Thursday, July 03, 2008

Anwar's 3rd July 2008 Press Statement

3 July 2008, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Today we witness another episode of abpattern of abuse of power and manipulation of the criminal justice system.

Recently one of the witnesses in the Altantuya trial approached us with detailed information of events connected to her disappearance and murder. The information was shocking.

Mr. P. Balasubramaniam, who was engaged by Abdul Razak Baginda as a private investigator was advised to seek legal counsel and document his story independently.

Today he is releasing a statutory declaration dated 1st July 2008 to the public detailing the story that he has to tell about what actually happened and what was told to him by key personalities in this saga including Abdul Razak Baginda and Altantuya herself.

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Anonymous said...

It's getting sicker and sicker by the minutes.

Anonymous said...

lutipuwa, watipulu

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Itu suka tidor punya olang juga manyiak untung woooo