Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat's Official Charter

The charter appears
to deal specifically with concerns on the ground by different ethnic groups fearful of being sidelined by a PR government.

Among the highlights are the safeguarding of Bumiputera rights under Article 153 of the constitution and also religious freedom under Article 11.

Other key areas touch on PR’s political thrust, such as the
commitment to transparency and the rule of law, and the Malaysian Economic Agenda that promises to ensure that the marginalised poor of all communities are protected instead of the Bumiputera-affirming New Economic Policy in practice now.

DAP publicity chief Tony Pua told The Malaysian Insider that the charter was finalised last week and it is now simply awaiting approval.

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After 8 months of marriage now only they are coming out with marital vows?


Tam Dalyell said...

Tumpang lalu abang LK.

PR ... tell me something new.

D S N said...

Tuan Lawyer,
Under Civil Marriage it is ok? Kahwin dulu nikah kemudian?
How could Pas agree to that bastardy act?
Did they produce any children? Shall we call them Bastard or legally "child born out of wedlock"?
Yeah....suka main bontot, they call "gay"
Added a few words of arabic in their speech...ustaz?
Pelik tapi benar!

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

So you're telling me so far they are being together without any wedlock?

What if when they are parting, there shall not be any legal claims. Who benefit the most in this game? Must be Anwar Ibrahim.


mekyam said...

wait.. wait...

weren't they married by haris ibrahim's court of civil society before GE12?

Lawyer Kampung said...

Tam Dalyell, DSN, Piggy Singh & Mekyam.. thanks for the comments. Nice one! hahaha

Anonymous said...

I think it is more a one night stand that got over extended.

Save harris the trouble of writing a pre-nup, will you mekyem?.

ketam said...

Cadangan kepada bakal PM kita..Anwar IBrahim

1. Nanti hapuskan semua biasaiswa kepada orang-orang MELAYU kena bagi samarata dan berdasarkan merit.

2. Hapuskan MARA kerana hanya beri keutamaan kepada org MELAYU.

3. Hapuskan konsep UNIVERSITI BUMIPUTERA di UITM..

4. Minta semua masjid dan surau jangan pasang speaker diluar nanti org bukan melayu terganggu..

5. Benarkan semua TOKONG,GEREJA dan KUIL dibina di tanah kerajaan dan jgn lupa beri peruntukan.

6. Oleh kerana mendapat 2/3 majoriti nanti di PRU13,tolong hapuskan Artikel 153 dan Artikel yg mana YDP Agong ada kuasa beri permit,biasiswa dan apa-apa yg menunjukkan ketidaksamarataan.

7. Hapuskan Artikel BAHASA MELAYU sebagai bahasa rasmi dan AGAMA ISLAM sebagai agama rasmi kerana semua kaum dan menuntut hak samarata..

8. HApuskan semua sekolah kecuali sekolah kebangsaaan.

9. Hapuskan semua kouta yg melibatkan MELAYU supaya lebih adil,ISLAM itu adil.

10. HApuskan AKTA HASUTAN,ISA,KERAHSIAAN (ISO) kerana kerajaan perlu adil dan telus,malah ISLAM itu adil dan umat ISLAM tak perlu perlindungan daripada AKTA-AKTA tersebut.

11. And lastly dont forget to abolish MAJLIS FATWA KEBANGSAAN dan Mahkamah Syariah as it have no function to non Muslim..