Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Information Ministry latest innovations: Wayang Pacak & Weekly Lawak?

Is this the most brilliant solution that Information Ministry could come up with for those living in rural areas? The minister said the followings about his ministry latest grand design for information dissemination:-
  • "a medium to forge closer ties with the people and to effectively disseminate government policies.
  • "It is also very handy in obtaining feedback from the grassroots on government policies."
  • "We will screen the latest local movies to help encourage the local creative industry and development of documentaries to promote patriotism among the people."
  • "We will bring in popular comedians as well," he said.

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Is the government going bankrupt of ideas on how to tackle the issue of losing out to the alternative media that they are seriously considering the return of open air cinema as a tool for countermeasure? How desperate can you be?

By the way, don't they, those living in isolated villages & longhouses, also deserved more advance range of information mediums, say something from the 21st century perhaps?

If you can afford eurocopters, what is there to prop up a bit the readily available media infras for the rural folks? Just like their cousins from the cities, they too deserved to embrace, without qualification, the 21st century media revolution be it from the MSM or the alternatives. Or is the government scared that the good folks may catch up with the "destructive" blog craze, is that it? Therefore no internet and the likes for you, wayang pacak & weekly lawak (no offense to our comedians) will do.

At this rate of ingeniousness shown by the government's official info mill, no wonder BN lost 5 states in the last GE. No surprise then if they fare even worse in the next.

(Pic: Cartoon from Rossem)


de minimis said...

Lawyer Kampung

Brilliant post. Gave me a hearty laugh. Ahmad Shabery needs some serious blogger help.

kluangman said...

Kadang kadang kita terasa amat sayang untuk membazirkan minda dan masa untuk memberi komen komen bodoh atas satu lawak bodoh dari menteri yang bodoh.

mamasita said...

Hey guys?Maybe our menteri found out that many kampung folks kuat kentut!So open air wayang macam dulu wont make so much telor tembelang kut!Silly ideas invites sillier comments kan?hahaha

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi said...

betul bro,
ini mamat shabery chik brings us back to the days when i will sit cross-legged on the padang, waiting for johny weismuller- Tarzan. perhaps shabery chik wants to make an ape out of everyone of us.

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

What movies they're gonna screen? The Patriot of 1946, Sembilu 2020 or Something About Teresa.....

I've made a point before, that these people have their clocks turning backward. Or perhaps they are very much influenced by 1989 Cher's Turn Back Time.

Zubli Zainordin said...

Bos Borek Staff Rintek

mekyam said...

is shaberry serious? :D

ulu afrika pun dah tak buat macam tu.

Lawyer Kampung said...

de minimis, thank you sir ;-)

kluangman, saya faham perasaan saudara. :-)

mamasita & sakmongkol.. hahaha!

Tuan Piggy Singh :-D

Zubli, kalau saya boss atau bakal boss, saya akan mula risau yang teramat sangat sekarang ;-)

mekyam, :-D itulah dianya!