Friday, October 31, 2008

"What judicial reform?" They will say!

"What Judicial reform?" We will hear more of that phrase in the days to come from Anwar, LKS & Co. They will be singing to the tune louder than before. What more now that Razak Baginda has been acquited, coupled with other very recent developments from the legal realm e.g. Munawar’s sodomy conviction stays, the resignation of Ian Chin J. & prior to all that Tan Sri Zaki's elevation as the Chief Justice.

All the above shall now be valuable bullets for the opposing side. They will spin, twist & turn with all that to conjure up even jucier tales. The mudslinging will never stop. As far as the opposition is concerned, there goes paklah's 'last minute agenda' on judicial reform. Paklah could go and on in the twilight of his days in office trying to leave his mark, his legacy by insisting that Judicial Reform (is still) At Forefront Of Govt Agenda, but I don't think Anwar, LKS & Co. will buy (or pretend to buy) that anymore. I think it's high time he leaves the cleaning up job to next in line. Any reasonable man can see that with all these developments there is no way paklah could do anymore good by staying on a minute longer. Let your UMNO has it's PAU-wow come 16th December 2008. It's time to pass the baton paklah.

Updated (6 hrs later -4.27pm)

It already started.
  • "Of course on a personal level, I wish Razak well, but the issue here revolves around the court procedure and the investigations," he told reporters when met at the Jalan Duta court complex.
  • "There is a general and growing perception that the investigation was not done professionally, that there is clear motive to cover up. A lot of evidence was not adduced," said Anwar.

Read Anwar wishes Razak well, but alleges cover-up


kluangman said...

Ketika seorang Ketua Kerajaan dilihat terlalu lemah dan hilang kuasa 2/3 majoriti dan tidak dapat mengawal barisan yang dipimpinnya maka dari segala sudut ia akan terus diserang dan dalam setiap perkara dan keputusan akan dipertikaikan dalam bahasa demokrasi, keadilan, kemanusiaan dan kebebasan.

Setiap orang mahu menang kepada diri sendiri dan pihak yang disokongnya sebelum memperakuinya itulah 'keadilan' dan jika sebaliknya, bersusun ayat dan slogan dilemparkan. Agenda politik yang rakus dan tamak haloba menamburukkan lagi situasi.

Kita teruskan lagi memerhati gelagat sekumpulan manusia manusia 'gila' yang terus merosakkan bumi ini.

Pak Lah said...

Let them bark. Let see whether I give a hoot or not what they think.

Erotomania said...

It's only just if justice is on our side. It's only just if Razak Baginda's fried. The day he walks is the day when justice is raped, maybe.

I read somewhere that it's better to let the guilty walk than to have the innocent incarcerated.

The prosecutors probably have screwed up big time by failing to prove beyond reasonable doubt of Razak's involvement.

Let's see what happens when the two cops go to trial. I'm hoping to read what RPK and Bala has to say in court. I think this is the event those two are really looking forward to.

Lawyer Kampung said...

kluangman, itulah adat & resam dunia. Terimakasih untuk komen bro ;-)

Paklah, is that you ..hahaha

erotamania, thanks for the comment. I have said in brief, replying to Piggy Singh, what I thought of the rulings made yesterday (without having the benefit of reading the full written judgment)in the post above this.