Thursday, January 15, 2009

Karpal is out of order? No problem!

Pakatan Rakyat can always take PKR as an example to remedy their "latest predicament" brought up by the DAP Chairman. Just adopt PKR's approach in solving internal squabbles. Common hatred is the answer. That's the elixir, read Despite problems, PKR says common hatred for BN will hold party together.

Common hatred is indeed a valuable commodity in this wobbling coalition. They may not be able to see eye to eye on most fundamental issues but that shouldn't be a problem. Gone are the days when common basic principles and civilized visions are the backbones of an association. Who needs decent objectives in a coalition when you have common hatred as the utmost pertinent principle of the group? "When the lines of camaraderie gets blurry, common hatred will bring us together", no worries man! That's the mark of a great coalition. That's brotherhood 101 for Pakatan Rakyat.

All together now, let us hold hands, its Kumbaya time once again!


Anonymous said...

A bunch of jokers. Politically matured kunun.

Polong Siang said...

Tuan Loyar,

The thing that gelled the PR together, albeit a shaky or even temporary one, is not "hatred" for BN. Perhaps the better choice of words would be "mistrust".

I'm sure, as living mortals, the PR don't hate BN as per se but "lack of trust" for BN.

If their coalition is based on common hatred for BN, I'm sure they would not last, as in politics, hate can be transformed into love and love can become hate just by the seconds.


I'm sure, as living mortals, the PR don't hate BN as per se but "lack of trust" for BN.

Lawyer Kampung said...

Polong Siang, thanks for the comment. I see your point sir, and you have read mine. Thanks for dropping by :-)