Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Mr. Lim, like that oso can ah?"

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said as far as the state government was concerned, the matter ended when some of the villagers sought help from the Barisan Nasional.

“We have done our part and as far as we are concerned, the matter ends there.

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Why halting all assistance just because they went to see the Barisan people? After all aren't you the one at the very earliest possible opportunity, seeing that things were getting out of hand, immediately called for the federal government intervention? Isn't that Federal Government consists of Barisan people? So why the fuss if the villagers now decided to exhaust all other avenues available to them (e.g. going to the BN for assistance, by taking the advantage of the Penang N11 By-E fiesta and all), especially now when Federal Court yesterday turned down their desperate bid to salvage their kampung.

Since they have gone to see the Barisan, the matter ends there,” he told reporters at a Ramadan aid presentation to mosques at Politeknik Seberang Prai here on Thursday.

Why sounded so sour lor? Mr. Lim, you should have taken the cue from one of your assemblymen here, on how to still give a helping hand notwithstanding the obvious ideological differences between parties involved. See how beautiful it is, the solicitor-client relationship I mean. Why can't there be a State Government-Rakyat relationship as pristine as that in the case of Kpg Buah Pala folks and the Penang state government? Don't shut them off just because they are now tend to lean more towards the other side.

After all, aren't they still the rakyat of this State which you are now is da' big chief? Are they not the subjects of your rule? Shouldn't their interests and rights be protected at all times without qualifications and limitations? Hey, isn't that what the CAT government is all about? I'm pretty sure that many lines akin to "serving the rakyat come what may" were in your general election manifestos somewhere, en route to 8th March 08 victories. So why the cuci tangan thingy?

Now, what about those villagers that did not go to BN for help but still hanging on to the belief that DAP Penang state government is that government of the people, by the people and for the people, as what was promised before? Can abandon them just like that meh? Not a good example you know, especially to Matang Pasiaq folks going out to vote for a representative in your government come 25th August.

My hope is that the state government won't be making a habit out of this. Always on the lookout for exit routes whenever they face problems that involved folks not on the same frequency as theirs, politically. Many promises, zero result, that is how many perceived the current state government as. You don't believe me? Just go for a haircut anywhere from Gelugor to Bayan Baru and you will here all sort of grouses with regard to your government shortcomings especially when it involves promises made prior to the last GE. All empty promises they will say. I know because I just had my haircut yesterday and had my fair share of "mengumpat sebelum ramadan" with the barber and some of his clients on issues with regard to 2,3 of your assemblymen around here and the quality of "service" they're giving to the people, yesterday afternoon. But no worries, no need for alarm. That was only a session of gossiping between the little people of penang, just like folks at Kpg Buah Pala. Small matters. Feel free to make more promises. Just make sure that you are able fulfill them, that's all. Shortchanging the people is never a good trait in a government. If you are really interested in helping the penangites, don't back off just because they are flying or looking like they are going to fly other flags than the rocket.

"Olang melah ka, olang ijau ka, olang bilu ka, kita pun suma olang penang lor!"


wong said...

lim guan eng..dont waste time on this jack ass there are 1 .5 million people u have to take care..greed blind the is this guy...he is just another big body small brain...

Anonymous said...

ya hor

olang kici kah olang busat kah olang gumuk kah olang kulus kah

sumua olang penang mah said...

Please visit this site ( and you will find out that what you write here sound very stupid. I pity for you being stupid.

Anonymous said...


I'm often flabbergasted by the attitude and the mentality of DAP, from their leaders down to the rank and file.

They'll exploit each and every opportunity they can find to put down others yet run away from responsibility the moment things don't go their way or find certain problems insurmountable. "Lepas tangan" is certainly the right word.

Yet this is the kind of people voters in Penang chose at PRU 12. They have been duped by the promises, carried away by the shouting of insults, the arrogance shown towards their opponents at public rallies and elsewhere. Certainly, many among those were not supporters of DAP. They were runaway voters of BN, fed up with the auto-piloting and the mis- and non-deeds of the past government. Now we hope more and more of them would be disenchanted with DAP, even feel disgusted and vote them out at the next GE.

Let them carry on with the unpalatable acts and omissions. Perhaps no need to remind them what to do and not to do unless it's a matter of severe discomfort of the people's lives. Let them go on believing their invincibility and just hear the sad stories of the common folk, giving them whatever verbal comfort (in the right direction) one can these hari baik bulan baik. Until PRU13.

And while you may have your haircuts outside, perhaps you'd like to do your own shaving at home! With the PKR MP and Selangor Assemblyman's allegation of DAP links with the Underworld, I'm concerned about the safety of people like you who are loudly and periodically calling their bluffs. You also wrote some time back that there are five unsolved homicides involving lawyers in Penang, didn't you? Take care, amigo.


paloi bin mulau said...

hahahahaha bagus la lge ada juga mau tolong. dulu apa khir toyo buat bila setinggan melayu dirobohkan? apa kerajaan johor buat bila setinggan jb dirobohkan hahahaha

kesimpulannya melayu selalu berprinsip tak apa. sbb tu le melayu senang diperbodohkan.

Anonymous said...

if those greedy nincompoops think hindraf, mic & gerakan can do a better job to squeeze millions from the land owner...

wish those idiots all the best...

orang biasa said...

haha..!! anil kata stupid..!!!

Barack Obama said...

Clever, damn good!

Ha, ni obama kata pandai! Bangap ke ape brade ni. Anil bukan sign in macam tu dalam Sekejap lagi, Gordon Brown pula nak komen Loyar Kampong bijak! Tunggu ye.

Anonymous said...

stupid orang biasa. next time think before you write something

eddy said...

DAP Guan Eng CAT:

C...Complain, complain and complain

A...Assign Blame to Barisan Nasional

T...Totally Uncaring Chief Minister

Lawyer Kampung said...

eddy..aptly put bro ;)

wong & the likes.. jangan marah-marah. Not good for the soul. Not good at all.

PaloibinMulau, terimakasih kerana masih sudi memberikan komen saudara ;)

orangbiasa, stupid? who? I hope it's not you. I know I am not.

dot, appreciate your concern sir. Brilliant take on the issue. Tq :)

Barack Obama, wow! hahahaha.. tq