Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do you really want this as your legacy, paklah?

In rushing to stamp his mark, paklah has yet again managed to shoot himself in the foot. Many have questioned about the unnecessary haste in tabling the Judicial Appointment Commission (JAC) bill just for the sake of accommodating the outgoing Prime Minister's desperate attempt to make good his name in the history books. Now the former CJ, Tun Abdul Hamid has made quite a strong argument why the JAC will never meet its raison d'etre in the first place.

How could the Judiciary where the appointment of its highest ranking members will still be under the control of the Executive be seen in future as a reformed judiciary?

"It also means when it comes to appointing the CJ, the meeting will only be attended by a federal court judge and four nonjudges who are appointed by the Prime Minister.

"Is this the real purpose of the Bill? I am just bringing it up so that the MPs can ponder about it," he stressed.

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Are we on the right path of judicial reform, paklah? Are you really sure you want this to be your "legacy"?

Is the JAC bill, in all its current "splendour", the right path towards the "salvation of our judiciary", the righteous path towards judicial independence? You tell me.

Updated 8.38pm

Paklah denies that he is having any kind of an ego trip to stamp his mark in history, by rushing the tabling of "his" reform bills and merely "acting collectively" with his fellow pembesar(s) as the government of the day by providing for what the rakyat demand. He has this to say;

Abdullah denied a suggestion that he wanted to create a lasting legacy to the country’s judiciary and legal systems.

I have never associated myself with the creation of a legacy. You’ve heard what the people had said, so we decided to do something about it,” he added. Read more here.

Permit me to say this Mr. Prime Minister, whatever mess you and your administration left behind during your tenure in office IS your legacy to us. Thank you for all that sir!

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kluangman said...

Paklah harus tahu bahawa jika dia masih dianggap 'boleh dan pandai mentadbir negara' maka dia tidak menerima nasib seperti sekarang, digesa berundur oleh ahli partinya sendiri.

Jika Paklah berniat meninggalkan legacy yang baik, maka monsoon cup dan hadhari itu adalah contoh 'nasib' yang diterimanya, memadailah 'berundur secara terpaksa' itu untuk dikenang sebagai yang 'terbaik' yang pernah Paklah lakukan walaupun terlewat.

Kita bimbang, jika Mahathir cuba dimalukan ketika sudah tidak punya jawatan dan kuasa, Paklah menempah lebih awal, tidak diperdulikan walaupun masih memagang sisa jawatannya.

Cukuplah sebagai model dan boneka pembangkang.

cukup..cukuplah..please !!!!!

Anonymous said...

he knows not what he is doing nor does he realise what damage he has done to the country.
impotence idiot.

satD said...


Totally agree with u ....

do drop by your legal view is appreaciated...

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Pity him laa. He'd thought his legacy would be his son-in-law, but that boy is now gasping for air.

He wanted his clean image as his legacy, but the image has severely been smeared by many events, Mitchell Yeoh is one of them.

He wrote a poem during his early years as Prime Minister. Why can't he write a song as his legacy. It the song hits the chart, everybody will remember, no doubt.


Zubli Zainordin said...

If pistol air, okay Lah.

Else, si Tempah akan bersara awal, Mac 2009 ini.