Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How Is Terengganu These Days?

Conversations heard over lunch, just recently in Terengganu between a group of UMNO grassroots in that state.

"UMNO Terengganu is not getting any better."

"Is that so?”


"Good YBs for example Rosol, Din Dam & Alias Abd are not being appointed as Exco because the Ketua Bhg are afraid of being challenged.”

“YBs who have defended PM's decision, or shall we say the party's decision against MB Mohd Said are now being branded as ''Traitors''."

"Oh, that's bad indeed. I know these guys. They are good People's people.”

“They got the job done!”

“But aren't all new Excos have been fully endorsed as good line-up by the new MB? It was also reported that these line up are the best of the best, people with experienced and all?"

"The YB being appointed as the Most Senior Exco has no previous experience as ADUN (as such no experience as Exco before).”


“Ha, you tell me why.”

“That's not good. How on earth the state machinery to smoothly continue with the development and programs initiated previously?"

"And, do you know?"

"Officers who's not seen as supportive will be transferred.”

“Yes, seen that too. Some contract officers are given 24 hour notice to quit."

"Ya Allah, the situation happening is as if there has been changed in government."

"Yes, If BN need to survive in Terengganu....... we have to be more careful."

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