Saturday, October 11, 2008

Najib on "The UMNO Transition"

The Deputy Prime Minister blogged yesterday;

Leading up to this moment, there had been intense speculation by political pundits everywhere about what was likely to happen in UMNO. Many predicted chaos and disunity arising from a leadership tussle. It is now obvious that such speculation was quite misguided. UMNO has its own way of resolving difficulties, and the interest of the party and country is always our top priority. This decision by the Party President and Prime Minister is a wise move that ensures a peaceful and orderly transition of power as has been the tradition in UMNO for decades.

This development comes at a critical juncture for our country, a time when we are at a crossroads in determining our way forward. As Deputy President of UMNO, I am, in terms of party hierarchy, next in line to take over the exalted office of party President and consequently, by convention, the office of Prime Minister. I am humbled by this notion as I have always viewed leadership as a great responsibility for one to shoulder. It is to me nothing less than an “amanah” , a sacred trust that one must honour, protect and uphold in the name of the people and the nation. I am most honoured and grateful that the Prime Minister has the trust and confidence in me to succeed him and take over the mantle of leadership of the party and the Country.

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Sound assuring enough folks?



Anonymous said...

Assuring? You must be mad! As someone has already warned in some other blogs "BE VERY SCARED - REALLY SCARED" of this devil incarnate who speaks sweetly of what he thinks people would desperately want to hear but does things which no decent human being is capable of.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Anon 11.12pm, point taken. That's the purpose of this post, either yes or no. You have answered & my thanks to you for that ;-) Cheers!

Piggy Singh said...

Tuan Lawyer, assuringly yawn yawn yawn, lucky that it's sunday, can get back to sleep after subuh prayer.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Bahaya tu bila bro Piggy Singh kita start to doze off when reading what you blogged, Mr TPM! Hahaha