Friday, October 24, 2008

Defend Islam & you'll be dancing to the tune of UMNO?

Zulkifli dancing to Umno tune, say PR colleagues

By Shannon Teoh

The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 — PKR’s partners in Pakatan Rakyat say that Zulkifli Nordin is dancing to Umno’s tune after the MP’s outburst on insults against Islam in Parliament yesterday.

“He has fallen into their trap and is dancing to their tune,” Selangor Pas deputy commisioner Khalid Samad told The Malaysian Insider.

“It hurts our credibility. He seems to think he is the only defender of Islam,” said the Shah Alam MP, adding that if Muslims insist that everything is taboo, it would be difficult for non-Muslims to respect and be attracted to the faith.

Aha, now this is new. Before this it was widely considered as the sacred duty of PAS. PAS and only PAS. They even claimed that anything UMNO is un-Islamic. Now that PAS needed to dance to the tune of Pakatan Rakyat, Zulkifli Nordin again has been labeled as the black sheep of the family. Isn't it a duty of all good muslims to defend Islam?


Piggy Singh said...

Tuan Lawyer, it WAS considered as the sacred duty of PAS to defend Islam. Now PAS obligation is to defend Anwar and PAKATAN.

It is a compliment to UMNO being labelled as defender to Islam. And I hope the Pemuda especially are taking certain resposibility, not just busy looking for "friends" demi semangat setiakawan.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Bro Piggy Singh, my point exactly. Though I doubt that PAS members & supporters agree to the notion, that it WAS their sacred duty ;-) Anyway, kudos to Zulkifli & UMNO for that. Defending Islam is just the same as defending any other constitutional provisions enshrined in the FC. PR wants us to believe that they are the only political coalition truly championing and upholds the principal tenets of the constitution. What's wrong with defending Islam then?

Anonymous said...

This is why PAS will never govern. Easily distracted from the sole purpose of its inception. Anwar, LKS & Co. are really taking them for a ride. Wake up Pas!

mamasita said...

Hai LK?Zulkifli Nordin ni siapa?Dia nak bertanding for any posts ker dalam Mesyuarat Agong UMNO March nanti?Kadang2 this kind of rare outburst can happen sebab dia nak orang notice dia?We do not have to be in any particular party when it comes to defending Islam.That goes without saying kan?As it is, our country preaches loads of religious tolerance and so far so good.Malulah kalau any individual or party tunjuk dialah jaguh mendaulatkan agama.Same old trick don't you think so?P.S.Neighbour ada dah kirim murukuk pada you all?hehehe

Lawyer Kampung said...

Haha.. betul tu mamasita. Merukuk tak dapat lagi, esok lusa sampai lah kot ;-)

fly said...

“It hurts our credibility. He seems to think he is the only defender of Islam,” said the Shah Alam MP - gua ingat mamat ni sendiri pun tak faham apa yg dia cakap!

Erotomania said...

Salam LK,

From yesterday's 'The Star"...

"He also criticised former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for allowing Islam to be attacked when he was in power.
“He should be the last person to defend Malays because he damaged the judiciary and tainted the institution of the Malay Rulers,” said Zulkifli."

Yeah, right.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Fly, thanks for the comment.

Salam bro Erotomania, appreciate the comment. ;-)

Ismail N said...

Kak Mamasita, With due respect, I don't think we should accuse Zulkifli of any hidden agendas. From what I know, Bro Zul memang sensitif when it comes to Islamic issues even before he joins PKR. I think we should give credit to him lah, taking into account UMNO and even PAS like Mr. Piggy Singh has said have other issues that seems far more important to look into.

P/S : Bro, any prediction for Chelsea v Liverpool tommorrow? :)

Ismail N said...

Aiseh, skrg komen kena moderate dulu ke? ")

Mat Cendana said...

The report by Malaysian Insider - Is there all there is to it? Or is it up to some mischief here?

Those quotes from Khalid Samad ... I don't know; they look kinda rigged. Anyone who reads them is sure to have the impression that "this guy is more keen about `image' than to fight for Islam".

But then again, maybe there's all there is to it...

BTW, THANKS for putting my link here - I was wondering about the "extra clicks", and then saw where it was coming from. Looks like I'll have to update that site daily considering it's now being listed at the more established blogs.

Oh, I've also taken to do what you mentioned at my site i.e in ticking the "E-mail follow up". Should have done this more regularly in the past.

Mat Cendana said...

@ismail n
My guess is that a few had taken advantage of the more popular and high-profiled blogs to leave irresponsible comments or spam - the high traffic is an attraction. It appears the blog here has reached that level...

I'm still able to allow everything to flow through - which just shows that I still have a long way to go when it comes to traffic and readership.

Anyway, I'm starting "to go Demi Negara's way" - just now I've taken a dig at Malaysia Today in my weekly slot of "Kepala Lutut User of the Week". Despite not liking this government too much, I'm also against stupidity "from the other side".

Anonymous said...

" Whats wrong with defending Islam then ?"

Its wrong when the one who had the guts to speak out loud in a raw and plain manner isnt green and white.

Its wrong when reality isnt blurted out by some bearded, turban clad torch bearers of the faith.

Its wrong when the defenders are everyone else but the self-appointed true guardians of the religion.

And for those synpathisers, its sad that the Hizbollahs and the Talibans to-date have failed to effectively deal with the Israelis and the Americans respectively.
Could that be due to their failure to register any consent from the defenders?
I wonder.

If Khalid Samad is the brother of Shahril, ada lebih baik ( dan pasti berpahala ) kiranya masa dan buah fikiran disalurkan kearah membantu beliau mentadbir sebaik mungkin demi kepentingan survival rakyat dalam melalui kehidupan harian dari meragui Zulkifli.

He is not the problem nor the enemy.


* I bliv most things aint taboo no more.
** And LK, bliv me they had Cornettos back then in Rome.

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Just to remind you about tomorrow's clash of the titans.

Mr Ismail, though I'm a hardcore supporter, my prediction still berpijak di bumi yang nyata. Nothing like PKR supporters predicting the event of 16 September.

While MU managed to grab only 1 point, Liverpool sees no point of rushing. So a draw at the bridge would be fine. But luck may strike during counter attack.

Cagey game, 0 - 0.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Bro piggy, let's be bold shall we? ;-) Liverpool will win 2-1 ...hahaha

AC, my sentiment exactly sir ;-) sure they have cornettos back then in Rome? haha

Mat Cendana, thanks for visiting & the comments bro. Appreciate the same. :-)

Ismail N, what to do bro ;-) Liverpool menang la! hahaha..aku tengah buat-buat berani!