Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mengata Dulang, Paku Serpih!

Oh now you want to make good of the Sedition Act, do you? You went on to say that if Mukhriz wants to publicly pursue his idea of a single school system he must get the constitution repealed prior doing so. If not he is in contempt of the laws of the land, namely the constitution & the sedition act.

My, my, my! Who was it that has been saying the sedition law is archaic? And that the same should have been repealed long time ago. Please take a good look in the mirror & pray tell, all the while who is the one being very vocal in criticizing particular portion of the Federal Constitution namely Article 153? Who was that? Did your goodself & the gang got the constitution repealed before going on a shooting spree these couple of months attacking the above provision of the constitution?

Unker Kit went on further in his blog, and said that he did not want to deal with the merit & demerit of the idea. Obviously he is more interested in lambasting the messenger. Hey, what do you expect, huh? Once an opposition always an opposition. You just can't change that mentality.

What is so seditious about calling for greater unity? What is so seditious about having Bahasa Malaysia as the only medium for schools? Go & have a good read of Article 152 of the Federal Constitution.

Article 152(1)(a) and (b) reads;

The national language shall be the Malay language and shall be in such script as Parliament may by law provide:

Provided that *(the proviso)

(a) no person shall be prohibited or prevented from using (otherwise than for official purposes), or from teaching or learning, any other language; and

(b) nothing in this Clause shall prejudice the right of the Federal Government or of any State Government to preserve and sustain the use and study of the language of any other community in the Federation.”

*emphasis is mine

The following is what was further suggested by Mukhriz:

“We can make it compulsory that the Chinese and Indians study their own language in their mother tongue while these two languages can be optional for Malay students to learn or we can make it compulsory for students to learn at least three languages.”

Isn't that in accordance with the proviso of Article 152? What is so seditious about an idea that is accordance with the supreme law of the nation? Where's the wrong in that? Any rights being deprived by that suggestion? By the way Unker Kit, you have made MCA, MIC & UMNO & the idea of BN to be relevant again with your recycle rhetoric. One additional ammo for the coming by-election in KT for them. I'm sorry to say, you have been falling for the same trap over & over again!


belut said...

bravo, bravo lawyer kampung! ini bukan mengata dulang paku serpih dah. ini sudah ludah ke langit, timpa kat muka sendiri.

mainkan isu perkauman lagi, akhirnya unker kit terjerat diri sendiri.

d'Frog Prince said...

hello, i was a product of sekolah kebangsaan even though i am chinese. one thing i noticed though, speaking fluent malays doesn't guarantee unity. i don't love the malays anymore than i do the chinese. i love them for being human, that's all. i don't love a bad chinese just as much as i don't hate a good malays. if a chinese who don't speak fluent malays but is kind to you, you are going to hold it against them? grow up will you?

don't later we all regret that "yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran" - you don't get the so-called unity and you lost the only economic advantage our people have over other countries - multilingualism!!!


d'frog prince

kopio said...

betol2.. technically, there's nothing wrong with what muhriz said/ suggested.
Biarkan anjing melengking menyalak bukit.. xkan runtuh punya!

azreen said...

hoi katak bawah baldi

Unity and harmony doesn’t be real easily and that’s the fact..
Another fact is Chinese always ask for equality but do they act fair? meniaga tak sah kalau x menipu..

apek! bukak mata kau yang sepet tu.. dekat indonesia masalahnya jurang ekonomi dan kekayaan yang dikuasai oleh org-org cina yg tamak haloba..dan mereka ni memang x patriot dan sering menindas golongan miskin..

Malaysia dah 50 tahun merdeka pn masih ramai pendatang cina ini yang x fasih berbahasa Malaysia..tapi sibuk melaungkan kesamarataan dan kononya Malaysia utk Malaysia..

Tam Dalyell said...

Hello d'Frog Prince, what about this Chinese close friend of mine, who speaks fluent Malay, makes tons of money in Penang, but left his heart in mainland China?

Buka mata besar-besar. Cina Indonesia tak boleh pakai nama Cina, tak boleh sambut tahun baru, tak boleh duduk di Dewan Negara mereka.

Nak jadi Cina Indonesia?

bRAVE hEART said...

Sokong Azreen,

Kalau di Indonesia dikatakan satu bahasa tetapi masih belum bersatu jadi bagaimana di Malaysia yang tegar dengan mengunakan bahasa pendatang dapat bersatu? Sekurang-kurang di indonesia mereka bersatu dalam mengunakan bahasa indonesia sebagai bahasa kebangsaannya - sudah mendekat kearah perpaduan itu.

baca juga:

Kenapa tidak bahasa Malaysia digunakan sepenuhnya. Siapa sebenarnya racist ? Kita dah dapat lihat apabila isu ini dibangkitkan. Kaum mereka meminta banyak dan kedekut untuk memberi.

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Unker kit is an antic. He'll fire blindly at anyone who questions the ambigious Bangsa Malaysia. How could we have Malaysia as ONE nation when they demand to be segregated since early childhood. A classic of DAP, be LGE, Teresa, or Karpal.

But guess what, setiakawans are also singing the same tune with Kit Siang, visit

Typical fo KJ apple polishers.


Anonymous said...

couldnt agree more.these lks and the gang is the destructive kind of opposition (incl. dsai). non malays esp. chinese only take and take and take.bagi lutut nak paha.and now want the whole azreen said, "berniaga kalau tak menipu tak sah" my personal and many others' experiences support that claim. even in the pure land of Japan, where there are chinese shop, plse be careful.
what mukhriz said should be considered, we dont support it coz we love umno but coz there is some truth in it.
those are really ungrateful lots. wonder will they ever realize how lucky they are to be in malaysia.

Icarius said...

Hi Lawyer Kumpung,

Amazing how some of the opposition (by name) were put into parliment in large numbers continue act as the opposition (in action).

And they choose waste time arguing petty technicalities and myopically oblivious to the real issue at hand. Especially the two older gentleman from DAP.

Sometimes, I think that they are there merely to broadcast what is wrong, no matter how petty and insignificant, when they should be promoting what is right.

Even high-school debaters know that it is not enough to prove your opponent wrong, you have to prove why your stand is right too.

I hope they learn soon.


Anonymous said...

Mukhriz is an idiot. What is he doing in Parliament? He adds no value. A waste of space.

zooky said...

Tu lah.
And did you read our beloved PM's retort to this issue? Jebat Must Die is having a nice rant on this.

At the height of the yoga fatwa debate, a regular commentator in Sakmongkol's blog, Apocryphalist, wrote how he felt his religion Islam has been orphaned. "No one would want to care of it when it needed one, defend it at its time of need, speak for it when it needed a voice." And looking around us now, those words could apply to us Melayu.
I am heartened to see the rise of blogs like yours, Demi Negara, JMD, Datuk Sak, Syamsul Yunos (Marahku) and a few more speaking up and, of necessity, in English. Kasi depa paham, noo.
And Umno the party? Tengah sibuk bercakaran sama sendiri, jockyeing for position. Tak insaf lagi. Bila nak sedar? Baca pasal depa, I despair.

Anonymous said...

Mandarin as medium of instructions in SJKC is their mother tongue? Ciss...

Bet majority of their grandmas and grandpas, MOTHER and pa in Malaysia and even some in China don't know a WORD of Mandarin.


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