Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Interesting Times

I have never imagined that it all can come to this. 

Never in my life would I think that I'd see the day where ridiculous excuses can be accepted and reason out by so many. What are we coming to? 

For quite some time, I always imagined that we are developed, matured enough to think for ourselves. I have thought wrongly.

I have never imagined that it all can come to this.

Blind loyalty seems to be the order of the day. Living in fantasy land, shoving stupid ideas into the mind of the people and hoping somehow or rather that we will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

No doubt about it, we are living in very interesting times. Times where government and opposition fail the masses, times when stupidity rules the day, times where common sense will never see the light of day. 

Interesting times indeed.


Conspiracy Theorist said...

Its d time where d end is near bro LK., heheh.., wat else can I say.., too bad it is happening in our beloved country.., neway I hope there is still a way to put Najib down n still maintain d BN as ruler if not I dn know wats gonna happen.., glad to see ur back bro., take care urself., ciao for now.,, heheh.., wat else can I say.., (,")

Anonymous said...

Salam, bro.

Another kawan lama visiting.

I see consternation and a note of exasperation (just checked the dictionary on those words) in your tone. For a gentlemanly lawyer kampung that I have known thru your posts and blog communication, the mild language you have used in your post above tells things are really not well in the country. "Interesting times" is the understatement of the year, bro.

I certainly would like to join you in expressing my dismay, disappointment, disgust what have you with the political scenario in recent times, especially now. Allow me to vent my frustration here, with the promise that I'll try to be civil, talk with decorum and decency as much as I can.

And if I exceed the limit at any time, you may not publish my comment but just put a note that my such and such a date and time comment is kept only for your information. I'll have no problem at all with that.

Here goes my first comment - after a long while.

Anonymous said...

Some may say it's just a sign of the times that it all did "come to this" in this country. All over the world things appear to have gone haywire.

But not quite so, not the natural development of mankind where peace and harmony have been sought thru the League of Nations, and then the United Nations, for nearly 100 years. Lack of peace in Africa and the Middle East led to waves of migration in recent times. Migration problems in Europe can be interpreted as the sins of the imperialists and colonialists now visited upon their successors and descendants. At the current pace, Europe may no longer be white in no time. Racial conflicts occurring yet denied at all time.

And in US they now have the hugely egoistic brat Donald Trump leading the Presidential race with his cocky talk that would make Vladimir Putin and what's the name Chinese President walk out of any meeting if he continues the same tone and stance as President - if the American voters go mad electing him to office.

Alas, in Malaysia it's not the sin of the father visited upon us. The father was such a respected, highly regarded and well revered man. Hardly any sin that we know of. Even the siblings put out a written - and signed - statement denying the "legacy of wealth".

Maybe the problem stemmed from that. The need for a legacy of wealth. Since the existence of an existing legacy has been strongly denied by the siblings, a new one is being attempted?

Those sorts of things make one wonder how much peace and harmony exist in this country these days. Even UMNO appears to be divided on 1MDB, dropping of 1MDB critic Deputy President from the Cabinet. What has been going on in Johor - the UMNO Divisions Annual General Meetings, etc - are testimonies of those.

Blind loyalty? That'd be the subject of another comment.

Anonymous said...

Hope my comments so far are ok, bro.

Yes, bro, the ridiculous excuses have been accepted by many. Mostly by those having blind loyalty to the leader. But not by the public at large. All over the places people are criticizing and hitting at the crude and unacceptable conduct the leader and "the blind followers" have been engaged in. With some success in terms of getting reversals of decisions made.

One huge success was the reverse of the decision to chuck out the all-important Sedition Act. Thanks to the many UMNO Divisions, the Supreme Council, the Youth and Wanita UMNO who spoke out, the U-turn decision was made to retain the Act.

Another was the recent reversing of the decision of the "immediate transfers" of the two MACC Officers. Yes, sembahayang hajat where the issues are deemed hugely important.

But there has been a host of other decisions that people are hoping could be reversed. We need to keep on speaking up while at the same time minding our ps and qs re the Sedition Act and the authorities' interpretation of what constitutes illegal attempts at getting changes other than through the ballot box.

More, another time, bro. Best wishes in the meanwhile.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are developed, matured enough to think for ourselves. Except that it's only one way. To retain power, to get wealth. From public funds. Clever, innit?

Anonymous said...

Never mind what people say. UMNO has 88 seats. Back Bencher Chairman Shahrir said he received RM1 mill. Ahmad Maslan received RM2 mill. This kind of people will ensure retention of the 88 seats. Sabah and Sarawak will produce the numbers to make a win at PRU14.

Wrong calculation? Well, Tun Dr Mahathir said the phrase used was "Cash is king".

Anonymous said...

Never say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They say that's a cliche. Meaning too boring to say those these days.

What's not a cliche is have a legacy of wealth. What do your siblings know. SPRM? Well, well, well...

Anonymous said...

I also never imagine I'll come to this - giving regard to what si Mongkol says. The bloke's post was used by the nasty Malaysia Chronicle to day.

With what you say in your above post, I still will not reproduce here any thing the now-totally Cina Bukit-like DAP fella says, but I won't mind if readers here want to read that Mongkol article there.

Anonymous said...

Happy merdeka lawyer kampong. The nation weeps
. #najibletakjawatan

Lawyer Kampung said...

Terbaik bro CT & kawan lama.. it is good to be back among old friends.. sorry for the delay in moderating the comments.. blogging skills dah rusty 😂
Terimakasih juga untuk comment from anon at 1005am