Sunday, February 01, 2009

End of the Perak Froggies Saga? (Updated)

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IPOH, Feb 1 — The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government in Perak appears to have turned the tables on Barisan Nasional (BN) after the state legislative speaker declared vacant the two state seats held by two PKR lawmakers who were expected to defect.

This paves the way for by-elections for the two seats within 60 days.

Read more Missing Pakatan reps "resign" seats declared vacant

That's more like it. Seeing paklah on the news just now, I was afraid that UMNO is seriously losing its marbles by wanting to accept these 2 ADUN from PKR which they vilified & hantam like nobody's business when they were charged last year in court.

Oklah.. it's just the rakyat's money.. another one or two By-Es won't hurt, huh? Negara pun tengah kaya-raya, aman & makmur, bukan?

But seriously, will it end this froggies business? It seems there is another one going M.I.A over there in Perak, read here.


One side is trying hard to put behind their own problems by announcing unilaterally (could it be by producing undertaking letters executed in-escrow?) the resignation of the 2 ADUNs, but the other side is not letting go this opportunity to win it easy this time around. What do you get? Go and read Dua ADUN PKR nafi letak jawatan. See what I mean? Never ending politics.. bila mau kerja?

Updated 11.32pm - Read The Star Online's latest Perak on the brink (Update 5)


mamasita said...

I am wondering..these leaping frogs datang dari keturunan mana ye? Besar2 pulak these frogs!
Takder kerja lain nampaknya..asyik by-elections lah sampai PRU13!
Jentera Pilihihanraya working fullblast!

Taiping Boy said...

Menyusahkan orang saja. Nak kena ambik cuti nak kena perabih duit minyak balik kampung mengundi punya pasal. Betul kata tuan loyar entah kerja entah tidak diaorang ni??? Makan gaji buta je.

Anonymous said...

I think leap frogging started by "I have the numbers" man:))

kluangman said...

Apakan daya kalau mereka suka dipertontonkan oleh rakyat seumpama beruk beruk di zoo, maka suka atau tidak, kenalah kita beli 'harga' tiket untuk menyaksikannya.

Anonymous said...

Hop here, hop there. Where will it all end? That's why so many, in the early days, had cautioned against leap frogging. It never ends. Today, a bunch hop into PR, tomorrow another bunch hop into BN.
I think all these politicians are making a mockery of democracy.

How do we, the sane, ordinary rakyat, tell all these politicos that we are not amused?

Sheik Ali said...

This is quite normal, in any organization on earth.

Simple truth is that man needs food, and food can only be brought home buy purchasing it, and other necessities, also need money, so, if you need money, you need work, and if you choose to work as a politician, the easiest job on the surface of earth, you need to do one these things.

Well, why need much comments!