Sunday, January 20, 2008

In The News After 23 Years

My father, by virtue of being the person who named Malaysian first national car, way back in 1985, was in the news again, after 23 years... for a mere 2 seconds or so. Likewise also for the former prime minister who initiated this project.

I couldn't get the actual TV news, but The Star video news coverage will suffice for now, here you go, courtesy of The Star Online.


Unknown said...

I was covering the launch and you have no idea how shocked I was at the way they treated the legacy of TDM when they were presenting the new and 'improved' Saga.
I guess I underestimated how low Bodowi can go when there were not even one mention of TDM's name during the entire ceremony. I should think the person who had actually pioneered the entire project would at least be mentioned once by name but that was not the case.
I am sorry that your dad didn't get much of a mention by the current Proton fellas, but you can be sure that he is in great company of people omitted in the recognisation of the history of Proton.

Lawyer Kampung said...

My point exactly yvonne. It's not so much about my dad. Thanks for the kind words though. Thanks for visiting the blog.

Unknown said...

It is what it is, I supposed. Sometimes I feel tired of being so resigned to the way things are.
Anyway... best wishes to your dad and your family.