Friday, January 08, 2010

Don't just assumed...

Kerja membakar gereja, baling bom (?) bukannya kerja orang berakal. Hanya yang terlalu singkat akalnya yang buat kerja sebegini. Tapi tak perlulah pula kita menghangatkan lagi suasana yang memang hangat ini dengan sessi menunding jari. Never make assumption before all the facts & evidence are in. Avoid the obvious choices; expect the unexpected sometimes could also be the better choice in this kind of situation.

What has happened today deserved condemnation of the highest degree. It is a vile act, no doubt about that. No level headed person would want to disagree with that. But allow me to say this, while we go around town condemning the action, please do not make hasty assumption and malicious insinuation along the way. Stop playing with fire. Pointing fingers lead to nowhere. In the end what you'll see is only the back of your hand. It is time for all to reflect. When I say all, I do mean ALL.

Now let us enjoy our weekend in peace.



Anonymous said...

if really it is true done by those who are mad with the decision, should it be a suprise? The decision clearly ignores the sentiment of majority muslims in Malaysia. And by some who arrogantly saying why should muslims worry because “as long as I know Allah is one and it is your fault not to study Islam well”, should not this show us what “those stupid muslims” are capable of doing of when you just taking care of your own ass?

Muslims should be taking care of each other, not leaving others in the dark. IF THIS INCIDENT WAS DONE BY MUSLIMS, somehow, this is what you get for taking care of your own iman and ass and leave other muslims in the dark!!! What happened to “Sampaikanlah walaupun sepotong ayat”?

dinturtle said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

'ALL' tu tak termasuk saya kan,kan,kan?
Ada 1 person/group tu yang senyap je sejak isu ni meletup. To them, kalau bersatu dan bersuara dibawah panjinya tak apa, itu menuntut hak kebenaran. Tapi kalau bersatu bukan bawah namanya, itu buang masa.

Jadi kalau Melayu bersatu juga bukan bawah namanya, beliau/mereka tidak mendapat apa2 malah pengaruh akan kurang.Dan mereka sudah tidak boleh claim mereka sajalah pejuang sejati.

Dan jika keadaan huruhara akibat kes arson ni, mereka ada lubang nak dapatkan publisiti semula.

Apapun Alhamdulillah semuanya tenang dan mereka yang berhimpun semalam sememangnya menghormati undang2 dan keamanan yang ada. Juga terimakasih jua pada penganut Kristian kerana bertenang dan tidak melatah.

Ya, saya setuju, don't point fingers...and i also mean ALL !

kluangman said...

Dah kena gigit, dah kena sengat...dah bengkak besar bom, dah perit bisa macam api, baru nak mengadoi..

Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok.

Anonymous said...

Katakanlah soalannya keluar dalam SPM

Siapakah yang membakar greja semasa bantahan penggunaan Khalimah allah orang kristian ?

A ) Orang Melayu
B ) Orang Cina
C ) Orang India
D ) Pendatang2 beragama islam

Anonymous said...

dari sejarah benda2 begini disemai, disemarak dalam PAS. tengok memali, kes sauk, kes dymm sultan perak/raja nazrin waktu baru2 ni. org2 UMNO lebih matang dan bertamadun dan tidak dipupuk perangai dan sikap sebegini.


Anonymous said...


Lost my first comment because I clicked while the arrow was outside your rather smallish comment box.

On a dull Saturday afternoon, I'm typing it again to keep my humour going - it was an attempt to jolt the funny bone in an atmosphere of tenseness these days anyway.

I have just realised you wrote a description of your blog -
"Where the law meets common sense".
I like it.

And there's such a thing as common law, isn't there. As long as it's not Son-In-Law! Those words have become quite dirty of late, haven't they?

And also common-law wife. Did they say just serve tea and she becomes a wife? How some people wish that they could avail themselves of such a custom - including perhaps the just-resigned PAS Kelantan Government officer assistant to the PAS Exco member. The poor fellow has huge problems of his marriage certificate to a second "wife" not being valid.

But at least the fellow has some semblance of decency left in him - willingness to resign. Many others wouldn't.

Then again, he'd probably know the syari'ah Court wouldn't be kind to him - educated, holding a Government post yet technically "berkhalwat". Just more than one day's jail would automatically deprive him of his job, I think. The "father-in-law" is bent on having the "marriage" declared null and void.

Seriously, I agree with the opinion that people should not speculate on the perpetrators of the Church crimes. The police has also advised the rakyat not to do so. I'm going to keep mum on this subject until after the Police has announced the results of their investigations.

Have a good week-end, amigo.


antusiri said...

It looks like Marina Mahathir already assumed something in her blog. I'm not going to link her blog here, simply because I dont like it, not worth my time.

Soon the "torching" occured, she seems in a hurry to say something in her blog but could not do so. Tak sabar-sabar to show her "colors".

She then soon made a posting "moving people" to sign petition. I like Fatimah's comment at Marina's blog.

I also commented something like this:-

"When they threw pig heads into surau/mosques last time, MM was not so quick to move people, or did she ever start a petition?"

The "colors" of Marina Mahathir are really showing.

Anonymous said...

She is lost in her own world of make-believe. She thinks she is liberal when she is not. She is unschooled in many things, even on her own Malay (if she considers herself one, that is) roots and culture.

She must have been brought up as a Malay. Somehow she has lost her bearing. She no longer thinks like the average Malay, protective of and promoting the interests of the Malays. She wants to be a Malaysian not realising that she should first try to get those who don't respect and live by the Constitution, inluding Article 152 and 153, be fully Malaysian first.

She wants to be a Gus Dur of Malaysia. One writer claims so many Indonesian pendatangs visit Gus Dur's grave for his acts like declaring Chinese New Year in Indonesia a holiday. She is admired by non-Malays here for similar reasons. The Malays being left far behind economically and educationally - she'd probably say, leave them to their own devices, just tell them to be "confident".

Anonymous said...

This is what Apocryphalist, "the blogger without a blog" wrote about the "confident woman" in Kembara Politik blog:

"some outdated arguments by DPMM herself, and I am sure her cohorts like Anas etc parrot the same principles too:-

'1. A confident Muslim is unfazed by the issue of God's name. God speaks to all of humankind in the Quran and never said that only Muslims could call him by the name Allah.
2. A confident Muslim has 99 names to choose from to describe that One God. My favourites are Ar-Rahman (The All-Compassionate) and Ar-Rahim (The All-Merciful).
3. A confident Muslim never gets confused over which is his/her religion and which is other people's. For instance, a confident Muslim knows exactly what the first chapter of the Quran is. And it's not the Lord's Prayer.
4. A confident Muslim will not walk into a church, hear a liturgy in Malay or Arabic where they use the word 'Allah' and then think that he or she is in a mosque. A confident Muslim knows the difference.
5. A confident Muslim is generous, inclusive and doesn't think that his or her brethren is made exclusive through the use of a single language. The confident Muslim is well aware that in the Middle East, all services of ANY religion are in Arabic because that's what they all speak.
6. A confident Muslim knows the basis of his/her faith are the five pillars of Islam and will not be shaken just because other people call God by the same name.
7. A Muslim believes in only One God. Therefore it makes sense that other people should call God by the same name because there is no other God.'

I know, I know. We have all seen these kinds of arguments before. We would normally snicker at the immaturity of such ideas. Notice that nowhere here is a solution given of how a “confident muslim” should handle the case of a Catholic conniving an unsuspecting Mat Rempit or Kamping Bohsia into believing that the Allah that we now share since 31st December 2009 actually has a Son and that YOUR salvation, Mat and Minah, depends on your acceptance of this Son who died on the cross for all of us, Hallelujah Goddammit.

In actuality, what DPMM has done is this. She has imaginary reduced herself (and entices her readers to do the same too) to the level of the Rempits and Bohsias and try to convey to us that if such a situation comes to HER, HER faith would be strong enough to dispel all these false dakyahs. Now how conceited can one get? To not be able to rise above one’s own coccoon and think for the general ummah? To equate that the station of faith of the ummah is actually where HER station currently resides? If HER faith is as strong as she claims it is, to which I reserve my opinion, what makes her think that all others in the nation, particular our unsuspecting younger ones, are modeled according to her station too?'"

I agree entirely with what Apocryphalist says above. I would add that it's such a waste of column space and public speaking invites for her to say things that reflect ignorance of the thinking and the attitude of the average Malay and Muslim out there. She must have been divorced from the mainstream Malay and Muslim thinking and values.


duluPas said...

DAH SEMESTINYA - UMNO yang serang gereja2 tu...kerana amno kan jahat.

DAH KONFIRM – Yang baling kapak besi ke kereta KICKDEFELLA tu orang UMNO. Sebab kapak besi tu rupa macam keris. Lambang keris ada kat bendera UMNO. Jadi sahlah tu ni keje orang UMNO. Orang Pas tak buat keje macam ni, habis kuat pun baring atas jalan dan ketuk cermin kereta Raja Muda Perak sampai retak saja. Tak pecah pun macam orang UMNO buat kat Kickdefella ni.

DAH SAH – Yang Dato Nizar kereta Camry terbalik baru2 ni pun kerja orang UMNO. Sebab berlaku dekat Bangunan UMNO. Bila orang UMNO nampak Nizar masih pakai Camry, orang2 UMNO semua sakit hati lalu suruh Nizar pecut keretanya laju2 hingga terbalik. Orang Pas tak buat kerja macam ni. Tak percaya? Tanyalah orang Pas.

Anonymous said...

"sapa kata aku gila? korang yang gila" - orang gila

Anonymous said...

Dah penat kerja ni, nak baca jenaka sikit pulak. Nak juga berjenaka sikit.

duluPas, kamu sekarang parti apa?
Bukan main hentam UMNO nampak nya sekarang. Aku takde parti ape pun.

Kamu cakap pulak main lepas saja. Kesian UMNO. Tapi kamu tak de bukti pun. Mana boleh begitu!

Macam mana pulak "Sebab kapak besi tu rupa macam keris. Lambang keris ada kat bendera UMNO. Jadi sahlah (mengapak kereta Kickdefella) tu keje orang UMNO.?" Tak masuk akal.

Baguslah kamu akui "Orang Pas ... baring atas jalan dan ketuk cermin kereta Raja Muda Perak .."

Pulak nya "kereta Camry terbalik baru2 ni pun kerja orang UMNO. Sebab berlaku dekat Bangunan UMNO.?"

Sedap pulak kelakar kamu kata "Bila orang UMNO nampak Nizar masih pakai Camry, orang2 UMNO semua sakit hati lalu suruh Nizar pecut keretanya laju2 hingga terbalik."

Jaga jaga, kawan. Takut kamu jadi macam Anonymous 3:55 AM - dia kata "sapa kata aku gila? korang yang gila" - orang gila". Kesian dia.

Ismail N said...

Elalaaa... please refer to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (6th Ed., pg 28) : allah - /'ælə/noun the name of God among Muslims. I fear the Social Contract is under attacked once more.

Dgn izin bro: