Sunday, October 26, 2008

All in the name of esprit de corps

When was the last time we have taken so much interest on who is going to be the next Ketua Pemuda of UMNO? Why are we being busy-body this time around? Some of us, yours truly included, are not even UMNO members! And yet we can't help but to be concerned with the outcome of the contest. Maybe we had enough of Paklah? And because of that we just can't bear to see any of his merry men make it through this time around? That should be it. But, wait! Is it because of another reason? Maybe due to the scar we had when we were duped in 2004? Yes, 2004, when most of us first realised that KJ, though a prodigy to some, should not be there (lingering & making his marks in the corridors of power) in the first place. That 2004 scar, due to wound inflicted when he won the Vice Ketua post without any contest. Is that it? If memory serves me right, before the nomination & the Persidangan Agong UMNO (PAU) 2004 began, quite a number of our buddies in UMNO Youth were riled up to go against the wonder boy (as he was then), either as aspiring candidates for the No. 2 post or as supporters to those fighting for the spot. These reps were adamant to make KJ's ambition of becoming the Youth wing's no. 2 perished right before father-in-law's watchful eyes. Or so I'm told. What happened instead? As they say, the rest was history. Those, at first, eager to go against the latest sensation of Malaya (that time) withdrew from the race and let SIL won the seat uncontested.

The night before the PAU, I received a call from a buddy of mine, a pemuda rep for his bahagian, telling me that a large segment of the Pemuda reps intended to give KJ a taste of the new uprising (as it was then), " We will boo him", he said. "We will not give him face", he added. He & the gang were pretty elated of the prospect in giving KJ a taste of what their brand of real politics are. Fine, initially some of them jeered & taunted the young man. Sadly, that was as good as it gets. What transpired next? They gave him a standing ovation instead! His animated feigning speech on Malay rights, the NEP & so forth has successfully brought the house down!

Soon after PAU, I met this buddy of mine & asked him why the sudden change of heart from the Pemuda? Where did the determination and spirit (to rebel) went? Why didn't you and the gang stand up for what has been planned, I asked the fellow. He nonchalantly replied,

"Habis semua orang bangun, semua orang tepuk, aku nak buat apa lagi?

Now, that's scary! Just because most of them jumped the cliff, the rest followed. This is not about money politics per se. It's about principle and the ability to stand for what you believe in. Having the guts to fight. Why giving up so easy? Peer group pressure? Come on! Aren't you guys supposed to be Malaysia's next echelon of political leaders? The pemuda with undying believes & steadfast principles that shall withstand whatever thrown at them.

Will history repeats itself when March 2009 PAU begins? The chances are there. It depends on the reps attending the PAU. They (the pemuda reps-the Ketuas, Timbalans & the G-2s) can now say that they are ready to move forward and make that change, but do take that at face value only. It depends largely on their performance on matchday, next March 2009, not now.

Furthermore, from now to March next year is a long time. Aspiring candidate's stance on certain issues can be perfected if not renewed completely. A lot of mental posturing & changes will done according to planet UMNO's climate. Ideas that blend well with the current political landscape will be highlighted, despite having "I am merely paying lip service here!" written all over them. There is ample time for the staging of UMNO's political bangsawan & the player will ensure that he will be playing to the gallery, in each play. We shall be witnessing subtle severance of "unhealthy" political ties. You maybe my father-in-law but in current politics, I am now my own brand, especially post-March 2009!

Yes, within these four months, many visits & shady meetings can still be organized to and from Putrajaya, all that in the name of ESPRIT DE CORPS!


abdullahjones said...


Anonymous said...

Asal bukan anak menantu pak dolah. Dr. Khir pun ok juga. Alhamdulillah, Dr. Khir pun sudah qualify.

Lawyer Kampung said...

@abdullahjones ;-)

Jed Yoong said...

return of khir toyo mah.
kee kee kee.
then see how feudal umno is look at the nominations of the heirs -- mukhriz, najib, hisham...

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Six months, ample of time to infect the pemuda reps with virus setiakawanilitis. It is a new strain mutated from moneypolitis, but the setiakawanilitis is more deadly and virulent. Though it has no sign symptome, the virus is known to be transmitted through kepala agong.


Lawyer Kampung said...

Jed, it's good that Khir Toyo made it through the 1st round.

Tabib Piggy, any antibiotics you can prescribed for the sickness bro? ;-), what about my prediction sir? Who is now having the last laugh in Stamford Bridge? Go kop! hahaha

Piggy Singh said...

WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON, not about you la Khairy.

Tuan Lawyer, such a rare opportunity to have had the chance eating tasty delicacy of chelsea alive at the bridge.

I prefer having it with a dash of tabasco sauce when the delicacy is again served at Anfield, make it hotter and tastier.

Anfield faithful, GO KOPS.