Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blaze of Glory & Murphy's Law

Just like a scene from the wild west, PM's loyal cowboys came out with guns blazing in defence of their boss against recent pot-shot made by Muhyiddin Yasin against their boss.


The de facto Law Minister -
"It is very simple. If Muhyiddin is not happy with the prime minister, he can resign from the cabinet, as it means he has no confidence in Pak Lah (Abdullah), or Pak Lah should sack him." Read more Either Muhyiddin Resign Or Be Sacked, Says Zaid

Negri Sembilan MB -
Negeri Sembilan Mentri Besar Datuk Mohamed Hassan tonight fired the first salvo at Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin - telling him that he should resign from the Cabinet if he had lost confidence in the Prime Minister. The former corporate player urged Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to be ruthless against those who want to be heroes for own self interest. Read more NS MB ticks off Muhyiddin for PM broadside

The boss also issued a subtle warning today hoping to curtail the uprising of another gang of gunslingers in town, read ‘Not proper for power transfer plan to be raised again’

Whether the above is sufficient to tone down and impede the foreseeable Battle Royale, I dare not say. Hey, this is UMNO we are talking about! Blowing hot and cold is a norm nowadays. What is clear though is the emergence of two factions in UMNO, just like the UMNO of the old, of Team A & Team B. Looking at Najib sitting pretty beside Muhyiddin on TV tonight when announcing that he will leave it to the grassroots to determine the "feasibility" of power transition plan makes me wonder how will he fits in with the possible Ku Li, Muhyiddin and Mukhriz's team.

Will Najib be 100% committed towards the "uprising"? Or will he again leave Muhyiddin high and dry just like he did before when he said that he is committed towards the 2010 power transition plan (despite Muhyiddin's signals that he will be supporting him if he is making the move for the No. 1 post then), which made Muhyiddin to take off his feet of the gas pedal and announced that he will be contesting for VP post only.

Najib is actually looking more superfluous by the day for the benefits of the UMNO's uprising and will only add unnecessary load to the cause. Muhyiddin (Ku Li and Muhkriz too for that matter) must play it right this time around. They must bare in mind there will always be tendencies for Najib to make an abrupt U-Turn when the tides are against him. As I said previously, flip-flopping is highly contagious and Najib does have a tendency to catch that disease.


Muhyiddin, Ku Li and Mukhriz must subscribe to Murphy's Law that, "If there's more than one possible outcome of a job or task, and one of those outcomes will result in disaster or an undesirable consequence, then somebody will do it that way" and the most famous adage of them all, "if anything can go wrong, it will."

What they can do now is to minimize those possibilities and identify as early as possible the role of the DPM and how will he fits in the equation. Will he flawed the team? They must anticipate all possibilities. After all they say politics is the art of the impossible! It is always within good measure for them to make the necessary precautions to make sure that those flaws cannot happen. Even to an extent of leaving out Najib from the team.

"Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way". Now, Ku Li, Muhyiddin & Mukhriz, you guys don't want that to happen do you?


Anonymous said...


Zaid jangan suruh orang resign...nanti u kena bayar ex-gratia bila umno akar umbi marah.


Conspiracy Theorist said...

Salam Bro LK,

From wat I see DSN is again playing safe,..heheh..he knows he can do anything even tho he dusn agree to PLah's way but dh kena genggam tu biasa le jd pak turut.. but DSN knows for sure in order to keep his politics alive he needs to support Ku Li & Mahyuddin..if Ku Li is up in power den thr is a possibility dat DSN can survive.. wat matters most is he wants to b second a alwiz but gess he knows its too late,..better late den never,..heheh..wat can I say.. Kak Piidah pun dh bka mulut support quota di hapuskan so skang ni bila Tun M endorsed Ku Li n makes a comeback every body knows d dawn of a new era is coming.. most of my non-malays frens says its good to see Tun M making a comebac to support Ku Li n dey believe d economic woes will end as soon as YM Ku Li n TS Muhyiddin bcomes d PM n DPM respectively..heheh..wat can I say..(,")


Ted Torrence said...

Looks like you could the next victim.

You may want to consider joining the “Please ISA Me” wave (psygame playing lah) so that they will think twice before handcuffing you.

Please ISA Me

I am begging you to ISA me

Anonymous said...

Mr. X ni pening ke? Psygame kemende? Ke Mr. X yang risau dia nak kena ISA tak. Cepat delete tulisan-tulisan dalam blog engkau tu. Lain macam aje aku baca. Kuakuakua

Singh Is Kinng said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

This Mr X I think yang jenis syok sendiri. Many of this species crowding the cyber world, a sad product of Darwin's evolution went wrong.

Zaid is revealing more and more his intellectual capacity after joining the cabinet. I was thinking before that he was a cunning and intelligent lawyer. However, with statements that he made right after becoming cabinet minister, his IQ revealed its true color, just below average after all. But the latest ass kissing statement regarding Tan Sri Muhyidin, I think his IQ is actually below freezing point.