Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Blues of Mr. Sugu...something..

  • ”I admit I was carried away by emotions when I stood before the delegates. It was a big hall and there were so many people…I had to say something important,” Sugumaran said by telephone
  • “I was deeply hurt when Tun said Datuk Seri (Samy Vellu) had done nothing for the Indian community,” Sugumaran said. “It is Tun who had done nothing for us. Datuk Seri has done so much for us.”
  • I have this problem with my mouth…sometimes I get carried away and over speak,” he said.

read Man behind slippers row says he gets carried away

Oh! Oh! It's the mouth.... ah, suddenly kalaripayat comes to mind.

And errr Mr.Sugu-something, Malaysia is not India, and India is never Malaysia. By the way, I hope you'll get better from whatever that ills you.

We all want to be big stars,
but we don't know why and we don't know how

I want to be a lion

Everybody wants to pass as cats

We all want to be big big stars,
but we got different reasons for that..

Mr. Jones and me, we're gonna be big stars..


satD said...

i love August n Everything after..brings me back to summer of 94...

Slip (par) of the tongue kut India ni

Lawyer Kampung said...

94', that was a good year! August & Everything after, that's one awesome shiite bro ;-) forked tongue somehow got twisted into a dead knot...