Wednesday, November 26, 2008

KJ aka Hang Nadim

Wow! surprise Do not fear, the new Malay saviour is here! Our very own Hang Nadim coming to Temasek, oops silap... Malaya's rescue.

  • Patutkah yang satu ini pun kita bunuh jadikan Hang Nadim? Akhirnya sudah tidak ada siapa lagi yang berani bangkit membela Melayu? Saat-saat seperti hari inilah bangsa Melayu memerlukan orang yang berani. Kalau dia buat silap kita tegur bukan bunuh seperti mereka cuba membunuh Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik.
  • Tuhan bersumpah atas nama buah tin dan buah zaiton diatas bukit Tursina, Nabi Musa gagal dibunuh oleh Firaun yang berjaya membunuh setiap anak lelaki dan turunnya kitab Taurat ‘The Ten Commandment’. Sampai bila nak berperangai macam Firaun, asal ada anak Melayu yang bijak kita pancung?

Read more at The Fabulous KJ blog, self-titled posting The Fabulous KJ . Again, wow!! applause

Somebody is working double shift nowadays, read Separating KJ from Khairy . By the way, interesting article & comments in Piggy Singh's The Darker Side here.

Updated 10.25pm


Jed Yoong said...

Berani-nya KJ ber-ECM-Libra.
Dia pun manyak berani promo diri.

Zubli Zainordin said...

Tak perlu kot, bagi seorang Hang yang membunuh kerja politiknya sendiri dengan penampilan yang diketahui sudah.

MANTRA said...

What more can they do except hounding every now and then... if we read these KJ's troopers blog... its just repeating over the same issue...

They just can't accept that KJ is already liability and no more wanted in UMNO in particular.

Even the opposition are not interested to write anymore about him... what more to say about him... till March will he vanish...

Writing about himself among his clans is the last effort for such man to stand till its history in March... LETS JUST PITY HIM!

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

The blog owner fabulous guy came to mine and left a comment, defending that KJ had nothing to do with 4th floor boys. This is what he said

"Now!! KJ tak bekerja lagi dengan Pak Lah. Dia sudah berhenti, dia tahu orang bising sangat. Dia tak kena mengena lagi. Jadi apa (kenapa) tuduhan-tuduhan itu dibuat."

I've got to 100% agree with Jed's comment left at JMD when she said

"These KJ troopers are really, really crass.
Not to mention low IQ….
But it’s fun to play mind games with them and see them slowly unravel."

Well Jed, since you're here, I hope you don't mind what I'm quoting.

Mat Cendana, if you're here, you may look for yourself that the service by witty lot is badly need.


Cicit Panglima Nayan said...

KJ tarik diri sajalah dari bertanding KP UMNO. Tunggu lagi 3 tahun, perbaiki imej, kerja kuat di peringkat akarumbi & kemudian bertanding semula dalam PAU 2012, nescaya menang!

Cicit Panglima Nayan said...

maaf tuan empunya blog, nak sambung sikit lagi.

Necaya menang sebab Melayu mudah lupa!

Mat Cendana said...

Piggy Singh: Hold on... I'm following all the links here and see. I've never read his cybertroopers...

BTW I'm at your blog too - should have RSS it in FeedDemon (slow connection lah) last week but had forgotten.

It's discouraging that MANTRA says he's on the way OUT. Well, looks like we should try get as much as possible in the next 4 months lah...

MANTRA said...

Mat Cendana

Kenapa? Tak percaya?

Mat Cendana said...

Piggy Singh: I had thought that you were exaggerating when you mentioned these cybertroopers' - you were actually UNDERSTATING things! Omigosh!

... I find this really amazing! Often, that "Shotgun Slade" was just firing blanks. And sometimes he hits his own foot too haha! It's like a comedy on film - as if he was ACTING. In fact, I became "kesian" towards him, and that "you were bully kechik":-)

Too bad I have my hands full right now. If not, I'll definitely offer my services - and CONFIDENTLY and BRASHLY too considering how much he'll gain... I don't know what he hopes to achieve - without sounding too arrogant, I'd say his "blogging resources" are "Grade C".

Hmmm, maybe we can still work something out... I'm willing to rearrange my working schedule to accommodate "a new client for 4 months" if the price is GREAT

Mat Cendana said...

Yes, it's a fair enough evaluation I'd say. And I've seen some of his personnel and aides last night/early morning (BTW it was bizarre - that `Shotgun' guy's exchanges with you and Piggy Singh!...I'd get the feeling that "this sounds like an 18-year-old". Khairy ni pakai kutip orang dengan gitu ajer ke???

BUT don't discount this factor - of him having enough grease... Who knows what is inside his war-chest...

And he should know too that if he fails - and with FIL no more with power plus UNLOVED in retirement - it will be a mountain to climb in the future. So it's NOW or never; and I think he's willing to splurge.

Musah said...

melayu mudah lupa,(ayat ni mudah aje, melayu mudah lupa, cuba duduk sorang2 menungkan ayat tersebut)

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Maaf tumpang lalu.

Mat Cendana, when they are not capable of attacking with wit and brains, they launch hundreds of pornograpic spam. And this is what I'm now recieving.


Mat Cendana said...

Oh, so that's what it is then - the one's from "Arni".
I had ticked the Gmail comments box at your site, so I'm receiving them too.

So you, Mantra and Pemuda IKS are in Mukhriz's group lah? Patut pun yang SETIAKAWAN dok bomb comments:-) But this is so juvenile lah...

Say, aren't there ways to block them? I'm sure there must be one.