Sunday, August 24, 2008

The New DAP National Vice Chairman

He wrote recently in the NST, 27th July 2008 to be exact;

IT seems to me that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is suffering from paranoid delusions. His preoccupation with what he sees as political conspiracy against him is doing his reputation and credibility, such as it is, enormous damage. To compound the growing cynicism about his version of events, he has not, to date, been able to produce any verifiable evidence to support his contention.

he ended the article with this;

We are all getting a little sick and tired of the "Anwar factor" that is turning out to be an absolutely unnecessary distraction at a time when we need to get on with our lives. Read more here

That was then, today (not even a month after the above) he is already an ally I supposed, although many inferences can be made on why he did not choose other Pakatan Rakyat's coalition partners based on his past writings such as the above.

Well, that's politics, huh!

He also have this to say about bloggers. The following is an excerpt of the said article;

What all this has done is to allow the bloggers -- the overwhelming majority of whom, sadly, are adventurers of sorts -- to set themselves up as the sole purveyors of truth.

and ended the article with this;

And, while you are pondering the appropriate course of action to adopt to put matters right in our society, do come up with something imaginative to prove to all the sceptics out there that the bloggers, in spite of their claims, do not hold a copyright on truth.

Oh, he also touched on the MSM where he has this to say;

It is not surprising that there are people who believe columnists are told what and how to write and that this is subject to censorship.

When I was invited to write this column two years ago, I asked if there were editorial restrictions on what I could write.

There were none, I was assured, except that if there were anything that could possibly be considered or construed as libellous, an article would be rejected. Media sceptics choose what they want to believe, but that is their right.

In the two years I have been writing, every Sunday without fail, I have only had two articles withdrawn for legal reasons, and I am grateful to the editors for educating me in pitfalls of the laws of libel.

If that is censorship, then I am all for more of the same. It is in honouring the rules and laws that govern the members of a profession that they will be able to conduct their work in an orderly and ethical manner.

This is what ultimately sets the mainstream media practitioners apart from the rest. This is the difference between a code of practice and the law of the jungle that seems to dominate cyber-space.

If you like you can read more of his article entitled TUNKU ABDUL AZIZ: The truth about bloggers. I foresee a lot of political gymnastic coming from the DAP and its ally concerning the new NVC of DAP's past writings and thoughts. Or will they brushed it off just like that and give reasons such as "that's the past, not relevant!" and so on & so forth?


Pak Pandir said...

Politic is cheap. Political people are cheap.Flip-flopping is the rage now. Nobody stood by what they said anymore.

Anonymous said...

Terbukti penasihat Pak Lah, si Kali memang patut dibuang kerja. Macam mana dia boleh ambil orang macam ini menulis pojok di dalam akhbar yang dikatakan akhbar "propaganda" kerajaan? Atau Kali memang nak pekena Pak Lah?

UMgrads said...