Wednesday, January 07, 2009

P36: It's only a local derby match, not the World Cup-lah!

Unker Kit, enough-lah with this "basi" rhetoric already. Unker says;

The voters of Kuala Terengganu have a historic national mission on polling day – to speak up not only on behalf of themselves but of 26 million Malaysians and future generations in endorsing the March 8th political tsunami and sending a clear and unmistakable message of a national “sky change” in next general election as UMNO and the BN have failed to learn the lessons of the March 8 political tsunami in the past 10 months.

Harping on & on with regard to "sending clear message" is so 70s. It could be hip & cool during the P44 by-election but now it is out of date lah. The people have already voiced it out last 8th March 2008. How many time kita mau hantar message daa? Inbox full already! For us normal folks, message sent & being received already-lah unker. Just look at the IJN issue. See, they do listen, except for the few less fortunate ones lah, their ears ada a bit tersumbat. Most in UMNO and BN should have received that message already, just that they are a bit confused when it comes to which direction that they should be heading to due to present leadership. Slowly but surely, with the right kind of leadership, they'll get there. Never underestimate them!

Unker Kit, "sending clear message" is not only a one way route, you know. Cakap mau serupa bikin jugalah. With all the chaos at your topsy-turvy end, I think it's about time the people send you guys messages too. Don't be too cocky!

Unker, don't get confused, ya! What "historic national mission" you were talking about? It's more local than national when it comes to the upcoming p36. It is not something like the presidential election of the United States where national issues played a dominant role in determining the ballots. The outcome won't even be a stamp of approval for anyone nor is it a referendum as against whomever at national level. It's about local issues, more at the state level. Go ask the pakciks & makciks keropok lekor, kain tenun & nasi dagang of KT, you'll see what I mean. Whoever wins this by-election, they do so by influencing the local folks on local issues. It is not so much of Paklah & Najib. That has been settled on 8th March 2008, & maybe a lil' bit more during the time of P44 last year. P36 is more of Haji Hadi of Ru Redang versus Mat Said of Kijal. For your information, the nation is not voting this time around. It is just the friendly folks of KT re-exercising their civic duty. To unker who is still in a daze of what this by-election means go and read nobisha's KALAH DI P36 KUALA TERENGGANU PUN OK! and DSN's Wan Farid sombong?

It's just another local derby, a KT derby, between the only two heavyweights of the East Coast, PAS & UMNO (no offense to the independent candidate). That's all. You can bring thousands of RPKs and his gang of so-called liberal minded company to the battle ground, but my bet is that they can't do much there in KT. Just look at the last general election. What effect did the political tsunami has on the outcome of the general election in Terengganu. If memory serves me right, it was still a resounding two-third majority win there for BN the last time around.

Oh, "message of a national Sky Change" you say? How high up is that? Ozone layer high? The height of our angkasawan's space rendezvous? Why stop at that when all the while , if not the yellow moon with the keris, it's the "white moon" that the locals have been aiming for & landed upon. When it comes to Terengganu, they don't need a "rocket" to make it to the "moon" lah! If they do manage to land the majority voters on the white moon, it is solely done by the people in green own initiatives coupled with the opposing side's follies while on the ground. Vice versa.

By the way unker, why so unfriendly-lah?! Not nice-lah like that.


Mat Cendana said...

Haha! It's about time too! Others should have mentiond this one - about LKS trying to hype everything that might be unfavourable to Umno/BN as `historic occasion'. Semua ni `earth-shaking', `of Biblical proportions'. After a while, people just roll their eyes...

Lawyer Kampung said...

MC, you catch my drift bro! :-)

kluangman said...

Sekarang ada dua permainan politik dalam setiap agenda termasuk dalam pilihanraya kecil.

Dalam kes IJN, jika tidak ada bantahan ketara, IJN akan diswastakan - puak berkepentingan akan mengaut keuntungan bukan sahaja lumayan tetapi mudah sebab mendapat benda yang dah siap dan berpotensi. Jika ada bantahan, batalkan sebab dapat political mileage - kerajaan prihatin suara rakyat. Tidak ada ruginya dalam permainan politik sebegini.

Pilihanraya kecil KT - kalah, padan muka Najib, menang bererti kroni masih dalam kerajaan, kalau nak lompat pun mudah - ramai yang ikut. Tidak ada ruginya dalam permainan politik sebegini.

Banyak lagi agenda agenda seperti ini, dulu, sekarang dan masa akan datang - perhatikan saja 'lah'

Hamirdin b Ithnin said...

well rhetorized

Anonymous said...

Menatang Cina Tok Pek tu tau basa Tegannung dok, nok cakap pasal negeri Ganu Kite! ;-)

Nok masok kapong ambe kena tau macang mane.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

Ungka Kit is talking to himself, hardly anybody listening.

Ungka Kit wished he would be like Tun, whatever he says must be taken into consideration.

Too bad Ungka Kit has become the opposite, he's simply an antic (or perhaps a relic).


Lawyer Kampung said...

Kluangman, selagi namanya politik, selagi itulah semua pemainnya akan terus bermain politik :-) Terimakasih untuk komen bro.

Prof Hamirdin, thanks for visiting sir.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66-73, hahaha. Ganu kite ;-)

PS, kadang-kadang terlampau "over"lah unker kita tu... hahaha.