Monday, January 04, 2010

Say lah like that earlier...

“You cannot use the word ‘Allah’ anyhow. We have to use it accordingly,” he stressed..... read more here

Now only you say like that...

Itu la, lain kali earlier don't lah say like this....

“It's a special Mass,” Lawrence told The Malaysian Insider over the phone yesterday evening.

“Allah is no longer prohibited to us,” he said, the smile coming through the phone line. You can read more here

Now see what you have done... we, the "timid people" who are "easily confused", not syioklah already mr. padre.... For better understanding, do read satD's, actually an essay by apocryphalist, the blogger without a blog, here

If you haven't, read also JMD's piece here, Ondastreet's here, sakmongkol's here & Small Talk's here (and many, many more, just take one quick look on my bloglist on your right)

By the way, thank God errr Allah, or is it God, ...never mind... that the appeal proper has been filed this afternoon... It is also nice to hear in the news just now the DPM's half time's pep talk, trying his level best to instill some sense of confident to those of us, "timid" & "easily confused" simple-non-confrontational-good-folks, that the matter will be resolved... sigh...whatever that means. To all easily confused and timid people out there like me, don't worry, be happy ...don't worry the calvary ..ooppss silap confused lagi, the cavalry is here... chin up folks!

P/s Astaghfirullah



Anonymous said...

The concern here is the manner of such translation. Here are my questions:

Is it the publication is just for Christians (as outlined in the hearing), and the content will not be used to preach other non-Christians? [Adakah penerbitan itu hanya untuk penganut Kristian, dan kandungan terjemahan itu tidak digunakan untuk berdakwah kepada bukan Kristian?]
Are the current Malaysian Christians do not understand that God (in English) is “Tuhan” in Bahasa Malaysia? (I’m sorry, but I have to ask this.. because this shows how good is your English and Bahasa Malaysia. :) ) [Adakah penganut Kristian di Malaysia tidak memahami "God" (dalam Bahasa Inggeris) adalah "Tuhan" dalam Bahasa Malaysia"? (Maaf, tetapi saya terpaksa bertanya.. kerana ini menunjukkan tahap penguasaan Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia juga. :) )]
Why the translation of God to be Allah being done now? Even though it is said hundreds years ago, why now? Why wouldn’y it be done years ago? [ Kenapa terjemahan itu dilakukan sekarang? Walaupun dikatakan sudah beratus tahun, kenapa sekarang? Kenapa tidak bertahun dahulu?]
Why just the translation of God to be “Allah” just in Bahasa Malaysia”? Will it be used in other languages? [ Kenapa terjemahan "God" kepada "Allah" cuma dalam Bahasa Malaysia? Adakah ianya akan digunakan didalam bahasa lain?]

* I’ve taken the liberty of translating the questions to be answered either in Bahasa Malaysia or English.

I do hope somebody can give me an honest answer.

Thank you.

~ OnDaStreet

dinturtle said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

No more bincang2, nothing short of overturning the ruling plus a formal apology will appease and unconfuse us confused people.

Melayu ni cepat mengalah, terlalu jaga hati orang lain, dalam nak marah pun masih lagi harap tak ada yang tersinggung, suka pujian orang dan terlalu apologetic. Pada mereka yang tahu sifat2 Melayu ini, teramat senang untuk mereka peralatkan.

Buat2 menyesal, minta maaf lebih kurang, puji2 sikit.... sejuklah hati Melayu yang tengah panas. Mereka yang kita marah2 tadi, kita puji2 pula kerana cepat sedar. o-o balik. Tapi dalam hati, mereka ketawakan Melayu.

Anonymous said...

Timid tak timid pun kita tak boleh benarkan dia orang gunakan perkataan Allah. That's a Muslim word as far as Malaysia is concerned. In the Middle East Christian Arabs use the word Allah but Allah is an Arabic word, that is their language, their mother tongue. For crying out loud.

For Allah's sake, the word Tuhan is sufficient for them. I read JMD's comment at Jebat Must Die that the Bidayuh have their own word for their God. Why Pakiam is intransigent? Be reasonable lah.


Lawyer Kampung said...

Ondastreet, dinturtle & dot... well said ;)