Thursday, September 04, 2008

UMNO-Hybrid, anyone?

Why go Hybrid? In a car, the reason is twofold:

  1. to reduce tailpipe emissions (less emission; less pollution); and
  2. to improve mileage.
If these could be safely adapted by UMNO, where the old conventional UMNO is transformed to a hybrid kind, the future will certainly be brighter (than Doris Day!) for UMNO and BN. More "environmental friendly" shall we say!

Let's start with reducing tailpipe emissions. There is too much pollution emitted by UMNO these days. Corruption, arrogance, abuse of power, you name it, UMNO has it! The ever so often follies and silliness showed by its leaders are the jokes of the town currently. The problem with UMNO is its just like your conventional car. Conventional car burns twice as much gas to go a mile. They generate about twice as much pollution.

With hybrid car, pollution will be removed by the emission control equipment on the car. So decreasing the fuel consumption of the car is one surest ways to decrease emission. The twofold goals are actually tightly interwoven when it comes to Hybrid cars. And the same goes with UMNO-Hybrid!

Therefore UMNO-hybrid must have the mechanism, an effective one to that effect, much like an emissions control equipment. A presidential advisory body could be one of which. A body of advisers , council of wise men for the president. Not the 4th floor boys! Not the present MT! Old guards, veterans like Tun Dr Mahathir (if he ever comes back to UMNO) and the likes. Even the not so old but good, intellectual folks in UMNO. People that do not have any thing more to gain but everything else to lose! I know some will argue that there exist current political bureau and a management committee which channel their suggestions and advice directly to the president. For me, simply put, they have not done enough. If they suffice, UMNO will not be in that quagmire and sad state as it is now.

Secondly is all about improving mileage. More mileage or greater political reach to all levels of society without having to resort to higher "fuel consumption". If you look at hybrid cars, they are all futuristic in features. Aerodynamics et al. Same with politics. You must keep up with time. It's all about being dynamic. Able to comprehend what's in and what's not. You don't have to transform it altogether, in toto to something it is not. What you need to do is to just assimilate the prevailing trends of politics, the prevailing culture of transparency and change. Be that agent of change instead letting others dominating the field. UMNO currently fighting the other side on two different level of playing fields. How to win?

Hybrid car has smaller engine than conventional one. In a small engine, however, the efficiency can be improved by using smaller, lighter parts, by reducing the number of cylinders and by operating the engine closer to its maximum load. Enough with conventional ideas that you need relatively big engine to produce enough power to accelerate the car quickly. Same with current sets of senior politicians in UMNO. Those that are heavily laden with excess political baggage. They are what I would consider as big engine. . These people must go!

In conventional car, the bigger engines usually have more cylinders, and each cylinder uses fuel every time the engine fires, even if the car isn't moving. The pistons and other internal components are heavier, requiring more energy each time they go up and down in the cylinder. The displacement of the cylinders are larger, so more fuel is required by each cylinder. The same applies to UMNO politics. In UMNO politics, these are the minions that come bundled together with the "bigger engine". The little napoleans!

They do not do much except contributing towards the drag in the "car movement" whenever UMNO is speeding and even in idle speed! They are the "pistons and internal components" that are heavier and requiring more "energy" (monetary and other worldly incentives) each time they go "up and down" for the engine, requesting "more fuel" each time. UMNO can do away with these people.

Identify the good one, the "lighter", "smaller" parts that are actually in abundance in and outside UMNO. The talents are out there, it's just the culture of "cantas kaki" and these "mysterious fear" towards intellectuals (in UMNO) that have been stopping this good folks from going in or coming up that strata of hierarchy in UMNO. These people should be wooed and roped in on the pretext to form parts of that engine we now call the new UMNO-hybrid.

More on UMNO-Hybrid and how it could help to lessen the contribution of the "greenhouse effect", the "global warming" in BN and the nation itself later on. Not tonight-lah! That's for another day, another night.

For now, let's go hybrid. Anyone?


sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi said...

well done lawyer kampung. this is the kind of mental map thats required to chart UMNO's future.
waiting for your next installment.
best regards.

Anonymous said...

Gonna get myself that hybrid now for sure. Thought provoking and a good read dear blogger.

KN36 said...

no offence to a certain national car producer - the whole hybrid theory when it comes to everyone's favorite party just reeks of a certain model produced by said manufacturer - ask 10 different people and odds are 5 would say they will never ever buy the marque again. uncanny...

probably a case of once bitten twice shy? too little too late?

Anonymous said...


I think it's also difficult when the who support structure from sales to maintenance is also in a state of disrepute.

There is a lot of palm greasing starting from the CEO.

I think the whole organization needs a mind-set change. Can this be done in say 48 months?

How about getting the educated silence majority to join the company, then a hybrid would surely haver a chance.

Waiting for the hybrid option to buy a new car!

aMir kat Bukit

Lawyer Kampung said...

They say better late than never saudara kn36. As for that stench, that's why they need to go hybrid, it comes with a built-in replaceable odour absorbent activated charcoal filter together with air purifier! ;-)

Lawyer Kampung said...

Hi aMir kat Bukit, that's another way of looking at it, I agree with you. :-)From the top up, changes must be made. Thanks for the comment bro. Keep it coming ya!

Icarius said...


Very interesting analogy. In many ways, I think many of us know what has to be changed, while the challenge is how to implement the change.

Taking the example of a hybrid car, perhaps some of the challenges are:
1. Those in power who already own many "big engine" cars, and would prefer to mix with and invite only others with similar engine capacities to join their exclusive "club".

2. Because it costs more to maintain these big cars, it also serves as a barrier to prevent the men-on-street, such as Ali, Ah Chong and Ramasamy, to join with a "cheaper" hybrid or even a smaller engine car. This again keeps the club exclusive. And being exclusive (with benefits) is often enough a reason why others aspire to join.

3. There already are a bunch of wannabes that crave for the perceived prestige (and benefits) of the "big engines". And they are not about to let a bunch of hybrids owners (or promoters) ruin their past efforts in clearing their path to glory (and money) of the big-engines.

4. If the big engine users considers drop their gas-guzzlers, they will be letting down their army of members in the supply-chain that provides the special maintenance, petrol, tyres, etc for their cars. And these members of the supply chain are the people that enabled the owner to own and keep the big engine in the first place.

5. And when (or if?) the early adopters move from big-engine to hybrid, the supply-chain (who are being cut off) will quickly move one of the wannabes to replace the "betrayer". And of course the "betrayer" will be left out of the club and left join Ali, Ah Chong and Ramasamy.

Their choices:
a. Drive a 700cc with batteries that everyone else can own?
b. Own a 4,500cc that is seldom driven?

Why go through the hassle in order to get to the top if you are going to get the common car?

I guess one benefit of wielding power is that one can choose to be exclusive. And because the powerful will want to be exclusive, they will choose vehicles (and everything else) that are exclusive. Hybrids will not be their choice, unless there are exclusive hybrids. Which again will create a supply-chain to service such exclusive hybrids, and so on.

Cyclical? Yes. Perhaps that is why it is so difficult to change?


Caustic Dude said...

I think you're not a real lawyer because you have too much intelligence and common sense.

By the way, you can't convert a gas guzzler into a hybrid. You need to a get a hybrid car and dispose of the gas guzzler.

I lost faith in the UMNO thingy the moment an ex-minister who was caught with millions in cash at an Australian airport made his way back into the party's top leadership. And he got the Rural Area Ministry. I'm not accusing anyone anything but I'm skeptical.

A friend of mine said that educated Malaysians are all guilty of ignorance and apathy because we just let these self-serving, power-mad politicians run amok, by staying away from politics. I agree with him that most who join UMNO have personal interest.

Keep it up Mr. LK. The country need you. Our ministers and his cronies need to listen to you.