Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Appeal to the Sultan? Now, hear my appeal to the Perak's Pakatan Rakyat..

Unker Kit's appeal here.

Now hear my plea pulak; Enough with the politicking. Stop contradicting yourself here & there. Get back to work. Endless bickering is not working! Endless squabbling does not make you a good opposition. Become the better opposition in Perak for the current term than the opposition previously. Start accepting the fact that you are now the opposition in the state & start working, as what you are now, together with the government of the day for the betterment of the Perak state & her people.

There are reasons why there exist an opposition in the westminster system. Politicking 24/7, 365 days a year is definitely NOT one of them...

P/s Then again if you love politicking so much why not start wooing back the 3 froggies lah..who knows you could still become the government come next year.. haha


ZHARIF said...

yeah i agree..Malaysians nowadays are more politiking.ironically there are a lot of works need to be settle down.Economy,swine flu,eduaction,welfare etc.
Get back to work people!

Hamirdin b Ithnin said...

Dismayed by this line of thinking. I thought people of this stature ought to be loftier in mental capacity.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Zharif, Tq for dropping by bro..

Prof Hamirdin, sorry to disappoint you sir with this post :-) I guess my line of thinking is still not "up" there, at that level yet..haha.. Will try harder to elevate myself to that standard in the next post ;-)Insha Allah.

Zainal Abidin said...

PR Perak intense politicking?
Tell that 2 the should be "opposition" party in Perak which is now the illegal government led by a mamak

The UMNO/BN bastards r livin in a state of denial ever since March 8 n they can't accept the fact that there r the opposition in 5 states includin Perak

Thus, they kept sabotaging n interfering Pakatan state government's business in runnin the state

BN/UMNO should play the role of constructive opposition n wait till the next GE instead of hidin behind the monarchy n engineered an unlawful n unconstitutional takeover w/o referrin 2 the people

Snap polls in Perak NOW!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To PR leaders ans its supporters. Sila teruskan kerja gila Tuan / Puan. May 13 tidak lama lagi. Adakah kita akan menyambut ulang tahun nye dengan semangat yang lebih dahsyat daripada dulu.

Think about it. Dengan kedegilan dan kepandaian PR dan pennyokong nya, kami telah amat bersedia untuk menyaksikannya!!

luah fikiran said...

Totally agree! So much politicking and non-stop since last general election. Since the matters already in the mahkamah, leave it to the mahkamah. At the same time start working for the next election. Remember, the silent majority prefers peace and harmony.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with Zainal Abidin Kip. If UMNO/BN had concentrated on being a good opposition instead of buying/wooing ADUNs, this whole mess would not have happened. Pot calling kettles black bro...

Tapi yea lah, politics here in Malaysia belum matured. Like it or not kena go thru the rituals jugak. A bit sad considering we are orang kuale jugak but then somehow Man United seems to be able to cheer me up a bit.

Cheers mate! 4 pts to 18!

-Glory glory Man United-