Thursday, April 17, 2008

That's It! No More Politics....

This morning, as usual (actually as and when I can), I fetched my 8th year old girl, the eldest, from the surau after her "mengaji quran" session.

On the way to the nanny's house, she told me "Abah, Pakcik Idrus (her school bus driver) asked me, Abahtok (her granddad) supported which, UMNO or PAS?"

I asked her back, "What did you tell him?"

She replied, "Oh, I told him that abahtok supports UMNO".

"Why you said that?" I asked her.

She confidently answered, "Well my grand uncle is someone whatever in UMNO, so that's why." I asked back, "What did Pakcik Idrus said about that?"

"Pakcik Idrus just said, 'why?'. Pakcik Idrus doesn't like UMNO, he likes PAS"

"Why do many people dislike UMNO abah?" she asked nonchalantly.

I tried to keep apolitical as I could at that moment while driving.

I said to her, "Well kakak, you know how some people like ice cream right, but some loves vanilla and dislike chocolate like our Hanna and some is the direct opposite. That's how."

At the moment, I sort of know that she's going for the bonanza question. And I was right.

"Abah, so who do you like, PAS ke UMNO ke?" she asked without looking at me.

Guess. What was my answer? I wish I could have told her that I like neither, but that would be lying because she sees how excited I am despite how calmly I would portrait myself as whenever I took the three of them to Baskin Robbins.

I wished I could choose one and tell her that, but that wouldn't be right, right? She's only a child. But then again, hey, I am not the one starting this conversation. She did. Do not underestimate your children, nowadays they know more than you think they do.

Your guess is right. Yes, I answered like a father should. I am what I must be, the apolitical dad. No compromise on that.

I felt great as I left her at the nanny's house. While driving to the office, I remembered this John Mayer's latest song titled "Say" from the movie "The Bucket List". Great movie by the way, starring Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman. I quickly searched for the song and listen to it from the car stereo. And listen to it I have.

If you could only...
Say what you need to say (x8)
Have no fear for givin' in.
Have no fear for giving over.
You better know that in the end
It's better to say too much,
than never to say what you need to say again

Damn it. Excuse my language. Next time I need to consult Rusmin first before I answered my children on anything of this sort, or for that matter on anything at all. I wish I could tell all Malaysian, politician and royals, here the same thing, listen to the song, listen to the lyrics, go watch the movie and most importantly consult your dear missus before issuing statement and making news like the one here.
Come on, let the Regent says what he needs to say. If I remembered correctly, there was this craze going on just recently that royals should speak up and speak their mind they should. And the support for that was fantastic, from all Malaysian of all walk and sundry. Why the sudden change of mood? Or was Karpal Singh correct? That all royals must be apolitical and instead of speaking their minds and making political decision that was not theirs to make in the first place, be the royals that they should be, royals that befit their roles as constitutional monarch in a parliamentary democratic nation.
Take all of your wasted honor.
Every little past frustration.
Take all of your so called problems,
Better put 'em in quotations.

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Ausman said...

Yesterdays comments from Rafidah is a sound one. Enough of this talk. It is not good for anyone.

But what is clear is that the next generation must start to rebuilt what has gone wrong and let's all start by supporting Zed.....

Anonymous said...

Cool write-up. Cool song too. Our kids need better bringing-up surrounding than this. Let's migrate. Anyway, good reading material you got here. Keep it up!

Greenlane, Penang.