Friday, December 26, 2008

2 sets of laws for corruption?

Apparently, there are two sets of laws in this country for corruption and bribery. There is the law of the land and there is the law of the UMNO land.

One law, which is accidentally the law of the land, the Anti-Corruption law is not applicable in UMNO land due to 'ambiguous wordings' in their Code of Ethics. That's what they said lah. My God! Who taught those lawyers who sat in UMNO Disciplinary Committee their laws? Don't tell me Part III of the Anti-Corruption Act 1997 has its limitation and therefore not applicable in UMNO land.

Read There is flaw in Umno ethics code, says Rithauddeen

Ini macam pun ada ka?

UMNO, macam-macam ada!

P/s: if any of the distinguished members who sat in the committee needs a refresher course in Societies & Association Laws & (how to read it with) the Penal Laws, please do contact me. Lawyer Kampung will conduct it for free...hahaha


ipv6 said...

it the orders of the days

Lawyer Kampung said...

ipv6, sad ain't it? As if a blank cheque to continue the unhealthy practices has just been given to those already indulged in such practices. And they say they are on their way to reform.

Anonymous said...

why bother with all more rules.
start sticking to the one's we have.
the AG can't even seem to prosecute an open and shut international murder case....
too many laws just tax the eager, idealistic law students who will discover in practice that they were better off cultivating "friendship" with the court clerks, etc instead of pondering on the finer points of law....

Faizal Zakaria's Blog said...

Salam Maal Hijrah :-)

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