Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's always darkest before the dawn

Any reasonable man could see that UMNO is now justifying like mad their choice for Bagan Pinang by-election. From the desperate "good guilt vs. bad guilt" to the latest more appropriate tagline, "choosing the one that can serve you best". Despite they (well, not all I guess) want it so bad to show the world, that they have it in them, the will to cast away their bad ways, they also can just ignore the sad fact that they desperately need this home ground win. As such they see it fit for the veteran and Bagan Pinang very own heartthrob, Isa Samad to stand for the election despite the known extra baggage that he carried around with him. Then again, which politician doesn't?

Coupled with Pakatan Rakyat's own folly these days, they hope their choice for Bagan Pinang as such would not be less attractive than what Pakatan Rakyat has to offer all the while. The lack of work-rate, talent, vision, understanding and ethics in some of the PR reps should then by itself justify UMNO's choice for N31 by-election. UMNO can certainly score points there, no doubt.

Maybe it's true that it is always the darkest before the dawn. Maybe that's what UMNO is hoping to portray here, and that the people would understand and tolerate their current game play for Bagan Pinang. It is always darkest before dawn, so they will say.

And as such the voyage to the all squeaky clean land must now be put on hold. There's a battle that they have to win. The war can wait. The point they are driving home now is that UMNO maybe at its lowest ebb, but don't despair, things will be better soon. They'll pick-up where they have left as soon as the by-election is over, am I right?

For UMNO's sake, they now should pray that the rest of the people (apart from the Bagan-we-are-crazy-for-Isa-Pinang folks) can stand and tolerate the dark. It should be okay if all of them are sound asleep right through dawn. But somehow I doubt that. Not all the people are heavy sleepers. The slightest of noise could've awaken them up from their slumber. On the other hand, some of us are natural early risers; we wake up before dawn.

I hope that it will be dawn soon. Like most of us that are well awake, I can tolerate the darkness but not for long.

Zulh, Jani, Dr. Bagar & Adi, good to see you guys at the vaji game yesterday ;) The boys may have lost the game but they sure can, at times yesterday, whoop those vaji boys. Hard luck boys! 22-14 not a bad score. There will always be Bangkok next year.


kluangman said...

Pilihanraya sewajarnya mempamir dan memperkatakan tentang kehebatan calon yang bertanding dari segi perkhidmatan yang ingin ditawarkan jika terpilih.

Seharusnya berbakul dan berjela rekod rekod cemrlang ditunjukkan sebagai contoh dan tauladan bahawa mereka mampu jadi terbaik dari kalangan yang terbaik atau pinjam kata kata Paklah - cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang.

Malangnya lewat kebelakangan ini khususnya UBN, kempen pilihanraya mereka bukan maju kedepan, memperkatakan tentang kehebatan calon, tetapi sebaliknya berhempas pulas, bermandi peluh dan keringat, berasap otak dan pokai poket untuk menangkis serangan demi serangan tentang 'keburukan' calon mereka dari pihak pembangkang.

Dari cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang akhirnya mereka berkerumun dan terpaksa 'temberang'.


salam sir
i really like this post as well as the title.Yup like me i'm the person that can't wait too long for the dark.If no action taken then it will remains dark now and forever

SamYap said...

Dear Mohd Sarisfuddin,

Its strange that whenever I feel that fighting for just and progressive Malaysia is a lost cause, there will always be someone like you who would come along and say: lets fight for the betterment of our country. Its really nice to know that are Melayus who see themselves as not a race but as citizens of this lovely land of ours.

We have labored far too long under this stupid notion of race division because of what had been fed to us by BN/UMNO. We have been enslaved far too long under this UMNO-Master, its time we take our country back and try to make some sense of how we can make it a progressive and happy nation. No more bickering over who gets what. There should be opportunities for all Malaysians.

Thank you.

Ismail N said...

Live today to fight for tomorrow bro. Can't wait to see if ISA is as popular as many suggested.
Hang bila lak bertanding? :) Kalau based on popularity, UMNO dah boleh letak hang jadi calon... he he.