Friday, April 11, 2008

Signal Still Not Coming Through!

"Line tak clear lah!! see there is this plane flying above my head.." Still not getting the message despite all this?
My bro, Walk Long informed me of an interesting piece, here is an excerpt from the blog entry concerned,

Perjalanan ke Sabah itu disertai oleh beberapa mantan Menteri Besar dan Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO. Mereka telah diundang menyertai PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah dalam pesawat eksekutif A319CJ yang bernombor pendaftaran 9M NAA itu.

Semasa dalam perjalanan, mereka mengambil peluang untuk ‘membelasah’ PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah cukup cukup. Terutama Idris Jusoh, menyebut isu isu yang sering orang ramai perkatakan saban hari seperti ‘Tingkat Empat’, pembabitan keluarga dalam keputusan Kerajaan, kronisma dan sebagainya. Setelah keadaan hangat, PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah bangkit dan berjalan ke bilik khas diburitan pesawat.

Setelah mendarat, apabila bertemu orang orang kanan, salah seorang dari pemimpin UMNO peringkat negeri itu menceritakan apa yang berlaku dalam pesawat. Beliau mengunakan perkataan “PM (‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah) tak mahu dengar suara rakyat!”, walaupun sebelum ini pemimpin ini teragak agak untuk menyuarakan pendapat peribadi mengenai gesaan agar PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah.

Read more of Rafidah dibelasah dalam telefon oleh ibu ‘Budak Tingkat Empat’? from the blog The "thirteen million plus Ringgit" guy rambles....

Somehow or rather I pity the poor guy. It has been too easy to find faults with the man, and it's getting easier by the day. Too easy, isn't it? Caveat Emptor! Don't just buy it. We better give him the benefit of the doubt. Could it be that he just faking it, acting ignorant and all. Could it be that he's far more shrewd than what the masses think of him.

Even the shrewdest of politician in Dr. M has fallen prey to the man. Hey! The guy has beaten the great DSAI to the post. Look here, even Mr. Patrick has succumbed! Read more of latest blog entry, "Abad Naluri chairman quits; game over for Patrick ".

Just heard from a reliable source that Dato Sri Kamal Hashim, the chairman of Abad Naluri, has resigned from his position with immediate effect.Kamal Hashim is presently the northern region director of The Star, which gave the launch of the PGCC by the prime minister last year prominent coverage.
It is also believed that the Prime Minister and his family are now distancing themselves from Patrick Lim, whose dealings exposed the BN to stinging criticism in the run-up to the general election - from opposition parties as well as from Mahathir.Abad Naluri is the developer of the controversial PGCC project and was supposed to sign an agreement to buy and develop 300 acres of land in Batu Kawan as a replacement race-course for the Penang Turf Club.

Now, everyone around him is taking the blame. One by one. KJ, the 4th Floor boys, the alternative media (them bloggers), UMNO themselves (those saboteurs), the archaic ministers in the last cabinet, MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, the "yet to be reform" judiciary, HINDRAF, "correct, correct, correct" lawyer, Dr. M, Ku Li, Razak Baginda & Co., the trigger happy cops in KT and many more (but not Pakatan Rakyat, of course!). If everyone else is to be blame, at the end of the day, who then will be blame free? A victim of circumstances.

Think about it, who is the clever one here? After all, how many of us made it to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia? Not that many.

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