Saturday, October 11, 2008

BN direct membership, anyone?

Super-Lah Latest Mission

Today we read about paklah pushing for the idea of BN's direct membership. The latest of his "Super Mission" during the next 5 months. It's an alternative to the ethnic based political parties of BN he said. He thinks that a brilliant idea.

Of course it is brilliant when the idea mooted coincide with the SIL's ambition of becoming the next BN Youth Head. SIL has been harping on this for quite some time now. Everytime he spoke about his intention to be the UMNO Youth Head, the post of BN Youth Head will be mentioned in the same breath (as if it's the BN Youth Head post is the one in contest currently). In fact he has been selling the idea of "camaraderie" in BN more than the one in UMNO for his position as the new Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Is that the grand plan for the future, KJ? If I am able to get the support I needed from UMNO I will always have BN direct members as safety net?

This is where SIL is wrong. The idea of him leading the BN youth movement will be the main turn-off factor for most who wanted to join.

Paklah, it is not just about your failed reforms that the people hold in contempt, it is also about the company you kept. People despise those clinging to you. Can't you see that?

By the way, what is the incumbent President of UMNO himself is trying to say here actually? Is he saying that the idea of UMNO itself is no more palatable?

Updated (11.08pm):

Meanwhile in the race for nomination for the post of UMNO Youth Head (cum BN Youth Head), the blog Jelapang reported that (as at 10.36 pm of the even date) MUKHRIZ 25, KHAIRY 13, KHIR TOYO 7

& A Voice's Mukhriz 24: KJ 12: Dr Khir 6; The fall of Kimanis and Tuaran signal Khairy's disintegrating Sabah plan


Anonymous said...

Tuan Loyar Kampong, muka superman tua macam najib la hehe

ahli direct access said...

Aisehmen aku baru nak pegi amek borang mendaftar ahli BN Direct ni, teringat pula muka si khairy bila LawyerKampung tulis ini. Terus kensel!!!!

Ismail N said...

As usual, pak lah hv many ideas. do u remember one that actually work?

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Rocky Bru reckoned that Dollah should bring the trash and garbage he has created along with his retirement plan, I guess that includes KJ as well.

Mr Ismail N, only ONE that I appreciate much to this day, lori tak berjalan masa festival season. Other ideas have already backfired, pity Dollah.


Lawyer Kampung said...

Piggy Singh sir, u said it!

Mail, how's the raya in Johor?

anon, betul jugak ye, saya google je tu

ahli Direct Access, thanks for the comment.