Saturday, December 13, 2008

Play nice!

The PM is asking his BN counterparts to play nice.

”Consensus is the best approach in solving problems,” he said, adding that the coalition’s strength lay in the consensus of its members.

He also said Barisan practised democracy, power sharing and tolerance, emphasised what was common among all its members and avoided differences which could cause problems.

”This has been our choice before and this must continue to be our choice today,” he added.

Read PM: BN parties must be careful about how they raise sensitive issues

Will they listen to him now? For a leader who is deeply in love with the word "reform", he sure has been quite distrait about the dire need to reform within the coalition that he himself is leading currently. He has been preoccupied lately with reforming other branch of government that he forgotten to reform the very body that he is leading. The coalition where its members also make up the executive branch of the government. The way things are currently, the executive should be the one reforming, from top to bottom, left to right!

Where has the mantra "consultation, consensus & compromise" gone to, eh? BN, lead by example-lah! Show some maturity. Stop making fuss internally over matters that have been codified and provided for under the law.

Show the people that there are still some level of compromise, consensus & consultation within the coalition. Unless of course, you guys are no more interested in leading the nation come PRU-13, by all means, do proceed with all that public squabbles.

BN, you people still remember how is it to play nice among yourself, don't you?

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Nasionalis said...

We shd stop using tolerance as basis for cooperation but acceptance. Once acceptance, it is no more to be question.

Tolerance is a buildup to future crisis and disagreement becasue disputes are only kept under teh carpet and sore issues remain unsolved.

Its not tolerance but accptance.