Sunday, November 16, 2008

Penang boleh! (2)

More news from the home front, folks. My learned friend from court, Jagdeep, being the Chairman of Penang Public Accounts Committee(PAC), apparently is not taking it lying down the recent cancellation of "Kings of Tennis" event here in Penang.

“We are concerned about the damaged field at the Esplanade and we do not want taxpayers’ money to be used for repairing the damage. That’s why we are conducting the inquiry,” he said. Read more PAC inquiry into cancellation of ‘Kings of Tennis’ event

My only hope is that Penang PAC is sincere in investigating the blunder and not merely doing it for the sake of scoring political points. Then again, it is pretty obvious who should shoulder the blame for the damage done, ain't it? Provided always, at all material time, the Municipal Council concerned and/or other parties involved (this include the state government, direct or indirectly) did not play any role which leads to the impasse in staging the said event.

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Updated- 8.57 pm

LGE's reaction to the above;
  • “We were neither the organiser nor the co-organiser of the event. As such, if it didn’t succeed, why blame the state government?”
  • “We told them what we could do was just to facilitate the event by waiving the RM2mil deposit for renting the field with the condition that the field must be restored to its grandeur once the event is completed.
  • “On top of that, we offered to waive the RM200,000 rental fee if the event was successful.
  • “The only problem is why was the fee was not collected before groundwork was allowed to take place,” he said.

Read more Guan Eng: Why was RM200,000 rental fee not collected?


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