Sunday, August 09, 2009

Rule of Politics

Jeff Ooi: ‘I never insulted Islam and have withdrawn statement’

And I quote from an old but very popular BBC sitcom "Yes, Minister", "The first rule of politics: never believe anything until it's been officially denied." Hopefully that is not the case here in our Jeff versus JIM saga.

The Star Online, inter-alia, quoted Jeff Ooi as follows;

“The parties which publicly label me as anti-Islam stand the risk of being sued as I will protect my integrity,” he added.

Asked if he would apologise as demanded by JIM, Ooi merely repeated: “I withdraw my statement”.

Will he sue YB Zulkifli Nordin? Interesting, no? By the way YB Jeff, a retraction of the statement does not mean you are absolved from all possible blame in making such statement. You may not mean it but it does not take purpose and intention in a statement like that to offend the people, especially if you are a politician and a public figure. There is a secret in order to avoid situation like that in future, if I may say so, and it is call tact. But I know that you know that too YB, being a politician, the Chief of Staff of Penang state government and all.

To offer a bare denial together with (an oversimplify) statement retraction, not apologizing and further threatened to sue as if trying to sweep everything under the carpet in one desperate move, is not the level of finesse one would expect from a politician, a leader and public figure such as yourself in a delicate situation such as this. Forgive me YB for repeating, it is all about being tactful.


apanama said...

yessss please! no more drama la YB, we have enough of that from your CM & family.

Anonymous said...

make him pay so that others like him will LEARN to respect the majority

they are merely testing the waters

to see if they can take another step towards the creation of a republic

ayah said...

Too difficult for them to hide their chauvinism; no matter how they try to cloak their statements and sentiments, they will never ever be able to hide their chauvinism.

We must always make them know that we know how chauvinistic, anti-Malay and anti-Islam they are. Just read the DAPSY leader's blog that has been quickly and belatedly deleted. The sentiments will always be there, handed down from one generation to the other.

Yes, make each and every one of them pay.

pakteh adam said...

Pig is best described this ungrateful immigrant. Intentionally kicked our face and caused us bleed, and hey this bastard claim he never did it. Worst, threatened us. And this same species crying out loud ISA should be abolished. To me this bastard and his species alike, have all the evil value that warrant him to be kept away from our society.

Najib should have realize by now, 99% of them hate him/umno/malay. I dont think this is their another so called strategies for this coming PRU. It is pure hate to the roots.

This pig should be kept away, now.

dinturtle said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Minta laluan tuan untuk merakamkan disini rasa kagum dan hormat saya pada saudara Ridhuan Tee diatas penulisan beliau didalam Mingguan Malaysia.

Pasti beliau diserang habis2an oleh mereka yang racis dari kaumnya sendiri, dan ia memerlukan satu semangat yang kental untuk terus berjuang.

Selalunya kita bersuara bila tidak bersetuju dan senyap bila menyokong, tapi saya yakin beliau akan menghargai sokongan para bloggers yang sependapat dengannya.

mazlan said...

Jelas kaum ini sedang menghakis sedikit demi sedikit apa-apa juga kekuatan yang ada pada bangsa kita. Kekuatan politik telah berjaya dilemahkan menerusi PKR dan PAS, juga semangat bangsa. Ini semangat ugama pula juga Raja-Raja Melayu....ISLAM-MELAYU, MELAYU-RAJA MELAYU adalah kekuatan semangat yang begitu padu yang selama ini tidak mampu diganggu gugat oleh sesiapa pun. Tapi kini Bangsa yang tidak ada tempat lain untuk dipanggil tanah tumpah darah melainkan Bumi MALAYSIA ini telah dicaturkan sedemikian rupa hingga ketahap kita seagama bertelingkah, kita sebangsa tidak saling hormat menghormati. Kita telah membenarkan diri kita dipecah-pecahkan dan dikuasai oleh mereka-mereka yang diberi KERAKYATAN. Bergabunglah kita, berpadulah kita dalam satu ANGKATAN...kerana macam dikatakan dalam banyak iklan...KITA HANYA MEMINJAM BUMI INI DARI ANAK CUCU KITA, JANGANLAH HAK MEREKA KITA GADAIKAN KERANA DAHAGAKAN KUASA. Pernah saya mendengar kata-kata ini....WHEN YOU ARE IN POWER, BE POWERFUL...DON'T BE A BLOODY FOOL

Lawyer Kampung said...

apanama, yesss pleaseee! ;)

anon, ayah, dinturtle, pakteh adam & mazlan, terimakasih untuk komen, cadangan dan pandangan yang diberikan :)

Semerah Padi said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer Kampung,

This is Islam, a Religion named under the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, we are talking about here.

I do not recall hearing any insult, done so blatantly and openly in the past against Islam by a Malaysian.

Is Jeff Ooi a Malaysian? He sounds more like a "Pendatang" who should no longer set foot on Malaysian soil. If he is a Malaysian, than he should take another Oath to be a Malaysian and being put under citizenship probation.


Semerah Padi

Kama said...

Inilah padahnya bila kita Melayu-Muslims tak menghormati sesama sendiri. It gives people like Jeff Ooi, Ronnie Liu et al the amunition to hina bangsa dan agama kita. Where is TGNA in all these? Menguit pun tak. At the very least, YB Zulkifli's stand is consistent. and kudos to Ustaz Ridhuan Tee for saying his piece. He does not speak as a Chinese but as a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

But this kind of people don't care about tact, do they? Is it out of desperation, is it simply the way they do things, is it their culture? Look at the whole lot of them, from the party Sec Gen to the father. They even blame the MACC just as Police investigations were started on the Teoh case. And he is the Chief Minister of a state. My goodness, gracious, me!

What a raw deal the people of Penang get. I sympathise with you all there.

These people exploit every and any situation they can find. They do it so often and so blatantly that the gullible out there are influenced. But not many believe them. Especially in Selangor now. Even the PKR Assemblyman and MP accuse them of Underworld links. Secret societies, thugs and gangsters certainly have no tact and don't care about politeness.

Banging on MACC doors and the Klang Hospital mortuary doors is certainly gangster-like behaviuour. Terrible, that Ronnie fellow, the so-called Executive Councillor. This kind doesn't deserve to be addressed as YB.

And the investigation into their corrupt practices. Only 1+ year into office. Yet they shout so much about corruption. If the results show that they are indeed corrupt, the voters should throw them out at the next general elections.

Some of those who voted for them have stated their regret openly. Many more just keep silent and grudge in agony. The leaders are quite frantic about it now and run about trying to bring the parties together. But their differences are so fundamental on many issues. Liquor sales, pig rearing, hudud laws and all.

They won't last. Especially when the self-appointed PR leader has been out to use them for his purpose. Karpal Singh said he never agreed and still does not agree to the sodomy-second-time-accused man to be PR leader. All is not well in the Pakatan. Perhaps their doom is near.


Lawyer Kampung said...

Semerah Padi, I am with you sir, "Negara ini ada daulatnya".

Kama, true what you have said. We are the one supplying the ammo,sad isn't it?

Dot, couldn't put it in a much better perspective myself. Thanks for the comment.