Thursday, August 28, 2008

Anwar's swearing-in ceremony

Courtesy of no2umno blog. By the way, uncle Kit is not happy with shabery with regard to RTM's "supposed" telecast of the same this morning, read here. Don't worry so much Uncle Kit, we have the net nowadays, not like those chill, will ya!

# Updated!

Just google away! # Unless it's "Google, go away!" (as per Rocky's Bru) policy now?

What about them sour grapes? Just let them be, not worth it!


Walk Long said...

Why u sound like PR blog nowadays? Sudah pusing ka? :-) Or are u totally fed up with the kerajaan anak beranak?

Lawyer Kampung said...

Haha.. walk long when was this blog an UMNO's blog in the first place? It's certainly is not a PR blog, that's for sure. This is a blog for all Malaysian... cewah! ;-)

Walk Long said...

Is that so? Payday then is just around the corner. Anyway, it would be interesting for us to see how the bloke who helped the hypocrite of the highest order get his passport to go to Europe for medical treatment will go face to face in Parliament. My definition of hypocrite - he who had never really gone through our local education system saying all is fair and lovely in the Malay state... nuff said.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Serves him right, Walk Long, serves him right! Hey, for all that we know he'll be the first of the jumping frogs (if any) to the other side. Haha

Anonymous said...

KJ? Pade doh!!!!!!