Wednesday, January 21, 2009

UMNO: The Way Forward

Here I go again. Whether foaming at the mouth or not, whether they want to listen or otherwise.

UMNO & the way forward.
  1. Move on, don't procrastinate. Enforce necessary changes where & when it must. Do not hesitate. After 3 defeats (GE & 2 By-E's) you guys should know by now what's in & what's not, who's hot & who's not.
  2. Know the difference between UMNO the political party & UMNO that lead the BN led government for the nation. Show the people that you know the difference.
  3. Attract & give way in order to supplement the apparent current brain drain at various levels of UMNO hierarchy (one very unpopular oxford guy at the top will just not do). Simultaneously dazzle & woo the younger generation to UMNO.
  4. Be modest.
  5. Be honest to yourself first before anyone else.
  6. Know your priorities. Walk the talk. Go back & read the constitution of UMNO out loud. You'll know what I mean.
  7. Play your own game but respect your opponent. Do not dance to the tune of the opposition all the time.
  8. Burn the bridge with those that make UMNO looks filthy & corrupt.
  9. Respect the intellect of the masses. Don't go overboard with cosmetic changes & reforms. It's the substance that matters.
  10. Go back to basics. Politics 101. Listen more, talk less and work harder.
That should cover it for now. Maybe others can further elaborate and add to this.

"..greatness is never a given, it must be earned.."
Barack Hussein Obama
(Inaugural Address-20th January 2009)

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Zubli Zainordin said...

UMNO: The Way Forward.

Onward and Upward.

Target date 100 years from now.


All leaders..

Step forward once, then backward twice, move sideward three times, and one step forward, and five step backwards. Stop, and move leftward five steps, backward three steps, then one step forward, next rightward three steps, and backwards five steps.

Repeat the above 10 times.

CPC said...

KJ, go away please. We had enough of this born loser. UMNO needs winners.

shahfudin said...

Dear Lawyer Kampung,

Can you be the medium to table out who shall be leading the UMNO during the March election as the Grass Roots see fit.

The President
The Deputy President
The VP's
he MKT's

Then who shall be in Dato'Sri Najib's Cabinet after he is appointed as the PM. Let us be daring enough to name names.

cjcm said...

The UMNO's way forward:

Step 1. Sapu more projects while you can before the next GE.
Step 2: Go back to Step 1

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Lawyer,

Tak tegur tak boleh sebab sayangkan UMNO dah lama berbudi bila tegur depa buat tak kisah saja ...rasanya orang UMNO lebih selesa jadi pembangkang dari jadi pemerintah.Mungkin dah lama jadi pemerintah jadi pembangkang lebih best .Dap ,PAS dan PKR pula dah lama jadi pembangkang so syok nak jadi pemerintah pulak...sebab tu bila kalah pun tak kisah. Baca komen Rustam Alitentang kekalahan di KT...tak ilmiah langsung...he he he takat tu sajalah akal orang UMNO.

Lawyer Kampung said...

zubli, macam dah menari cha cha dah tu, dangerous tu ;-)

CPC, thanks for the comment

shahfudin, what's wrong with the norm? If he works hard, play it simple & whole-heartedly respect the future voters of GE-13, I don't see there will be problems. Stimulate the growth of positive political culture in of UMNO & make a few retrenchment here & there, things will be better. ;-)

cjcm aka KL traveller, hahaha

anon, terimakasih untuk komen & info. Harapan kita mereka akan terus belajar, yang mana masih kurang akan ditambah, yang mana dah terlajak, mereka undurkan ;-)