Friday, August 07, 2009

Malaysia Boleh! Yes, we can!

  • What issue? "There is no issue. Once we meet up by the end of the week, there will be no issue."
  • What 1Malaysia? 3Pakatan Rakyat is better!
  • Closed door squabbling is the way to go. Enough with the public outbursts. We can mend all of our clumsy ways based on our (only) common ground, the common hatred towards a common enemy.
  • Street Demonstrations are healthy. Voicing out our grievances via demos without permits are the best way to cultivate real democracy in the country. Problems will be solved.
  • Dissatisfaction is best made known through street demos. The busier the streets, the better it gets. Closed door stadiums won't do. Bustling Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman leading to Istana Negara on a Saturday afternoon in KL is equivalent to the paved ways of Hyde Park leading to designated Speakers Corner area near Marble Arch in London.
  • Good to see that Malays are uniting for street demos. Malay unity other than for the purpose of demos is to be considered as an act of racism.
  • Malaysians (or used to be Malaysians) fighting tooth and nail to obtain other citizenship are no less patriotic. They are just changing citizenship for greener pastures, that's all.
  • We promote the true Malaysia. We promote equality, tolerance and understanding. But if it is Islamic, it's terrorism. We love PAS by the way.
  • Law enforcement agencies are all "Malay institutions". Duh! Whatever that means..
  • Anything Malay is UMNO. You talked about Malay's aspiration and hope, you're championing UMNO's corrupt ways.
  • Let's grilled the witnesses called by the coroner as if you are defending someone in criminal trials, after all that's what inquest is for. The voters are watching. Now is the time to give them their money's worth.
  • It's a cluster house. It is not a double storey terrace house. We can prove this. We don't want to talk anymore! We won't barge even for an inch, we will stand our ground. We have been oppressed, help us!
  • We are one nation, one race. Stop the discrimination. Do not segregate. By the way, we object to Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua, it is bad for nation building.
  • We want total freedom of the press! Oh, oh! But not you Utusan Malaysia, you can't write that!
  • Freedom of expression is the basic fundamental right of any citizen. We will fight for your right to speak up, err but not you Ridhuan Tee.
  • 14 deaths, thousands infected, no problem!

Only in Malaysia where making a point is the same as missing it completely. CHAMPION!



salam bro
quite impressing me i guess..a good cynical but that's the true right?

eddy said...

Very witty bro, permission to borrow parts or whole of the post for friends of like mind.

I like this Gem of yours:

Good to see that Malays are uniting for street demos. Malay unity other than for the purpose of demos is to be considered as an act of racism.

eddy said...

Sorry bro, come to think of it all the above are GEMs.

ISAC said...

Salam tuan lawyer, sila ziarah blog:>

Anonymous said...

Great Piece of writing, very shrewd and witty

DAP should read this

and PAS too

dinturtle said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Tuan lupa satu - Beer bukan arak.
Lepas ni jual sandwic daging babi, bungkus baaaiikkk punya, letak sebelah dengan karipap ayam.

KENAPA TIDAK ADA REAKSI DARI PAS ?? Pak Malau takde komen?

Lawyer Kampung said...

Terimakasih untuk komen dan pandangan tuan/puan zharif, eddy,isac, anon & dinturtle ;)

pakteh adam said...

Cantik Tuan

Mohon kebenaran untuk digunakan di laman saya

Lawyer Kampung said...

silakan pakteh ;) terimakasih kerana kunjungi lawyer kampung

Anonymous said...


Although this post has been superceded by another, I must comment on this one.

I like it. Very well done, the sarcasm very much in place.

That Lebaikudin fellow tried something like this somewhere. But nothing like yours. Way behind in content and form.

Your sarcasm is something like Tun Dr Mahathirs's.

Well done, old chap.