Friday, July 03, 2009

Irritating & Lame

What are the things that irritate bosses the most? One thing I can bet that will be one of the popular answers for most of you in that position is having to deal with staffs that keep on blaming the predecessor to his or her post every time he or she can't delivers. They will keep on harping that they can't help it, it is not their fault that they can't do their jobs right. It will always be the person previously holding the post's fault. No ingenious solutions offered just complaints in return. That bring us to another set of staffs that most likely to irritate most bosses are the ones that kept asking for others to assists them in discharging their jobs. After complaining, the cry for help. They will whine and moan, begging for assistance. The best part is that when they first came for interviews there won't be anything under the sky that they can't do. They can solve anything; they are perfect for the job. No other person is needed or suitable for the job. They are the chosen one.

People, you are also bosses, more than bosses, you lord over those politicians you elected to office. As the big kahunas, what would you do to these politicians who have been given the chance to start serving you (because they say they will serve you better than the last batch of employees that you dismissed on 8th March 2008), but during the course of employment kept on coming back to you with the same old excuses and lame reasons whenever they can't discharge their duties or make good of their promises?
  • Lim claimed that Koh, now a federal minister, was responsible for the controversy as it was during the Barisan Nasional (BN) government’s rule of Penang that the decision was made to alienate the land concerned to a private developer.
  • “I think the only solution is for Koh Tsu Koon as the former chief minister, who is responsible for this problem in Kampung Buah Pala, to take it up with the federal government and ask the federal government for an allocation or a grant to the Penang state for an amount necessary to have a win-win solution,” he said.
Read Federal intervention is only way out in Kampung Buah Pala, says Kit Siang

If you feel they are not up to it, when the time comes, in the famous words of Donald Trump's The Apprentice, say it to their faces-the ballot box way- "You are fired!"? After all you have done just that, to those that failed you. And you can continue doing that over and over again until you get the best out of them. Until they get it, that you hire because you want them to do the jobs that the previous one can't.

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kluangman said...

DAP dan Gerakan sedang lelong Hindraf.

Mungkin PKR sanggup membelinya walaupun dengan harga murah.


salam mr lawyer
It is just a escapisme for DAP to show that they can't do anything to clear all the 'messy work' made by BN. After all they will do nothing to serve the people.
I'm curious to see another drama made by PR.

rem said...

this one can qualify as Drama Minggu Ini. then again, let's not insult those great homemade malay made-for-tv movies i often watch!

Lawyer Kampung said...

kluangman, zharif & reme, terimakasih untuk pandangan bernas tuan-tuan :)