Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pengerusi MARA: On Management & Mindset Change

In his new weblog named Inside INSEAD, concerning management and mindset change and its relation to politics, Idris Jusoh, the new Chairman of MARA said the following;

Often times, indicators of success in politics are difficult to quantify. By the time the voting results are out, it could probably be too late. Therefore sets of KPIs need to be identified as a controlling mechanism. Strategies that are crafted must be flexible enough to accommodate changes that occur everyday, hence the need for a good change management program. Perhaps of all these challenges, the biggest challenge could be the challenge to change the mindset of the people. I have made this, mind set change, as my biggest struggle as a leader. Read more his view here.

And as the chairman of UMNO's Recovery Plan Committee I am sure we will be hearing more from the man from time to time.

Will there be mindset changes in UMNO too or will they stay jurassic instead? The responsibilities rest upon its members and their will to change for the betterment of the country and its people. They will have a chance at it come this December.


Anonymous said...

UMNO/BN beyond repair brader.

Anonymous said...

If you are coming from that shop from the other side you will say like that la brother.