ditatang mereka juga telah mula memualkan mata yang memandang. Setelah hampir 8 bulan pilihanraya umum berlalu, kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat harus sedar bahawa rakyat sudah mula jemu dengan jajaan politik retorikal mereka yang seolah-olah tiada penyudahnya. Sekarang bukan masanya untuk terusan berpolitik, masa bekerja dan kotakan janji telahpun lama bermula. 5 negeri di bawah PR perlu dijadikan teladan. Segala janji perlu dilangsaikan, bukan berpolitik berterusan. Tambahan lagi dengan keadaan ekonomi dunia yang kian meruncing kini. Air liur sahaja tidak boleh mengenyangkan perut rakyat.

Sayang sekali, kepimpinan PR kelihatan seolah-olah terus alpa dengan mimpi mereka untuk membentuk kerajaan persekutuan. Mungkin kaget dengan pengumuman pengunduran Paklah, modal dan peluru baru segera direncanakan demi memuaskan keinginan meluap-luap kepimpinan teratas. Pemergian awal paklah dari yang dirancang jelas meresahkan mereka. Umum tahu mereka amat memerlukan paklah untuk terus memegang tampuk kuasa, kalau boleh selama yang mungkin. Bila paklah akur dengan tuntutan dari dalam UMNO, satu peluru utama hilang selamanya. Tambahan lagi dengan semangat baru untuk benar-benar berubah yang mula kelihatan di peringkat bawahan UMNO, bermula dengan penolakkan sedikit demi sedikit menantu Paklah, walaupun ianya hanya baru di peringkat pengundian pencalonan telah membawa satu persepsi baru masyarakat luar terhadap UMNO. Penerimaan terhadap wadah "berani berubah" ini terus menambahkan kegusaran kepimpinan PR. Apakah nanti akan lenyap selamanya modal dan peluru kedua mereka ini bila tibanya Mac 2009?

Oleh yang demikian tidak hairanlah mengapa antagonis lama perlu diheret semula ke dalam kancah percaturan politik terkini. Api kebencian perlu disemarakkan kembali. Membiarkan Mahathir bersuara dan menerimapakai nasihatnya akan disamakan dengan penjelmaan semula unsur-unsur Mahathirisma di dalam kerajaan.

Inilah masalah utama kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat. Mereka juga mengalami masalah serius "sindrom mudah lupa". Kalau dulu mereka menyanjung Mahathir semasa beliau dengan lantang bersuara menegur Abdullah dan kerajaannya, kini mereka sudah mula bertukar nada. Kalau dahulu mereka ada ruang untuk Mahathir di dalam rencana dan wacana perjuangan mereka, kini ruangan itu disempitkan dan ditukar ganti dengan celaan dan omokkan. Mereka lupa bahawa mereka pada satu ketika dahulu ada di kalangan mereka yang sanggup mempelawa dan menerima Mahathir masuk ke dalam parti mereka. Satu penghormatan kata mereka jika beliau berbuat demikian.

Kempen terbaru pucuk pimpinan PR dengan menimbulkan isu kembalinya mahathirisma ke dalam kerajaan BN dengan pengunduran paklah, boleh bertukar menjadi senjata yang memakan diri. Mereka mungkin lupa, akibat dari kekurangan nyata paklah, umum telah mula mendambakan kembali kelebihan sepertimana yang ada pada Mahathir. Kepimpinan UMNO sendiri telah terjebak dengan perangkap yang sama. Usaha memburukkan Mahathir telah bertukar menjadi "mini-revolusi" di dalam UMNO sehinggakan akhirnya membawa kepada pengunduran Presiden mereka.

Oleh yang demikian janganlah tangkap-muat sebarangan, dengan memainkan isu yang salah kerana silap haribulan ada di antara elemen "mahathirisma' itu sendiri yang diinginkan semula oleh rakyat jelata untuk diterimapakai oleh kerajaan yang memerintah kini. Tidak semua yang dibawa oleh Mahathir selama ini adalah yang merosakkan.

Kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat juga tidak harus menidakkan fakta dan kemungkinan bahawa rakyat kebanyakan yang mengundi sebenarnya bukan sukarela mengundi mereka di dalam pilihanraya yang lepas, tetapi sebenarnya menolak tampuk kepimpinan kerajaan yang memerintah, dengan tidak mengundi BN, sebagai satu protes dan isyarat lantang rakyat yang mahukan perubahan. Perubahan ini tidak semestinya datang dengan cara penukaran kerajaan yang dijaja oleh Ketua de facto PR, tetapi cukup melalui perubahan dan pembaharuan dari dalam kerajaan itu sendiri sepertimana yang sedang rancak berlangsung pada masa kini. Bagi golongan majoriti senyap di dalam negara ini, itu mungkin sudah memadai.

Daripada meneruskan mendendangkan lagu-lagu lama seperti isu kembalinya mahathirisma ini, demi rakyat jelata, adalah lebih afdal bagi kepimpinan PR menumpukan usaha memainkan peranannya sebagai pembangkang yang berkesan dengan mempersoalkan isu ekonomi dunia dan kesannya terhadap halatuju ekonomi negara akibat daripada belanjawan "prihatin rakyat" yang dibentangkan sebelum ini oleh kerajaan. Biar umum boleh lihat sendiri sejauhmana kebijaksanaan Menteri Kewangan baru kita beraksi menangani masalah dunia yang kian menghimpit negara masa kini. Dari situ rakyat boleh menilai sendiri, wajar atau tidak kerajaan ditukar ganti apabila PRU-13 menjelma nanti.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nasihat & Pandangan Che Det dari Melbourne

Kepada Najib;

MELBOURNE 12 Okt. — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak perlu memastikan dirinya tidak dikelilingi oleh kroni dan anggota keluarga apabila beliau menjadi perdana menteri, kata Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad di sini hari ini.

“Beliau juga patut mendapatkan nasihat daripada beberapa bekas anggota Parlimen dan pakar mengenai urusan mentadbir negara,” kata bekas perdana menteri itu kepada Bernama selepas berucap pada seminar belia Malaysia di University of Melbourne.

Baca lagi sini

Mengenai Muhyiddin;

MELBOURNE 12 Okt. - Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad meramalkan bahawa Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin merupakan “tokoh terbaik” untuk menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

“Terdapat banyak orang yang bertanding bagi jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO, tetapi saya fikir Muhyiddin adalah tokoh terbaik untuk menjadi timbalan kepada (Datuk Seri) Najib (Tun Razak),” kata bekas perdana menteri Malaysia.

Baca lagi di sini.

Dari pengamatan keputusan undian bagi pencalonan-pencalonan peringkat bahagian UMNO yang telah bersidang setakat ini seolah mengiyakan ramalan Che Det. Bagi jawatan Presiden & Timb Presiden Kuli dan Nur Jazlan masih lagi belum mendapat sebarang pencalonan, manakala Ali Rustam & Md Taib baru saja menerima pencalonan satu seorang. Bagaimana dengan anda, setuju dengan pandangan Che Det?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Najib on "The UMNO Transition"

The Deputy Prime Minister blogged yesterday;

Leading up to this moment, there had been intense speculation by political pundits everywhere about what was likely to happen in UMNO. Many predicted chaos and disunity arising from a leadership tussle. It is now obvious that such speculation was quite misguided. UMNO has its own way of resolving difficulties, and the interest of the party and country is always our top priority. This decision by the Party President and Prime Minister is a wise move that ensures a peaceful and orderly transition of power as has been the tradition in UMNO for decades.

This development comes at a critical juncture for our country, a time when we are at a crossroads in determining our way forward. As Deputy President of UMNO, I am, in terms of party hierarchy, next in line to take over the exalted office of party President and consequently, by convention, the office of Prime Minister. I am humbled by this notion as I have always viewed leadership as a great responsibility for one to shoulder. It is to me nothing less than an “amanah” , a sacred trust that one must honour, protect and uphold in the name of the people and the nation. I am most honoured and grateful that the Prime Minister has the trust and confidence in me to succeed him and take over the mantle of leadership of the party and the Country.

Read more here

Sound assuring enough folks?


BN direct membership, anyone?

Super-Lah Latest Mission

Today we read about paklah pushing for the idea of BN's direct membership. The latest of his "Super Mission" during the next 5 months. It's an alternative to the ethnic based political parties of BN he said. He thinks that a brilliant idea.

Of course it is brilliant when the idea mooted coincide with the SIL's ambition of becoming the next BN Youth Head. SIL has been harping on this for quite some time now. Everytime he spoke about his intention to be the UMNO Youth Head, the post of BN Youth Head will be mentioned in the same breath (as if it's the BN Youth Head post is the one in contest currently). In fact he has been selling the idea of "camaraderie" in BN more than the one in UMNO for his position as the new Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Is that the grand plan for the future, KJ? If I am able to get the support I needed from UMNO I will always have BN direct members as safety net?

This is where SIL is wrong. The idea of him leading the BN youth movement will be the main turn-off factor for most who wanted to join.

Paklah, it is not just about your failed reforms that the people hold in contempt, it is also about the company you kept. People despise those clinging to you. Can't you see that?

By the way, what is the incumbent President of UMNO himself is trying to say here actually? Is he saying that the idea of UMNO itself is no more palatable?

Updated (11.08pm):

Meanwhile in the race for nomination for the post of UMNO Youth Head (cum BN Youth Head), the blog Jelapang reported that (as at 10.36 pm of the even date) MUKHRIZ 25, KHAIRY 13, KHIR TOYO 7

& A Voice's Mukhriz 24: KJ 12: Dr Khir 6; The fall of Kimanis and Tuaran signal Khairy's disintegrating Sabah plan

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Are you surprised KJ won the nomination in Machang?

My father-in-law hail from Labok. Kpg Tokbok to be exact. The family and I spent our 2nd day of raya recently over there before adjourning to Melor for the rest of our raya holidays in Kelantan. Quite a few attractions are there in Tokbok one of which is the hot spring pools.Tokbok is situated in jajahan Machang. Nice people, laid back pekan (except during the hari raya holidays where the traffic jam is much worst than KL), that's how I see Machang is. But not today where the only thing that is hot is the water from those hot spring pools. This afternoon, there are other hot happenings in Machang.

For today at least, Machang has become a focal point in the run-ups to the UMNO election. It has also demonstrated that there is more than meets the eye regarding Paklah's confirmation (to resign) yesterday. So many of us lauded the decision made by the PM, as if the man has stepped down there and then.

What transpired in Machang UMNO Youth divisional meeting today is sort of a reminder to us that Paklah is still there. He is still the Prime Minister, the incumbent President in UMNO and he'll be around with all the positions intact for the next 5 months during which KJ is still the son-in-law. With all the machinery still at his disposal, it should be no surprise for anyone that KJ had won the nomination from Machang UMNO Youth today. It will be a surprised if Mukhriz had won instead.

There's more to come, you can bet on that. 5 months in politics is the equivalent of eons in time.

As for UMNO members which are yet to convene their divisional meetings, just remember that the public is watching and it is not paklah alone that they wanted to leave.

Please choose and nominate your leaders prudently. Show us that UMNO is really determined to change for the better. Ignore the above reminder and you do so at your own peril as this could be your last hurrah to have the honour and privileges in choosing the next leader of the nation. Next time around it could be the members of Pakatan Rakyat who will decide instead.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Paklah rides into the sunset...

Finally 2010 transition plan is now officially off (then again, it's another good 5 months lah jugak!)

PM to quit in march

The Malaysian Insider

KUALALUMPUR, Oct 8 - Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has decided not to defend his Umno president post and will quit in March next year when the ruling party holds its annual general assembly.

Abdullah made the announcement at the BN supreme council meeting in Putra World Trade Centre today, telling the leaders of the 13 component parties that he would be stepping down as prime minister in five months.

As the prime minister was briefing BN leaders on the power transfer plan, scores of Abdullah’s supporters gathered outside the PWTC building to urge him to stay on.

Read also Malaysiakini's report on the same here and APANAMA's Bye Bye Badawi..

....they say in politics, a week is already a long time. Now, what about 5 months? Enough time for the UMNO warlords (& the not-so-warlords) to go for each others throat, no?

Updated 10.45pm

Che Det is happy with paklah's decision but...

“Of course, I am very happy for Umno, not for myself, because the party can rebuild itself. But it will not be able to restore the full confidence of the people in itself as a lot of its supporters, who voted for the Opposition, may want to continue working for them."

I think it’s better for him to step down now, rather than wait until March. This is because he will still be some kind of obstruction as he is not yet giving (Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri) Najib Tun Razak the full authority to rehabilitate the party,” he said in response to Abdullah’s announcement on Wednesday. Read more here.

Who said Paklah has no support?

Ok-lah tu! 30 people were there...

Supporters provide moral support for Abdullah

The Star Online (Latest)

PUTRAJAYA: About 30 Umno supporters gathered outside the Prime Minister’s official residence here on Wednesday, urging Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to remain in office.

Carrying posters of Abdullah, they waited from 7.30am until 9.30am, when the Umno president left home for the weekly Cabinet meeting.

Abdullah stopped his motorcade briefly to greet them, and shook hands with some of them.

A text message had been circulating on Tuesday asking supporters to gather at Seri Perdana to “provide moral support” for Abdullah.

Umno Overseas Club deputy president Datuk Mohd Rais Zainuddin said the group wanted Abdullah to carry out a proper transition of power instead of being pressured to step down.

“We want a harmonious power transition. We don’t want the party to be destabilised. The party has to stay united,” he said.

Batu 9 (of Bukit Gantang, Perak) Umno branch advisor Kapt Abdul Razak Baba said a petition was carried out to demonstrate the level of support commanded by Abdullah.

Claiming to be a politicial observer to Abdullah, he said Abdullah was supported by 191 divisions in the country.

“Only 10–15% want him to step down,” he said.

Kapt Abdul Razak said some of the Umno leaders who have signed include Senator Tan Sri Dr Jins Shamsuddin, Datuk Rahim Abu, Datuk Hanafi Mamat, Datuk Hashim Rusdi and Asmadi Abu Bakar.

10-15%? How do they do the math?

UMNO branch advisor? UMNO = macam-macam ada!


My latest visit to the same URL with regard to the above report at The Star Online website here, shows that the wordings "About 30 Umno supporters" have now been changed/edited to "A group of Umno supporters". They sure work fast, don't they? hahaha.... Apa-apa jelah!


By the way, NST Online reported, there were 40 of them instead. Surging support indeed!

Pic: NST Online

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Just when I thought I was out.......

...they pull me back in!

With the ongoing "self-induced" intoxication and fiesta of candidacy offerings for the top posts, what better way for paklah to justify the decision to stay on at the top on the pretext of ensuring smooth transition of powers (according to traditions and plans) instead of commotion and chaos?

Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. The statesman who yields to war fever must realise that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events - Sir Winston Churchill.

"If you are going through hell, keep going!", Churchill said that too. Will paklah's announcement tomorrow echo the same thing? The subtle approval by Paklah when asked about the merry men of UMNO eagerly offering themselves for the top posts seems to suggest just that. That ongoing charade, inter-alia, will be his justification to soldier on. Read also Sakmongkol's Decisions, decisions, decisions, APANAMA's Syiok-KING ABDULLAH and Ketua Perusuh's Singgahsana.

Updated-12.45am (8/10/2008)

They came to "beraya in Putrajaya"!

PUTRAJAYA 7 Okt. – Lebih 20 ketua UMNO bahagian dari Pulau Pinang, Perak dan Kedah menemui Perdana Menteri malam ini dipercayai bagi memberi sokongan kepada Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi untuk mempertahankan jawatan presiden parti pada pemilihan Mac depan.

Read more of Utusan's latest Ketua bahagian jumpa Abdullah

Monday, October 06, 2008

Jangankan Nur Jazlan, menantu Paklah pun boleh tawar diri!

Saya setuju benar dengan pendapat A Voice di sini. Alang-alang sudah ada tiga, kenapa tidak ada empat calon? Kalau sudah empat, kenapa tidak lima, enam dan seterusnya? Apa kurangnya Nur Jazlan berbanding dengan tiga pembesar UMNO sebelum ini? Suleiman Palestin pun pernah mencabar kerusi No.1, inikan pula dalam senario hari ini, ianya hanya untuk kerusi No. 2. Takkan nak biarkan Muhyiddin menang free? Mari semua, tawarkan diri. Apa salahnya saling acah-mengacah. UMNO berpegang kepada prinsip demokrasi bukan? Jangan pula tiga pembesar sebelum ini hendak masam muka jika ada ahli seperti Nur Jazlan umumkan cita-cita beliau sebegini.

Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. Lebih ramai, lebih meriah! Biarlah mereka berpesta! Nah, sekarang barulah demokrasi. Barulah UMNO boleh rasakan impak sebenar dolak-dalik Presiden mereka (yang seperti tiada kesudahan) mengenai jawatannya sejak peristiwa 8hb Mac 2008. Inilah legasi sebenar Paklah kepada UMNO.

Lagi baik kalau Khairy pun tawarkan diri untuk kerusi Timbalan Presiden, barulah boleh menjadi PM sebelum atau pada umur 40 tahun kelak. Buat apa tawarkan diri setakat jadi Ketua Pemuda, "tak rock" lah!

Dengar-dengar, pak leman yang duduk belakang rumah pak abu di kampung saya pun nak umumkan bertanding kerusi kedua tertinggi UMNO. Anaknya, ucop kendut, pun saya dengar nak umumkan hasrat bertanding Ketua Pemuda. Meriah benar UMNO sekarang ini!

Not the same person?

Yesterday the fella was reported to have said,

Khairy, who is also Rembau MP, said although Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was his father-in-law, he had never relied on Abdullah’s position to garner support.

"I have never used my father-in-law’s influence for personal gain. I will be banking on my record as deputy chief for the past four years and for the party work that I have done,” he told reporters Sunday when met at his Hari Raya open house at Kg Gadong near here. Also present was his wife Nori Abdullah. Read here

Then whoever this was must be a different person altogether,

"There’s a certain extent (to which) these people in Umno will not go after me. So it gives me ‘protection’ to change things.

“If I don’t use this ‘protection’ to change things for the better, then I’m just wasting time and marking my time to go up the ladder of politics. That’s not what I am about.

“I want to use this time that I have while I have this ‘protection’ to change things, to change Umno for the better,” he said yesterday during a question-and-answer session at the Kancil Awards Festival Speakers series.

Khairy, who is married to Nori, the daughter of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, said it was true that this relationship meant he knew which buttons to push and which leaders to pull in to make a particular programme a success. Read more here.

Are they the same person? By comparing both statements, I don't think so-lah!

Then again, only thing is that both "Khairy" seem to have a father-in-law and a missus each that goes by the same name. Talk about fortuity! Weird, eh?

Read also here.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Konundrum kepimpinan "kitar semula" di dalam UMNO

Masih lagi di dalam modus cuti hari raya. Sekarang saya berada di Kuala Terengganu, setelah berhari raya di SP, Kedah dan Melor, KB. Seronok bertemu sanak saudara dan rakan taulan. Menarik betul perbualan di hari raya kali ini dengan berbagai isu politik dan kepimpinan yang menjadi antara topik utama perbualan setelah selesai bertanya khabar. Akibat kegoyahan parti siasah utama negara dan kemelut kepimpinan yang seolah-olah tiada kesudahan, ramai yang membuat analisa, spekulasi dan tanggapan yang menarik sekali. Memang benar kata JMD, kita sedang meniti satu detik masa yang amat menarik.

UMNO sedang berada di persimpangan yang amat kritikal untuk survivalnya di masa yang mendatang. Mungkin perbualan saya dengan seorang bekas ahli MKT UMNO pada raya ketiga semalam boleh merumuskan situasi getir yang akan UMNO dan negara akan lalui di masa terdekat ini. Beliau ada mengatakan bahawa UMNO sedar akan kemelut dan anjakan paradigma yang perlu dilakukan. Malahan UMNO telah pergi lebih jauh dengan menubuhkan atas inisiatif parti itu sendiri satu badan bagi mengkaji dan memperbaiki pakatan siasah yang telah menerajui negara selama lebih 50 tahun yang dikenali sebagai Barisan Nasional. Kesemua parti komponen katanya telah dan sedang memberikan feedback dan ianya amat memberansangkan. Tidak timbul katanya bahawa BN itu sudah tidak relevan bagi mereka yang telah memberikan input. Apa yang menjadi perkara pokok adalah usaha-usaha baikpulih yang sedang diusahakan berdasarkan input-input parti komponen yang lain. Mungkin juga ada asas desas-desus bahawa paklah akan mengumumkan pengundurannya sebelum bermulanya mesyuarat bahagian UMNO nanti kata beliau lagi. Firasatnya adalah satu pengumuman akan di lakukan oleh paklah dalam dua, tiga hari ini dan presiden UMNO akan melepaskannya tampuk kepimpinan pada Mac tahun hadapan. Mungkin paklah akan memberikan amanat terakhir supaya kerusi presiden akan menjadi milik Najib dan jangan dicabar langsung.

Namun begitu apa yang menarik lagi yang sudah menjadi pengetahuan umum sekarang adalah usaha-usaha untuk menafikan Muhyiddin Yasin daripada kerusi No. 2 UMNO. Kerusi empuk yang pada mulanya dianggap sebagai milik mutlak Muhyiddin sudah ada yang kepinginkannya. Tambahan pula usaha-usaha ini ada dikatakan menjadi lebih galak dan berani lagi atas endorsmen pucuk pimpinan No. 1 UMNO itu sendiri. Ketidak senangan paklah terhadap "mulut" muhyiddin menjadikan "kuda-kuda hitam" ini lebih hebat dan seperti berpesta dalam menonjolkan diri masing-masing sebagai pelapis kepimpinan negara.

Bagi saya endorsmen sebeginilah yang TIDAK patut dilalukan oleh paklah. "Pengunduran terhormat" beliau boleh menjadi pengunduran yang akan menjadi celaan dan cacian sepanjang zaman golongan pewaris negara di masa hadapan.

Paklah perlu sedar ramai yang berpendapat UMNO memang sudah ketandusan kepimpinan. Golongan pelapis yang ada pada masa kini tidak begitu dipandang tinggi dan dihormati oleh masyarakat umum. Malahan ramai yang berpendapat "bakal presiden" UMNO sendiri akan terus lekat dengan segala macam stigma yang sukar untuk beliau kikis. Inikan pula pemimpin-pemimpin yang "dikitar semula" ini yang begitu galak menawarkan diri untuk kerusi No. 2 UMNO. Pesta penawaran diri tanpa batas pembesar-pembesar "kelas kedua" ini akan membobrokkan lagi keadaan. Sudahlah ramai rakyat jelata yang akur bahawa UMNO dan negara sudah tidak mempunyai pilihan sehingga terpaksa menerima sahaja pengganti yang ditawarkan, maka janganlah pula isu kuda-kuda hitam memburukkan lagi suasana. Ianya hanya akan mengundang krisis kepimpinan dan konflik berpuak yang kebih kronik dalam parti itu sendiri sahaja di masa depan.

Paklah perlu membuang segala perasaan amarah dan kecil hatinya, jika ada. Beliau tidak seharusnya nanti bertindak dengan vendetta yang tidak bertempat seandainya membuat pengumuman pengundurannya kelak. Paklah perlu menjadi bijak dan tegas dalam membuat keputusan "last kopek"nya kali ini. UMNO dan BN tidak akan pulih seandainya paklah bertindak membelakang kepentingan umum dan bertindak menurut hati dan perasaan. Bukankah apa yang paklah mahukan selama ini adalah segala-galanya yang "cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang"? Moga paklah akan mengakhiri episod kepimpinannya dengan membawa kebaikan kepada semua dan bukannya meninggalkan legasi kemusnahan kepada UMNO yang dicintainya, yang pastinya akan mempunyai kesan secara langsung kepada watan dan rakyat jelata di dalamnya. Negara ini tidak perlukan UMNO yang sakit!

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