Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Something Closer To Home

Another mexican stand-off in the offing. But this time somewhat closer to home. If this is true, I say this to that person, "you'll reap what you sow, brother". But I jst can't help to think if this is just another "non-apolitical" games played by the people that keep urging others to be apolitical? What does it mean by demanding to "to peacefully co-exist"? Are we all not now co-existing together here? What you are trying to say? That I am holding a gun to your head? Be good with me and I'll be good to you.
It's a damn shame if this is just another threat to make others to toe the line and shut their mouth up. So much for transperancy, politics that transcend race, a new dawn for Malaysia and all those flowery slogans. Damn shame.
Malaysian Insider has the report:
No let up in the war of words on Penang's past land deals

PENANG, April 16 — Former Penang deputy chief minister Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah has until April 28 to explain why some developers were able to change the status of their land from leasehold to freehold without paying much of a premium.
He will also have to open the books and justify several transactions in Penang. If he does not respond by April 28, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has threatened to expose him and the former state government.
Guan Eng today upped the stakes in an ongoing campaign to show up his predecessors. It is a strategy with two aims: to keep up his election pledge of pushing for a more transparent style of governance and force the Federal Government to appreciate that it can either have a foe or choose to peacefully coexist with the Opposition.
Rashid was the chairman of the state’s Development and Land Affairs Committee. He has denied any wrongdoing and has even challenged Guan Eng to learn about land matters before making statements in public.
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Hey, if there are evidences of wrongdoing, by all means proceeds with all the legal recourse available. Catch the damn cuplrit, charge him in court. Why play "I dare you, you dare me!"? Don't reveal too much of yourself. It will eat you up one day. After all, you got 4 more years to go and the clock is ticking fast.
Stop the bickering.
Don't be political. Start serving the people.

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