Monday, November 17, 2008

Contractually redundant

Anwar Ibrahim reminded the people of the fact that the PR component parties have entered into an agreement between them to ensure that the Pakatan Rakyat governments will:-
  • uphold the principles in the Constitution;
  • protect the rights of bumiputras;
  • uphold the status of Islam as the official religion,
  • Bahasa Malaysia as the national language; and
  • uphold the status and rights of the Sultans.
He said this today in view of dismissing the rising fear among the people that PR governments in certain states are formulating policies and taking certain actions that will deny the bumiputeras of the above rights;

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said he, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had signed the agreement on Sept 8 as proof that all three parties would uphold Malay rights.

“We signed an agreement that cannot be changed by any party so there is no truth to claims that Pakatan Rakyat will take away the rights due to pressure from members within the coalition,”

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There you go people, apparently Anwar Ibrahim is still that defender of the Malay rights (as he was then back in the 80s and the 90s) and by virtue of the above agreement, so does our Lim Kit Siang! Hmmm....

By the way, why do you need an agreement to ensure the rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution are to be uphold? We all know that the constitution in itself is a contract between the government and its people. As such why must there be another contract such as the one between the PR component parties to enforce the constitution? Everyone is bound by that contract, no exceptions. Surely you don't need a contract to enforce that contract!


Anonymous said...

There you go people, apparently Anwar Ibrahim is still that defender of the Malay rights (as he was then back in the 80s and the 90s) and by virtue of the above agreement, so does our Lim Kit Siang! Hmmm....


Zahar said...

This is another lie, as usual. I don't think LKS would be dumb enough to sign anything that would be so "one-sided" to the Malays, anyway.

Can we believe anything this guy says? Look at Penang and the road signs. Haha

Anonymous said...


Bcos Pakatan wants to abolish the NEP, which is a policy and not a constitutional guarantee.
The NEP is much wider than the original protection.
Like 30 percent bumi equity is not in the provision for Malay's "special position".

Mat Cendana said...

The trust and goodwill level among the Malay PR supporters has definitely gone down. I'd say this is mostly due to the "lower level" of DAP harping on "equality" ala the comments at Malaysia Today and antagonising the Malays.

"By how much" the trust & goodwill level has gone down is a matter of opinion. But it's definitely gone south, else they wouldn't have needed to come up with this `contract'. Extraneous, as you have pointed out.

Anyway, the Umno multitude is too obsessed and too busy on matters concerning its general assembly to concentrate resources and try to drive a wedge between the Malays in PR and the non Malays over this issue.

kluangman said...

Tuan telah menulis dan meluahkan seperti apa yang kami mahu nyatakan.

Jika Perlembagaan Persekutuan sering dipertikai, apalah sangat seking dua kertas perjanjian bersetem.

Tang lebih penting apakah ketiga tiga 'manusia' ini punya kredibiliti untuk kita menaruh dan letakkan keyakinan, kepercayaan dan harapan.

idzan ismail said...

Dear Loyar

Anwar- defender of the Malay rights. Says who?
He won't be gettng a big victory via Chinese votes in Permatang Pauh if he is.
Pseudo-nationalist is more like it

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

New agreement signed - just to tell people they are still sleeping together. I'm expecting there'll be more agreements like this as PAKATAN grow shaky. And soon we're gonna have contractual abundancy.


Lawyer Kampung said...

Zahar, jed, mat cendana, kluangman, piggy singh dan idzan ismail, terimakasih untuk keomen tuan-puan sekelian ;-)