Monday, January 19, 2009

The blame game


There's a misconception hovering around UMNO camp & it's leaders nowadays. They fail to appreciate the concept of accountability. The leaders are quick to say to others to stop pointing fingers when they are at fault. The followers defended these top individuals and tend to always push the blame to the party & the system itself, as if that is the noblest thing to do. Maybe it's the "in" thing now, I don't know. One or two times, it's alright, but all the time? Why keep blaming the system wh en it is pretty obvious that the leaders themselves should be faulted? Never mind the feeling of those grassroot that were hoodwinked when these individuals were first elected but are powerless to do anything now in order to remove these imbeciles. Never mind them. You can always blame the system, blame their party. Let's rob the party members of their own self-respect and dignity.

Why the blame game and especially the don't-blame-him-game? Maybe there's some power play behind it, I don't know, I am no politician. Maybe it's an UMNO thing, that also I don't know, I am not a member. But didn't they realize, for ordinary folks like me, by trying to absolve some of these top *guns (or "goons" whichever you fancy) from blame, they have but make their own party more and more distasteful to the public. Instead of luring people to them, they are chasing people away. What kind of an organization is this if the leaders can't even accept personal accountability? It is always the system's fault and not theirs. This kind of organization would scare the bejeezers out of ordinary folk like me. Who wants to be in an organization where your leaders never wrong and it always the party that is at fault.

There can be no power without accountability

They are making a mockery out of the principle of accountability. Accountability is a key aspect of any political organizations. There can be no power without accountability. When you are up there, whether as the President or the Deputy President or even as the Deputy Youth Chief, you have an obligation to bear the consequences for failure to perform as expected of your position. It is called accountability, it came with the power, ring any bells? You can't always get away with those goody-two-shoes-hey-I-am-not-to-be-blame-and-let-us-shoulder-the-blame-together kind of excuses whenever mishaps happen.

When you have leaders who are not fit to be leaders & it is visibly clear that they are the one at fault, please don't say otherwise. They may be easy meat (and as such some would argue that it would be unjust to crucify them all the time for each mishap that have happened) but what the hell are they doing up there and continue making the same bad judgment calls if they can't even shoulder the blame personally. Some leaders are prone to bad judgment and mistakes; they are simply called "bad leaders", no sugar-coating needed. While some leaders are making mistakes by just being there and fail to see that people wanted them to go, & I'm seriously running out of vocabs on what to call these type of leaders. And as long as these people are still up there, and until the system and the party itself are allowed to bring them down back to where they belong, they must shoulder that responsibility, no matter what. There's no two way around it. They must say "I am responsible, I am accountable, not the party!", no matter how many times, as long as they cling to that position. That's accountability 101.

If you are a designated driver of a car for a group of people and you keep crashing the car one time after another. You can't always blame the car for your own recklessness, can't you? To other people, there must be something wrong with the driver, no? If there are claims for those accidents, it is not the car that's going to court, it's the driver.

In current UMNO situation; to adress party woes by going to the root of the problem or witch-hunting for scapegoats (if there are whipping boys in the case of P36, I am sorry to say, they deserved it-lah) in order to remove perception of arrogance & elitism, it's kind of "chicken & egg", don't you think? Nanti orang kata sudah gaharu cendana pula...


kluangman said...

Dalam suasana UMNO kalah dalam satu pilihanraya kecil tetapi penting untuk penanda arah hidup mati UMNO bagaimana mungkin analisa dan arahan datang dari seseorang yang begitu muda dan kanyaq seperti KJ untuk menghentikan tuduh menuduh.

Apakah pandangan veteran dan senior UMNO sudah tidak penting untuk di ambilkira. Bukankah saranan itu sepatutnya datang dari atas dan bukan di peringkat pertengahan.

Adakah wajar KJ minta Ku Li tutup mulut !!

Zubli Zainordin said...


How shall we understand the fame in UMNO they lame, after losing P 36 full of shame, each begin to find a name to blame.

No one dare to stand and should the responsibility,
Be the one with accountibility
Lose all worldly vanity
And stand tall with dignity
Forever remembered by the society

Caustic Dude said...

I think an AA session gives you more hope than UMNO right now.

pandangan, pandangan, party unity tak habis2. no action. this committee, that committee. Zero action and you're expecting results? Like LK said, there's no sense of accountability at all.


mamasita said...

Hai LK,
boleh tak you pergi nanti ke An-Nimr's blog and provide a legal suggestion or 2..thanks bro!

I rasa for us UMNO members to 'tepuk air dalam dulang terpercik muka sendiri thing' memang bagus and self-awakening.
Its better than 'nasi sudah menjadi bubur' kind of thing kan?

We want to now start berkempen for a much more attractive UMNO!Lets trim the fats (I read somewhere entah blog mana) and lets do some cosmetic changes!!UMNO Boleh!!

Anonymous said...

I think Pak Lah should be accountable for P36 KT lost. No matter what if things go wrong it should be the captain of the ship that is liable for the blame. Probably Pak Lah prefer to see his own candidate to loose and then blame Najib. To make Najib look bad. Whatever is, still hold Pak Lah answerable to his bad choice.

An-Nimr said...

Tehsin asks you to sign the Petition to ICC to Investigate War Crimes by Israel in GAZA here:

An-Nimr said...

Tehsin asks you to sign the Petition to ICC to Investigate War Crimes by Israel in GAZA here:

Zawi said...

The Rakyat became wary of the UMNO led BN government when it became clear that several Mega Projects involved huge commission payoff to certain individuals. The Submarine and Sukhoi deal is the perfect example because the quantum of the comission became public knowledge. The aborted Eurocopter deal is another case in point. All mega projects before that and there after are peceived to involve similarly huge payoff. Top that with the PKFZ scandal, Navy Vessels procurement and many more that are too long to list. Even the aborted IJN take over and now in the making is the KLIA EAST@LABU are perceived to be an attempt at making some people and company rich at the expense of the Rakyat. How do you expect the people to believe such a government?
Rejecting UMNO is ofcourse a way to show the Rakyat's displeasure of the present government.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Kluangman, dia makan cili kot bro? haha ..ada caranya kalau hendak tegur atau mengarah, terutamanya terhadap yang lebih tua dari kita. Orang Melayu halus seninya, lembut bahasanya. Berkias, bermadah ada caranya ;-)

Zubli, simply awesome bro, read the full version in your "A Total Blog" ;-)Thanks for mentioning yours truly, ya!

CD, hahaha..that bad?

anon, thanks for the comment.

Mamasita, yeah, lets! hahaha Thanks for the info on tehsin's initiative

tehsin aka al-nimr, done. Thanks for the invites ;-)

Bro Zawi, true what you have said. They need to ward off the bad perception spell real quick. Only way to do so is to do a "political retrenchment", downsizing of sort. Get rid of those "excess fats" as per mamasita ;-) It is all about preception.