Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oooh Saucy!

"Never mind. I just listen. I have two ears. I am not deaf. In a democracy, everyone wants to talk. So what can we do? If we don't allow them to speak out, they say we are scared...there's no freedom, so let them talk."

"Why shouldn't I contest? You tell me."

"They can announce anything they want. They can say anything they want. The decision is mine, people can say anything they like."

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This came from a guy who was on the same day (few hours back) urged the BN leaders to go back to basic and be humble. "Don't be arrogant", he said. Read here

It's a sickness.

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Ausman said...

Biar lah kot dia decide. Aku takut nanti malu aje nanti the first prime minister losing the UMNO elections nanti.

Kalau tidak, kena lah fight back. Tapi you're right, cakap biar terang. Dia ada confused sikit kot ataupun terlupa..... or maybe, giving PM the benefit of the doubt, he was misquoted.

PM bukan tak ada press sec. Again, apart from the so called advisors, apa dia punya press sec buat huh? This is what he is paid to do. Not let it be like a joke.

Tembak tak kena...... Get your house in order first.....