Friday, October 24, 2008

YB Blogger reminders to bloggers

Bloggers Reminded To Exercise Caution

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 (Bernama) -- Bloggers were today reminded to exercise caution when posting articles as cyberspace was not a licence to write as they wished.

Member of Parliament for Jelutong Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun, a blogger himself, said bloggers must respect the laws of the country so as not to get into trouble.

"New bloggers especially must take note and not get carried away as there is no "absolute freedom" in cyberspace," he told Bernama when met at a forum on blogging organised by the Bar Council here tonight.

"More so in a plural society like Malaysia, care must be taken not to offend the sensitivities of the people. In the borderless world of the Internet, mistakes can be costly," he said, adding that particular care neeeded to be given to sedition laws and those on defamation.


Only the juniors? YB Jeff, why don't you tell that, straight up, to some of those extremely over-enthusiast seasoned bloggers of MT (and the likes) and it's clan of doctrinaire and dogmatist commentators.


Anonymous said...

Them MT fanatics are bunch of zealots, enuf said. It had lost its raison d'etre, if it has one in the 1st place. Bunch of bankrupt spinners!

Anonymous said...

What about what HE wrote? And RPK?
"New" bloggers?
I think some "new" bloggers are more savvy and responsible than Jeff.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Jed, agree with you on that.

By the way, Jeff should visit Jed (in the net, I mean) more often, a model citizen of the blogosphere. She's savvy & she is responsible! ;-) & ini bukan mengampu ye Jed haha