Friday, May 29, 2009

Zaid, oh Zaid!

...Oh no! The all-savvy man, Zaid Ibrahim has fallen into the trap... then again on 2nd thought are you part of the trap, the bait, brother Zaid? You asked whether the same reaction will be made if Chin Peng is Malay? My, oh my.. what can I say.. sooner or later you'll show your true colours..

Let me start with this, may I ask who started the controversy? Who drew first blood? Who has been tirelessly fanning the fire just like what a sate man would do to his sates? Certain quarters are really going for broke on this one, concertedly spinning to make it a racial issue. Hoping those from the other side would jump, the way they want it to be. But when the other party confronted them with valid arguments, without having to lace the answers with racial overtones, the people who started the spin sudah jammed. Then they'll begin to ask exactly like what you are asking below;

“I wonder if Chin Peng were a Malay, would our stand and emotions be the same?”

Zaid noted that Utusan Malaysia was campaigning aggressively against Chin Peng, and while he agreed that the former communist leader was “cruel,” he pointed out the “cruel” communists included former fighters such as Rashid Maidin and Shamsiah Fakeh who were allowed to return home to Malaysia.

Read Zaid attacks racial overtones in anti-Chin Peng campaign

The answer to that distasteful rhetoric Mr. Ex-De Facto Law Minister is (if you really wanted to know that is, which I don't think you do), while others such Rashid & Shamsiah have had openly renounced their communist stands and idealism, Chin Peng has not. He has not even apologized to Malaysians concerning the many years of cruelty and terror CPM have caused. The Brits have been long gone, but he continued with his barbaric guerrilla warfare, targeting innocent victims and patriots of the country, circa 1957-1989 AD. The cruel acts during those years warranted at the very least an official unqualified apology from him, if not to stand trial for crimes against humanity. Did he apologize to you?

Then again, let us not get bogged down by an issue such as Chin Peng, CPM. It's a done deal when Federal Court handed down their decision for his application to return to Malaysia. What we should beware instead are the dirty tactics of certain parties, creating unnecessary tension with controversies such as the one here with regard to CP's return. CP is just the pawn. Don't be an idiot and start to question using racial-laced arguments just to spice things, like what our ex- de facto law minister did here. Every time you are confronted with this sort of thing, ask yourself, "who started the fire?, "who will benefit the most out of the mischief & unnecessary tension created". Then my friend, you'll see that it is never racial, it is never an issue at all. You'll also realize that it is just a political ploy, one after another, from parties that need some elements of chaos and controversy to constantly present itself within the system, so that they will remain relevant.

They need to continuously stoke our sentiments with issues, stir up controversies such as the one in Perak, on education and the current CP saga, ensuring the same to prolong itself, en route their journey to Putra Jaya. If you understand that, you'll be fine. Let us not fall for that, shall we?


Cikgu Kampung-Bred said...

Well said Tuan Lawyer. What else can you expect from the tak sedar diri UITM-graduate but NEP-bashing lupa daratan Malay?

Anonymous said...

Macam mana nak percaya saorang islam yang kegemarannya minum arak dan judi lumba kuda?

eddy said...

Spot on Bro, I think Zaid wants to seriously come back into big time politics and he is looking at options that will give him maximum benefit.

PAS is out as they definitely do not welcome some one who drinks liquor like water. So likelihood its PKR or DAP but PKR has Anwar Ibrahim who does not like competition and DAP is so Chinese dominated. So while he is thinking hard on his rapidly sinking political options, he continues to make statements that are designed to make him popular with the opposition but he is so much into himself that I think Zaid has lost his ability to differentiate between a responsible political statement and one which would only cause chaos to this country.

kluangman said...

Apa yang Zaid cakap cukup menarik kalau kita tanya balik saolan yang sama kepada dia, apakah kalau chin peng itu melayu maka ketua gerakan pulau pinang akan menyarankan perkara yang sama kepada kerajaan.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Terimakasih Cikgu Kampung-Bred, anon, Eddy & kluangman for all those thought provoking comments. ;)

Sebagai tambahan kepada apa yang saya lontarkan di atas: Malaysia lbih2 lagi Pakatn Rakyat perlukan lebih ramai pemimpin yang bercakap menggunakan akal dan bukannya kepala lutut di dalam isu2 sebegini.Pendirian tegas MB Kedah mengenai isu CP ini amat di hargai. Seorang lagi yang boleh mengembalikan check & balance kepada pakatan yang semakin nyenyak dibuai mimpi memegang tampuk kuasa adalah YB Zulkifli Nordin. Baca pendiriannya di sini

Anonymous said...

Hello fren, kalu Chin Peng melayu tentu gerakan takyah buka mulut pun sebab Chin Peng tentu dah balik kampung dah.

IamNOidioT said...

Anon 11.48am that Gerakan fella is one of those idiot la! Don't u get it? HAIYAAA!!!

Anonymous said...

Rasanya Zaid tak sedar diri kot masa kata rakyat Malaysia kena maafkan dosa Chin Peng. Bunyi macam Zaid ini orang baik sahaja. Mudah sangat dia suruh orang maafkan Chin Peng. Tapi macam mana permusuhannya dengan Datuk Fathmi. Sampai sekarang dia marah hinggakan keluar UMNO. Gaduh politik pun dia tak boleh maafkan inikan pula nak suruh orang maafkan dosa Chin Peng. Porahhh.Ini cakap taik judi