Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poor guy!

Someone is oblivious of the facts and what is happening around him, read below.

Yes, we all know that money politics has to be tackled in Umno and that there cannot be any half measures.

But the party may not recover in time for the next elections if our leaders are pulled in one after another.

"Not only will the public image of the party be affected badly but there could be adverse reaction in the party, " said an Umno Youth exco member.

Read Umno supreme council member facing graft charge

He just doesn't get it, ...kan? Poor guy. Sad, really. My condolence to the UMNO Youth for having this guy as an exco member.

Anyhow, except for the above fella, permit me to congratulate others in UMNO for taking a step towards the right direction with this.


Zubli Zainordin said...

As I see it, he has a point. Quite rich this guy.

If UMNO is full of corrupt leaders, from top down. Well, how can anyone cleanse all at once.

At least pull out just one first anywhere from below the structure. Then, a 100 years later, see if another should be weeded out.

Else, remain intact.


Prodigal Maestro said...


I hope that there will be conviction to show that bribery will not be tolerated at all.

No suprise that everyone pleads "not guilty"

Norza should be convicted. If he is released, there's nothing could be done for UMNO. Doomed.

This is the time to set aside all those people.

I know there's lots more that we know are twice as bad as Norza and we hope these buggers would be convicted too...


Lawyer Kampung said...

Zubli & Prodigal Maestro, thanks for the comments. Another sad episode for UMNO but hopefully they'll realized that it is for their own good. Salam :-)