Friday, October 31, 2008

Social Contract is a sham?

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 31 — If at all there was a social contract between the Malays and non-Malays before independence, it was the guarantee of equality and the promise of the rule of law, said former de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

Offering his take on an issue that has been at the core of a roiling debate in the country, he said that the more racialist social contract — which places more emphasis on Malay primacy — was a product of Umno ideologues in the 1980s

.....This social contract was unilaterally restructured in the 1980s by "a certain segment of the BN leadership that allowed for developments that have resulted in our current state of affairs,'' said Zaid.

Read more Zaid says racialist social contract a 1980s Umno creation

The social contract is a sham contract! It's the creation from the big-hair, glam rock days of the 80s. Not done by those 80s rock bands, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Ratt or Poison of course but by UMNO of the 80s. Who was it helming UMNO during that era, huh? Who were those from the 80s UMNO, please raise your hand! Let us see who were the conspirators. My God! Most of the MKTs are from UMNO of the 80s. What? UMNO baru or UMNO lama you say? Now Zaid which was it, siapa punya kerja ni, Lama or Baru?

Many thanks to the ex-de facto Law Minister, social contract has now joined the rank of the Roswell aliens, who killed JFK, Area 51 & the likes. It's all part of a BIG conspiracy. Oooooo...


Rather than reading the constitutional blasphemy by the sacrilegiously speaking ex-de facto Law Minister, hop over to The Scribe for an insightful and better perspective on the matter, romantically written here.

Re-updated 7.30pm

Going off tangeant here, the UMNO AGM will still be held in March as scheduled. On a good note, petrol price is going down again effectively midnight tonight by 15 cents.


Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

There was a rock band in the 80s known as Bumiputra Rocker. Judging by the band's name, perhaps they also had their hands.

Regarding the previous posting, the verdict had been well predicted and anticipated. But how Najib's camp is coping with post-verdict allegations still remain unknown.

Perhaps this is also the beginning of Najib downfall and the event of March next year may not happen at all. The sign is well writen in eurocopter scandal.

kluangman said...

Sebelum memberi apa juga komen tentang pandangan Zaid, yang paling penting untuk saya tahu samada kenyataan yang dia buat itu dalam keadaan sedar atau mabuk..jika ini sudah dikenalpasti barulah mudah untuk memberi pandangan...

Cakap cakap sebelum ini PAU akan di adakan Disember nampaknya tidak menjadi kenyataan sebaliknya penghujung March dan jika berlaku bencana alam seperti gerak gempa, taufan atau tsunami yang lebih dasyat, PAU akan ditangguhkan lagi sehingga Julai 2009 mungkin.

Kita berharap kegawatan ekonomi global juga dapat bersabar dengan suasana politik Malaysia. Ekonomi hanya akan gawat sebaik sahaja tamat PAU kerana duit bertukar tangan dalam keadaan dasyat, cepat dan banyak.

mamasita said...

Hai LK..hari ni betul2 tak reti komen!Blurr and blank betul!hehe

Anonymous said...

Kalu scan di laman pengumpul berita "Malaysiakita"aka bakaq punye, semua orang yang berblog berbahase ingeris sorak sakan dan memuji dan idolakan Senator Datuk Zaid Ibrahim .Beliau dapat kelulusan dari Institut Teknoloji Mara dan mase dia meneraju firma guaman nya,dapat kontrak jadi panel guaman GLC .Salah satu daripade GLC saya kerja makan gaji.Lumayan Pak, caj khidmat guaman nya kapada majikan saya.
Saya dah tak kerje dengan GLC itu dah 10 tahun.Tapi tak sangka lah ketika jumpa dia dulu kat ofis saya, tak terbayang lah , Zaid ni orang Kelate,bolih mengritik social Kontrak depan orang putih orang barat dan juga orang bukan rakyat Malaysia.Tahniah you are the new darling of the ingeris bloggers dan liberal.
arjuna waspada.

Anonymous said...

Terimakasih tuan lawyer kerana tidak terikut-ikut dengan ke'liberal'an melampau rakan-rakan blogger yang agungkan si zaid ibrahim ini. Negara perlukan pejuang-pejuang hak seperti tuan.

Cicit Panglima Nayan

mekyam said...

hi lk,

pada saya zaid ni tries too hard nak tunjuk yang dia maverick.

tak sedar yang track record dia points to him being just another opportunistic greedy politician. one who is not above feeding off the bumi special privileges to fatten his own personal stomach and further his own political ambitions but have no qualms decrying the same privileges when it is politically expedient.

obviously it now suits the political environment and his own design to use this "social contract" thing to denounce the hands he himself fed from and licked in the previous decades in order to come across today as a principled hero and a progressive politician for all the people.

if a minah-come-lately to malaysian politics like me can find out the above about this phony self-serving chap, i don't understand how some malaysians are so easily duped. i mean those who are trying to outshout each other singing his praises.

Ismail N said...

Social Contract is a sham? All the while, I thought Zaid Ibrahim is a sham.
Oh yes, Mr Piggy Singh, BPR help composed the theme song for social contract.

mamasita said...

Hai Mekym?LK.. tumpang lalu sikit ye?I love your comments!Sokong! Sokong!Geram betul kan?

Lawyer Kampung said...

Salam tuan P.Singh, that post was merely touching on judicial reform agenda set forth by paklah as his final mission. My point is that, if judicial reform is his main purpose of holding on to power, he better rethink the plan. Then again it is now become academic due to the fact that they have decided to proceed with the AGM in March 2009. As for yesterday's decision, let me just say this, it is easier to secure an acquittal in criminal case than to get a conviction. A single doubt on the balance of probabilities will do. Whereas for the prosecution it is the opposite, the burden of proof is higher throughout the trial. It's beyond reasonable doubt all the way for them. Then again, at hindsight (without having the full written judgment before me), there is one ruling (as stated in the news) where I find quite perplexing. It seems that the court relied heavily on an unchallenged affidavit by the accused made on the outset of the trial to negate the elements needed in proving abatement. It is not safe to rely heavily on such documentary evidence. Furthermore this is a criminal trial & not a trial by affidavits. The maker is the accused & he is yet to be called to the stand. I find it rather odd for the prosecution if they fail to challenge the said affidavit despite having tens of witnesses for their case.I am giving them the benefit of the doubt of course that they did not fumble when proving the elements needed in proving prima facie case for the abatement charge. Their 4 witnesses (that "corroborated" the affidavit) must have turned really hostile on them! I will leave this at that as I foresee an appeal on this point from the prosecution ;-)

Kluangman, :-D

Mamasita ooppss datin:-p no obligation to comment, the mere fact that you have visited the blog today is already a plus point for me. ;-)

arjuna waspada, terimakasih kerana melawat blog ini. I am the "new darling"? that bad huh? hahaha..

mekyam, true enough what you have said.

Mail, :-D

BaitiBadarudin said...

memang tak sangka zaid yang dulu pro-TDM boleh berpaling tadah sampai begitu sekali ...

Lawyer Kampung said...

baitibadarudin, kata orang, sekali air bah, sekali pantai berubah, sekali PM berubah, sekali kesetiaan berubah.. ;-) thanks for comment.