Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Putrajaya bid not over, says BenRazak

BN-pool boss BenRazak insists his side's Premier Putrajaya League title challenge is still alive despite their 7-1 defeat by PR-Villa at Permatang Pasir.

The Dacings have lost seven out of their first eight league games and BenRazak said: "We now know that we have to go to the people and win.

"Everything could change if we do that, our confidence will improve.

"This squad is virtually the same as last season so I believe it is good enough to mount a title challenge."

BN-foo.. oops, my bad ..pool were beaten by on the opening weekend of the season but they appeared to have put that defeat behind them when they recovered to nearly overpower PR-Villa at Manek Urai.

PR-Villa had other ideas and an own-goal by Lucas-Haizat and a Curties-Man header in first-half injury-time put Brahim Ole'Nuar's side in charge at the break.

BNMedia Torres pulled one goal back after some heavy Dacings pressure in the second half but BN-pool conceded a rash penalty soon afterwards to allow Hassan Ashley to make sure of the visitors' victory from the spot.

BenNajib added: "We were not playing well, and we were up against a team who are excellent on the counter-attack.

"Their goalkeeper Mahfuz Friedel made some great saves, but when that happens we just have to make more chances.

"We will have to sit down and analyse every player now, and make sure we do the right things in our next match. But our senior players must take more responsibility."

BenRazak feels individual errors were behind his side's defeat and felt they came at "crucial times" (though some of his players and trainers might not agree, they are blaming a segment of the fans and the wind respectively instead).

"In the first 20 minutes we created plenty of chances and played well," he explained. "Then we conceded the own goal and started to make more mistakes.

"We have lost and we know we have to improve. I felt we had a chance when BNMedia Torres scored, but the penalty finished it. It was a clear penalty."

In contrast, Ole'Nuar was proud of his players after seeing them pick up their seventh points of the season.

"That was a terrific effort from my team," Ole'Nuar said. "At 6-1 we were in reasonable command of the game, although you are never in command facing the might of BN-pool.

"But when they scored we got a penalty straight away, a clean penalty on the rashness of Haizat, and we were back with our two-goal lead.

"That gave us confidence, discipline and shape to our team and we deserved to win."

The players felt Ole'Nuar was key to his side's victory, with him making several superb tactical moves to deny the side he played for from 1982 to 1998.

They added: "Ole'Nuar was outstanding. He rolled back the years. He was fantastic against his old club.

"He will be delighted with himself, and rightly so, and we are delighted with him.

"It was a fantastic performance from the whole side and we fully deserved the victory."

from BBC Sport

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Title bid not over, says Benitez

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez insists his side's Premier League title challenge is still alive despite their 3-1 defeat by Aston Villa at Anfield.

The Reds have lost two out of their first three league games and Benitez said: "We now know that we have to go to Bolton on Saturday and win.

"Everything could change if we do that, our confidence will improve

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sakmongkol AK47 said...

fantastic story tuan lawyer. i hope our leaders wont miss this sarcasm laced dressing down.

Anonymous said...

It is looking as if BNpool at the losing side.. but do remember, most of the loses are at away ground.. except for one home ground game..hahah

anyway, just hope that there's no more PRK for the next fwe months until GE13.. cukup-cukuplah...

shaful said...

Dear tuan lawyer, initially i thought i was reading a page from tuan husin lempoyang saudagar unta's blog. Didn't know you're also interested in unta trading... hahaha.
Btw, good piece...

arem8 said...

i dont follow football (really, i dont), so i had to read like twice over to understand.
lain kali cakap direct sajalah tuan lawyer..... :-)
apapun, belum terlambat untuk umno atau bn.

Lawyer Kampung said...

TokSak, thanks for dropping in ;) Dressing down? hardly... I think they already had an earful at sakAK47 on the same matter haha is just a friendly reminder to all concern, that is all.

Ondastreet, bro again you got a point there ;) Tq sir.

shaful, no this is not unta trading..yet :) thanks for the comment bro

arem8, sorry to hear about your predicament sir :) ..will try my utmost the next time. Tq for commenting.

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