Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"With the little experience I have"

With that "little" experience of being in the government, he believed he can do better.

Quite a statement I see. It shows confidence and determination. Strong will to be better than the rest. But, to what extend? For me that statement only goes to show that you are going to better your own personal record. Nothing more, nothing less.

What DSAI is saying now is as if he was not involved with whatever has happened to Malaysia with regard to past government conducts. As if he was saying, I have been in the government, the previous government, but I don't do much.

And that is all hear.

As the then Deputy Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Education Minister, among others, I was not doing anything. During that time I have not collectively made any cabinet decisions.

Is that what he is trying to say here? It could be that.

What little experience? Nearly 2 decades in UMNO and more than a decade in the BN government. You were once the most influential politician on the land, more influential than the then UMNO President, some would say. You can say this and that, but you can't run away from the fact that you were part of the machinery that is now being ridiculed at.

By simply switching sides, suddenly you have the power to right the wrong that you have done. This I can't understand. It is nothing personal, but I believed there's too much drama going on currently.

As such let us all take the statements made with a pinch of salt. It is hard to run away from the ghosts of your past. TDM and AAB can stand witnessed to that. Well in AAB's case, it is worst. Even the ghosts of his present are haunting him like mad. Those ghosts will keep on haunting them.

DSAI is no exception. The ghosts of his past will keep haunting him too. The skeleton in your closet, if there is any, would want to come out some day, on its own accord or by force.

But then again, I could be wrong. DSAI may not have any skeleton or ghost that would want to haunt him later on. If that is the case, Malaysia certainly has a bright future ahead of her.

A new dawn, shall we say? Let the people be the judge of that. DSAI said that in this interview and I am all for it.

The Straits Times has the report. The followings are an excerpt of the news.

I will check corruption for sure," Anwar said. "With the little experience I have (in the government), I believe I can do much better, but it is for people to judge. But first I have to be there to consider the question relevant."

Anwar was Mahathir's finance minister and deputy prime minister, and was once considered Mahathir's likely successor. But Mahathir sacked him in 1998 during a power struggle, accusing him of corruption and homosexuality.

Read more here.

He ended the interview with this:

"Either way, it is good for us," he said. If Abdullah is ousted, "it will break Umno. If Abdullah continues, it is also good for us because he is weak."

Hobson's choice for some? I think so.

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