Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Wan Farid a bad choice?

Che Det did it again said The Malaysian Insider here. He'll jeopardize the BN's chances in winning the upcoming P36 battle by making the above remark. In other word what they meant is the spoiler is back. With that they have a scapegoat in hand, an insurance in the event of a very much foreseeable calamity.

Excuse me, sir! The grand old man is merely vocalizing what is already in everyone's mind as soon as the candidacy was announced, except maybe for few diehard fans of UMNO who refused to put their feet on the ground and still in denial of the political tsunami that bulldozed them just recently.

There must be a reason why Wan Farid and the likes were not fielded as candidates in the last General Election. There must be a reason why, despite experiences & qualifications, the previous MB and the state BN machinery did not see fit just yet for these people to stand for election then. And that reason must be good enough for the Terengganu folks that they have returned the BN state government to power rather handsomely despite other BN controlled states were hard-hit by the 8th March 2008's political tsunami.

Sometimes I wonder if they'll ever learn from anything.


Anonymous said...

UMNO learn?
Caught in their own world and some making the last 'harvest'.
Make hay while the sun shines...
After all most of 'em are RICH!

NOBISHA said...

Well said, bro. I have nothing to add :)

kluangman said...

Calon yang tidak direstui. Kenyataan Tun samada menguatkan lagi jentera pilihanraya atau meranapkan terus saki baki semangat UMNO yang ada.

Kenyataan itu sama 'pedih' dengan kenyataan IJN akan di swastakan.

Kamarulzaman Kamdias said...

Bro, KT will determine d future for both ruling n opposition coalition...also for certain group of leaders in UMNO.
Would u mine to link my blog kkamdias.blogspot.com too..tq

Anonymous said...

BN menang IJN tergadai kat Musang Itam n Pak Dol/KJ

Anonymous said...

salam tuan lawyer!

wan farid is the proxy of kj. why he is selected by Pak Lah is beyond me... his reputation is bad. now, his BN has to defend unnecessarily his past associations with patrick badawi etc..

KJ is doing the numbers game whereby if he loses this umno youth contest, he still have about 20 mp in his pocket to sway any attack towards him later on.. he even can blackmail the leadership that he will join pakatan rakyat and influence those proxies of him as well to quit Umno...

but this is just a backup plan of KJ... pak lah doesnt give a damn about this by election.. if wan farid wins, it will ensure his legacy in the form of wan farid in the govt.. if he loses, will backfire on najib..


Singh Is Kinng said...

Salam Tuan Lawyer,

JMD almost says it all, be scared, be very scared!!!

Gelombang Rakyat said...


I do not share the thinking that:

Wan Farid a bad choice?

I agree with Mahathir Mohamad who said that.

I read this:

“The choice of the candidate by BN is really very bad because everybody sees him just as a proxy... someone to be used later on if Najib becomes the prime minister,” Mahathir (left) claimed at a press conference in Putrajaya today.

Very bad!

Lawyer Kampung said...

Jed, nobisha,kluangman, JMD, Kamarulzaman,Piggy, Zubli & anon, thanks for the comments :-)Keep it coming, ya!